Zero Hour (Flash Fan Fiction) (The Purge)

Updated on July 5, 2018
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Mike is a delivery driver and extremely amateur writer living in Lakemore Ohio south of Akron, Ohio.


Marcus stood by as the cleaning crew took the bodies away. Among the bodies were the father and daughter from the roof. She jumped taking the last of the gang with her. The gang member was spread across the street, but she was not only in one piece she looked like she could be alive except for the distorted twist of her back. The most disturbing part was her eyes. She had the same stare in death as she did in life. Marcus could feel the accusatory tone in that stare, how he let this happen to defend his own. Across the way, one of the many post-Purge ambulance services was working on David. They wanted to do a field dress on his shoulder than have him go to a hospital where they could remove the bullet. David told them he had to find a girl and he couldn’t go until he found her.

I came to Die

Marcus told him he would help him find this girl then get him to a hospital. Marcus said, “we should give the guns to my wife because the Purge is over, and the police might just see a black man with a gun and shoot on sight.” David said, “many people die in that time just after the Purge ends. No one is looking for a time of death they are just looking to clean the streets.” Marcus asked, “why were you out here?” David took in a breath and said, “I came here to die.” The two men found a working car and got it started. They drove for about a mile before David spoke again, “about three years ago I was on the job protecting some guy and his auto dealership when a gang found my family and……. Purged.” He stopped talking for another three miles then he said, “I tried to find something to believe in but life without them is no life, so I wanted to be back in the city where they died join them on the day they died. I just wanted whoever did it to have to want it. I wanted them to pay.”

Car Parking

They stopped at a parking garage. Although against the rules of the Purge it was clear that someone took a tank or other kind of tread vehicle and drove over all the cars. Marcus said, “let me guess, your car was in there.” David pulled out a set of car keys out of his pocket and tossed them out the window. David said, “I described the people that took her to one of the medics, and she said we should look for a clinic around here.” After another mile, they got out of what would be a stolen car as of the end of the Purge and went on foot. The sounds of gunfire were still around with many still Purging even after the time was up. David said, “they will keep this up until the law moves back in. I think one day the Purge just won’t end and the law will be gone forever.” Marcus said, “I heard that the killing was down, and people were just staying at home more on Purge night. Maybe we will grow out of the Purge and leave it behind.” They turned a corner and found the stacked lifeless bodies of twenty people. Several of them were children. David said, “in a battle between evolution and extinction I am betting on the latter.”

Gun Crazy Cracker

Past the next corner, David collapsed. Marcus helped him to a bench saying, “times up you need help.” David started to say something, but he stopped and fell to his side. He woke up in a hospital bed with some tubes and a beeping machine next to him. Standing next to him was a woman in a lab coat and a badge saying Dr. Tianna Jonestown MD. She said, “you know if you wanted to see me again all you had to do was say so.” David said, “when I first saw you I thought you were just a teenager.” She replied, “and I thought you were just a gun crazy cracker.” He tried to laugh, but his shoulder started to hurt. Tianna shook her head saying, “you should have said something about the wound.” David asked, “what about the girl?” Tianna said, “she lost her left eye and will most likely lose her left hand, but she is alive.” She then handed him a business card and said, “the man that brought you in left this card and said he could help you with your problem.” The card read, “Marvelous Marcus Max, Sales manager Tri-M auto sales.” David put the card down smiled and started to laugh.

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The Purge Safari and the future

When I started this flash fiction idea, I set a two-hour limit for writing, and every part of this story was written in that two hours (this doesn’t include editing and processing). With the next story I just started I realized it would be longer (in both time worked and length) that I won’t have it ready by next Thursday or feel right about calling it a flash fiction. In fact, after working on it for about an hour, I realized I was off to a poor start (even worse than my usual level of bad writing), so I am restarting it. The new story will be a departure from the David/Marcus Storyline and be about a group of people who pay to have a safari style hunt during the Purge. If for some reason (like the quality of my writing) you would wish I stop then, please say so in the poll above. Thank you for your time.


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