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Updated on April 23, 2020
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All Poetry 2017 loves to live in a world where all are inspired to achieve change for their region, to bring us closer to an era of peace.

Rise with the anthem

On The Go, On The Rise (Trump and Brexit)

Globalism is on the go

Trump is on the rise

Brexit keeps the flow

Of how doom fills their eyes

A grand awakening occurs

From Italy to France

Yet the fight is just beginning

No time for song and dance

Fake news on the run

Nationalism tearing them apart

An uprising occurring right now

Oh, that fills my heart

The reigns of globalism are failing

And the destruction they bring will cause

An even greater revolution

Never sit, never pause

Once again we will rise

As a people who realize what's true

And deny the lies and fallacies

Oh, what the media has put us through

Bury the vaccinations

Bringing Autism to little kids

Put them all accountable

Let them have their bid

Killed because he said: Love one another

Killed because he told us to love and care for one another. LIKE MALCOLM X!
Killed because he told us to love and care for one another. LIKE MALCOLM X! | Source


Retaliation against the masters

Who make our deaths come faster

Storm the skies with your rebellion

Let your voice blast millions

Lo! Have you not checked the time?

How it ticks away? RISE!

Shout it everywhere

The world needs to repair

They took everything

We have nothing

The underdogs with no place

Rise from the ashes, once again

Storm the hells if you have to

Seize those who have got you

Under the graves of the damned seas

Blind are we not?! SEE!


PAC | Source

Poll of the Rapper Poets

Who's the rapper who inspired humanity most in your opinion?

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Just The Same

The fears of ages past

Lay on my back

Oh, that old feeling

Of going off track

Yet though hope is there

The strength is not

And in self-defeat, I

Die, rot

The wheel of Samsara is spinning

The fires of Dukkha are spitting out flames

Making the next day seem different

Yet just the same



With fear I fall

With love I rise

Yet Death casts shame

Over my eyes

When did this all start

This falling apart?

When once I was a rose

To a bud that departs?

Down the spiral I go

And the heavens will declare

That the more I know

The more I dare

To oblivion I spiral

Downward to doom

Yet will I just dwindle

Or continue to bloom?

I will never understand this society

Black Hole

In the depths of darkness I go

Sinking further, never ending

The nature of time unfolds

While space itself goes bending

On a tightrope I am

Swirling into a black hole

The connections of thoughts are dwindling

And evil has taken its toll

Destruction is nigh

Here to consume all

No energy to let out even a sigh

Before it all falls

The feelings I harbour

Those of shame

May one day pass

Yet the days’ll be the same

The Spiritual Leader, whose echoes still reverberate today

GANDHI | Source


Existence is suffering

That may be the truth

Haunting us all

Since our youth

Yet if we work to alleviate it

We'll learn to grow

Yet lo! The more we suffer

The more we know

But with what we know

We'll be able to sow

A better future for ourselves

If we but seek the help

The help comes from others

And by the books on the shelves

Fly up the black hole

Climb up from Hell

For with the perseverance we train

We'll learn to soothe our soul

Ignite sparks to your brain

Reign existence in whole

"Should we cry, when the Pope die? My Request... We should cry if they cried when we buried Malcolm X" - 2Pac

Show 'Em

Arise, arise

Against the oppressors


Keep your eyes open and wide

Rise, rise

Before all else falls

It has fallen upon us

Won't you rise?

Shout it atop the rooftops

That you refuse to be oppressed

Slander the skies and heavens, the Earth as well

For being suppressed

Run towards the horizons

Chase the goals, the light

If it means liberating yourself

And mankind as well

Show 'em hell

Let this not be the day you back down

Or accept defeat

Lest you lay on your bed at night

Casting tears upon your sheets

Dominate all you see

Cast asunder your dreams

Snap back, here's reality

One day we'll be redeemed

Against the oppressors rise

Though you die

Though you endlessly cry

Though the devils multiply

Though the hardships intensify

Though the skies

Fall before our eyes

Rise, rise

Won't you?

When under attack, make sure you're the...

No Longer

Face the new day

Rise from the ashes

There are meanings

In the words you say

Share with others

Express the pain

So the demons within

Will no longer remain

Will we not show it?

IS IT NOT TIME?! | Source


Lonely I walk towards the light

The darkness behind me follows

Feeling this terror deep inside

That's there's no brighter tomorrow

Yet with perseverance I rise towards the light

Smiling at the darkness underneath

Knowing that I'll finally win the fight

So as long as I choose to breathe

Meant To Forget

I've learned your garbage

I have the paper

I don't have a job now

Neither will I later

I've paid so much

To gain in the end

We've all done it

You, I and all my friends

In the end

You chased us with the debt

Student loans are leading us

To a slow, painful death

The knowledge you gave never prepared us

For the jobs we were supposed to get

It isn't knowledge anyway, it's information

That which we're meant to forget

Hold One Another's Hands

Feel the fire inside your form

Never be afraid to challenge the norm

Reach for the skies and call its storms

Show us why you were born

Cross the seas with eyes so bright

Knowing beautiful days come after dark nights

Rise with the tide of populism over taking the lands

Heroes are everywhere now, hold their hands!

Ignite the spark to a better world

Prevent us all from going down a spiraling twirl

Save the world, yes you! Yes you!

Show the world what you were meant to do

Talk with others about your thoughts

Free the world from those who'd wish to have us rot

Rebel against the oppressors, the suppressors, whoever they may be

Hold one another's hands, now. Build a brighter reality!!!

:D :D :D


An Ode to Africa

If thou desire to through the wilderness

And escape this society and madness

And mark our histories in jagged stone

Then know, my friend, you are not alone

If thou wish to bring down those who put us down purposefully

If thou wish to put them to justice, laughing at our pain hysterically

Then you're not alone my friend, you are not

One day our screams and shouts will have the sun in blot

This is for Africa, for their perseverance in times which seem impossible to live by

Where wherever you go hardship reigns yet that world passes us all by

A shout out to them for the patience and the endurance their have gained

Always prove support to them, knowing it won't cause you any pain

Pouring Rain, Pouring Reign

To End Your Reign

To the high class rulers

Those having us constrained

Prop your crowns above us while

You laugh at our pain

For the underdogs are rising

Populism is the new trend

We'll reign forever as the hustlers

Who caused your reign to end

For with tears never to be dropped

We say that we've bore far more

Than enough

We'll pour our rebellion upon you

To end the rain of chaos you've cast upon us

With our dying breaths

We march towards the thrones of the evil

And finally once again

We're ascending as a people

With scars so deep

Standing under the pouring reign

We'll use the strength of our bursting pain

To end your despicable reign

The Samsara Wheel Keeps On Spinning

Round And Round We Go
Round And Round We Go | Source

Then You Can Be A Savior

The rebirth of suffering

And all that causes demise

Will never be shunned unless

We remove the veil off our eyes

Understand your enemies

Shape up and storm the reigning of disease

Let not your heart fail you, my friend!

Learn to take it with ease

Though the mountains shake

And the rivers overflow our lands

Find ways to exit Samsara's cycle!

Hold a hero's hand!

Though Dukkha and the inevitability of suffering reigns

And the whole of existence turns against your favor

Know that if you can break the curse upon yourself

Then you can be a savior

The Criminals On Wall Street

Is It Not About Time?

Drained and sucked into your black hole oppressed

Freedom of thought and speech effectively suppressed

We laid down our lives for the sake of your appeasement

Now we lie in ruins and you laugh in amusement

The people have risen against the lies and deceit

One day the darkness with the light will meet

And the broken will be healed and will rise up to your crimes

Rise my friends, rise! Is it not about time?

Your Reign Will End

To all enemies

Thou shalt have no remedy

To heal the damage done

As you lie under the sun

Raging towards you I storm

The gates of Hell to have all reformed

Let it be shouted aloud and clear

That one day you'll be entrenched with fear

One day your reign will end

And your souls will send

Down to Hell where you belong

Embrace it, this song

Our Enemies

Cool Off, The End of the Journey


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