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The Mysterious Hilly Mound

"Good morning dear Mina", Rosela the elder sister of Mina ( her actual name is Minali ) and Rina, wished Mina in the morning. "Good morning to you too sis", with a smile Mina replied back yawning. Then Rosela went towards Rina`s bed and wished her too. Soon she woke up and both of them set out to gather wood from the nearby forest, leaving Mina behind to take care of the cottage.


The three sisters actually had no money and stayed in a little cottage. They had lost their parents when they were very young. So, unable to earn money they decided to live in a small cottage near the forest and use to have wild fruits and vegetables for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

One day after gathering wood, when Rosela and Rina returned home, they found that Mina was missing! They searched everywhere but could not find her. They felt helpless and Rina began to cry. So, Rosela told Rina to pack a bag of fruits, since they would soon be setting out to search for Mina in the forest. After some time, just as planed before, they went out to search for Mina. When they were quite far away from home, Mina anxiously asked Rosela in a cracking voice, "Sis, where are we going to find Mina? The forest seems like a maze to me." "Don't know sister" replied back Rosela shrugging her shoulders with a 'sniff'.


So, the search went on and on, for all most a whole day and after a very long period of time the thought of resting for a while came into the minds of the sisters. But they were so much engrossed in the search that they didn't notice the climate. So, just when they finished eating the food they brought with them, a dark cloud cover the whole sky. Gusts of wind blew hard, lightning flashed and thunder rolled. They were taken by surprise and being confused as to what to do, they ran hither and thither. All around was covered with darkness and heavy rain pelted down like stones on them. Being left with no choice they stood still holding each others' hands. Suddenly, a lightning flashed and both of them saw an unexpected sight.

They saw that they were in a huge field in the middle of where, there was a hilly mound! They were speechless on what they saw and being curious as well as being a little afraid they ran in the direction to investigate it further. ( They were not actually that brave to investigate a scary field all alone by themselves. It is just their curiosity and determination which makes them able to even defeat a monster together! )


So, when they finally reached the hilly mound, amidst all difficulties, they found a rusty door leading inside it. They became more curious and climbed up the stairs, while the storm continued. With every step, they’re heart thumbed loudly, and their curiosity grew along with their determination to know the mystery.


Soon on reaching the top, they found a mysterious dark room! No sooner they had entered the room, lightning flashed yet again and a ghostly figure, with its glowing eyes, looked up at them and just then everything became dark again. A huge sound of wailing and weeping echoed all around the dark room! With a heart beating like a hammer, they went towards the ghost clutching each others hands. Rosela set on the ground and gathering up all her courage, spoke in a broken voice “who are you?” Then the thing which happened was beyond their expectation!

To her surprise Mina’s voice replied back softly “sister! What are you doing over here?”. They both hugged each other and shaded tears of joy on being united once more. Then they called Rina, who was standing alone in a corner, confused on seeing Rosela hugging a ghost! Later when Rina joined them and realized the fact that the ghost was Mina, she also burst out laughing. They all even decided to spend the whole night in that room as the storm continued.


In the morning they went out to find the bright sun giving golden rays of joy to them. All the leaves of plants were filled with rain drops which shone like crystal. Together they returned home with a spring in their steps. After reaching home, they freshened up and also tidied up the whole house, since it was filled with dust. In the evening, they, after doing a lot of work set around a warm bonfire and discussed about their adventure over and over again. Sometime later, Rosela asked Mina - “What had actually happened to you? We couldn`t find you anywhere. So, how did you reach there? Did you had an adventure like us too?” Mina replied back “It`s a long story actually. Umm… let me start from the beginning.”


So, Mina Began – “Actually, after you all left for finding wood, I felt very tedious and so I wandered outside. While taking a walk in the forest I soon reached a beautiful garden full of rabbits. Soon I started playing and chasing those cute creatures and lost my loneliness. But a while later the owner of the garden chased me away for which I became very dejected. I tried to return home but soon lost my way and ended up in that mysterious field. I panicked on reaching there since I understood that I was lost! I shouted for help but in vain. So, I started crying and kneeled down on my knees. Suddenly my eyes caught that hilly mound. I bravely went near it as I was left with no other choice. On reaching there I was shocked to find a narrow door through which I squeezed myself in. After a lot of struggling, I noticed a spiral staircase leading up to somewhere! I climbed it up and soon found the room. But though it was morning, the room was filled with darkness. No sunlight was entering through the tiny window. It was really suspicious and so, I peeped through it to find the sky all dark with heavy clouds and winds howling loudly. I was horrified and sat down sobbing. It was ages before you guys found me. By the way, thanks for rescuing me.”

By saying so, she ended her long adventure and found that both her sisters were fast asleep! So, she yawned, stretched and slept with them too.

They were all tired and so they slept out of tiredness. But it was quiet a hair rising adventure they had! Isn’t it?

© 2021 Soumyashri Chaudhuri

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