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A Golden Ray of Gray Sunshine


Make a character, take yourself into it, go ahead. Self wrote


Brown and Black colored benches, Whiteboard, A bunch of students smiling at Roma.

_"Good Morning, English Miss. We were waiting for you. What will you teach us today?"


_"Get up, Roma. Get up. Get up already. We are late."

A horrid thrust wakes Roma up. It's Hira, her companion of work, sleep, food, and everything. Roma opens her eyes and sees below. It's the same for her for the last 10 years, a thin and diagonal building, and a daydreamer girl whose dream ends up in a morning of reality.

They live on an overbridge beside Kamalapur Railway Station, the central railway station of Bangladesh, and are the tiny part of 4 million street children of this country.


_"It is 9 a. m. already. We won't get to eat any food today. All the materials may be taken by now." Hira is muttering herself.

_"Big deal. We don't get to eat often." Roma says while wrapping her plastic bag, in which she sleeps.

_"It's a big deal. We are the loneliest people here. Others don't have shelter or food, but they have their family. They have people who at least take care of them. We don't even have that. Even if we die because of hunger, there will be no one to take care of our dead body" Hira says with a calm voice.

_"I will take care of you. Don't worry. We are here for each other," says Roma.

_"How? By becoming English Teacher?" Hira smiles at Roma.


_"Most of the nights, we sleep hungry. If we wake up a little later we stay hungry all day long. Sometimes we get to eat some wasted foods at hotels, and it does not happen so often. But it looks like you have a happy land in your dream world at least. You always smile in your sleep."

Roma just smiles and replies nothing.


_"Let's go and see. If we can manage any food. Otherwise, we can find old English newspapers for you. I bet you will like to have it more." Hira says with a smile.

Roma still remembers the first time she got attracted to the English language. That day, Roma noticed a small crowd watching TV at a tea-stall. She saw a boy from her street gang and asks,

_"What are you guys watching?"

_"Cricket match."

_"Who is talking there? What is he saying"

_"He is talking in English."

_"Do you understand it? We talk in Bengali. We don't know English."

_"We don't but literate people from our country knows. People from abroad are watching this match too. But they don't know Bengali as they don't live in Bangladesh. People from all over the world know English less or more. That is why they use English. As for us, we know this game very well. We don't need commentary. Understand? Now let me watch. Don't disturb."

Roma was so fascinated by that boy's word. English has become the most magical thing for her. From that day, she started to collect English, lift lets, newspapers, children's books with pictures.


She always stares and smiles at these books before sleeping. These books take her all tiredness away. In that process, a wish grows in her. That is to become an English teacher.

_"You Go to the left side, Roma. I will go to the right of the park."

Roma and Hira are out searching for recyclable wastes. If they can manage to find some, they won't have to stay hungry tonight.

After searching for a while, Roma stops seeing a man reading some English magazine sitting in a corner of the park. Roma goes nearer to that man and stares silently at his magazine.

_"Don't ask for money. I don't have any. But if you are hungry, I can share my bread with you" looking at Roma says that man.


_"No, sir. I am not hungry. You read. I just wanted to look at that paper on your hand."

_"Do you know how to read?"

_"No, sir. But I want to learn especially English. But it's like a daydream for me. I have no one in this world. I live in a street. People laugh at me whenever they see me trying to learn it. I also know that my dream is ridiculous and impossible."

_"What is that scar on your face?" Asks that man.

_"Ah! That? I got hurt while escaping by barbed wire.?"

_"Didn't it make your face uglier? What do you think?"

_"Yeah, people say that it made my face uglier. But what can I do? For me, it is not ugly but a part of my face. I don't even notice that scare on my face while looking in a mirror."

_"The dream that you have, treat it like this scar. Whatever they think, let them think. This dream is also a part of yours like this scar. Impossible? It is the most underrated vice-versa thing in this world. So, think your dream is not a daydream as you think your scar is not ugly, unlike others."

The man writes something in a blank space of the magazine and gives it to her. Then he leaves.

"Shopno night school. Free for everyone.

………….. Dhaka, Bangladesh"
is written on it.

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