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That Time as Come

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Why must things be this way? I just want her right here. Always.


Once again...

As I sit here in this desk chair staring at the glow of neon blue radiate from my mechanical keyboard, I let myself get surrounded by the sound of the keys as they get tapped repeatedly. Some times I will walk outside and look into the sky. I enjoy the sun as it glows on my face, but what about this is so familiar?

Deja vu is a real thing, at times I feel that I experience it a lot lately. OR perhaps I am just noticing it more. I have seen things that I'd prefer to forget, until I come across whatever it may be that triggers my memory. Those moments are weird because I am left wide eyed and staring off into space like a zombie. A lot of people don't appreciate that about me...

"Hey, yo freak!" Some strange voice in my subconscious managed to break through my concentration enough to create a reaction. "Are you still with us?" The voice said again. It was a familiar voice... I felt my gaze get broken after realizing that it had been my turn to play the game. Glancing down I was holding a deck of cards. I blinked a couple of times to clear my sight, but had no luck. “What is wrong with my eyes?” I muttered under my breath as I rose a hand to my eyes in an attempt to remove an obstruction. After a minute, I saw numbers. I was looking down at my hand and some images came into focus, but they were nothing I have seen on a deck of cards before. I looked around the room to see if anyone else happen to know what game we were playing, there were only two other people with me, in which I feel like I would call friends. They appear friendly. Shifting my gaze from them to any other angle of the room to ensure that we were alone. It was dark, and perhaps we are in a basement, I couldn't locate windows to indicate time of day, but the temperature was cool and still. The air smelled kind of fresh for being in a basement, that confused me but was comforting at the same time. Somehow picking up on my subtle body language, another one of them responded in a manner, which to indicate that I indeed was safe. Looking back down at my hand, I noticed that the hand I now have was not what I was seeing before. number. I knew that they would change, so why was I surprised? It has only been a couple of seconds, or minutes...? I abruptly opened my eyes in desperate search for a clock. "You’re not going to find one. There are no clocks where we are. There is no time here." The one with short blond hair answered, as if to instantly read my mind." I feel like I should feel freaked out about that, but I am not. I am simply content and comfortable.

"Ok, well then let us get back to it, shall we," The other one said. There were two of them. They both appeared human, one with short blond hair the other with long red hair. But not the kind of red that natural gingers have, it was a darker auburn shade. Their attire appeared comfortable, like they were not going anywhere but right there. Like they are always sitting right here at this table. With me. My vision still appeared somewhat hazy and they began to radiate some type of strange vibe, which prevented me from relaxing. I don’t remember feeling this way before.

"Where am I?" I thought to myself, but instantly felt wonder as to why I would ask something like that when I have been here a million times. I always come here. And yet I forget that I do. There was a bright glow emanating from a back corner, which I swore I would have noticed before. I got a little distracted by that for what felt like an eternity. I stared at it as I leaned back into my seat. I could still see those two souls sitting across the table using my peripheral vision, I noticed that they both had piercing blue eyes. They almost looked like they were glowing. Shifting my gaze back to them, only to confirm that, yes, they had glowing blue eyes.

Letting my vision naturally land back onto the random orb floating in the corner, I got lost in its warm embrace. Resting back into the chair, I noticed that it was one of those desk chairs that lean back a little. The kind that I can rest my head back on and it not feel strain on my neck. The chair was soft but also very firm and stable. I couldn't help myself so I sank even further into the chair allowing my head to relieve the weight as I gazed up at the ceiling.

I closed my eyes and focused on my breathing. I am unable to perceive time as it passes, if it does. I do not know where I am located on the earth, but that does not matter. I know nothing and everything at the same time, and I will just sit here. It was very satisfying.

Ding, Ding...Ding Ding!

"Holy shit!" I yelped as I inhaled sharply. "What was that?" Letting out another ear stabbing ring, I looked down at my phone and touched the spot that cancels the alarm. Oh wow I guess time does exist. Or does it?

© 2021 Virginia

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