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Your 36-Hour Warning



36 hour warning: Wake-Up Call

This is the typical day for Charlie and his family. His alarm is going off at 6:15 am, as it normally does and they are sluggish and sleepy, as usual. Charlie hits the the snooze button for another 5 minutes. The alarm goes off again and Charlie and his spouse slowly slide out of bed for another day of getting to work. Work begins at 7:30 for him and 8:00 for Sally Joe, his wife. He yells for their two children to get out of bed and get ready for school. Charlie and Sally Joe get quick frozen waffles and pop them into the toaster for all the family. This is just a normal day, no different and just as ho-hum as usual. The family eats as fast as possible and gets ready for another day of life, then each leaves for their day.

As Charlie gets into the car to go to work, he cuts on the radio to WOTW (Words Of The World), as he normally does, to listen to the controversial talk show on a nearby radio station. The host, Joe in the Morning and his guest, Dr. Sorley were talking about lab-made and military grade viruses that have no cures or vaccines available. Joe kept telling the guest that nothing like that is possible and implied that the Dr. Sorley was making up and stretching the truth. Joe went so far as to tell Dr. Sorley that the government always takes care of the citizens and would never allow something such as an uncontrollable virus to be launched into the public sector.

The radio station at this time, had welcomed callers to call into the station. Joe seemed relieved when the callers starting calling the guest, "lier", "panic maker" and "satan". Dr. Sorley seemed to back away from what was said previously, but blurted out, with very bitter and fighting words, saying, "THIS IS YOUR 36-HOUR WARNING". Dr. Sorley knew for sure, that all the media, the callers and the radio station were against what he was saying. He knew that most people had their heads stuck in the sand and if what he was saying, were true, did not want to know the truth. Dr. Sorley did not back down. Every effort by the radio station had to be made to control the situation and not to create a panic.

The drive time to work was about 20 minutes, but this day, it seemed like seconds because of the intenseness of the discussion on the radio. After getting to work, the thought of a virus outbreak vibrated throughout his brain and people could see that Charlie's work was being affected by something.

At break time, coffee and doughnuts were always furnished by the company to let the employees have some social time with the other co-workers. This day was somewhat different because of the silence of certain people. The TV was on the news station and the employees would come in to see some of the news. One little segment on the news had just a little clip on the Marburg Virus, Pneumonic Plague and the Systematic Plague coming to life in some out of the way places in other parts of the world, which the media said were "completely contained".

Your Family and You

36 Hour Warning: Pondering and Wondering

Just a little knowledge might be worse than being overwhelmed. Charlie could not get the earlier talk show out of his mind. He pondered the thought of what would happen just if some person with some type of disease would come to his town. Charlie wondered what would happen to the society, the hospitals and the government sector.

He kept telling himself, "don't worry, the government is here to help us!". This gave him a calming effect, but Charlie's mind still was like the inside of a runaway transfer truck, with no brakes, coming down a long, steep mountain. It was in control, but the driver knew that something was about to happen, eventually. His mind was on hyperdrive and in mass excitement and confusion all at the same time.

Charlie could not get this out of his mind and this continued the rest of the day. After work, he turned on the radio for his trip home, just to have relaxing company on the way. Music was on for a time, then some quick news, weather and sports update. On the news, again, was a quick message about how there were some diseases that were advancing from the dark realm of undeveloped countries. Again, the media said, "it is fully contained". After the rest of the news, weather and sports, the radio station returned to the relaxing music. Charlie sat back into his seat for the ride home, to join his wife and maybe his children, if they didn't have any school activities.

36 Hour Warning: TV Media Slip

Charlie gets home and no one is home yet. Sally Joe calls him and tells Charlie that she is going to the school to meet the children for a teacher-parent conference. They would be home in a couple of hours. In the meantime, Charlie grabs something to drink, some ham, cheese and crackers and plopped in front of the TV to just relax with the news channel.

The news channel said that they had sent their reporters and camera studio to the places where the dreaded diseases had the outbreaks. The networks had provided the jets and transportation for the employees for an exclusive first hand report on the people who were dying from the diseases. The news channel was showing videos of people walking around with no hands, no arms, bleeding from the ears, mouths and eyes and how the medical personnel were trying to take care of the patients. While this was being shown, the studio was being overrun by Federal Emergency Personnel, all in yellow, self contained suits. The cameras were still broadcasting the rounding up of the employees of the station and then the cameras went black, then to a pre-recorded showing of an infomercial

After some time had passed, the station resumed with the news, but it seemed to be at another location, with different newscasters. Again, the newscasters said, " the outbreak is contained" and added, "there is no need for alarm".

36 Hours: Your Warning

Charlie gets on his computer and starts Googling diseases to find out what could be happening and trying to find the truth about diseases, pandemics and runaway illnesses. Charlie did not take long to find out that the United States could be hard hit with many viruses, bacteria and related illnesses.

Charlie found out that it only takes 36 hours for any given pandemic type disease to travel from the origin to all major cities in the world. The jets, trains, cars, buses and other means of travel have increased the ways the people travel from major cities. The industries are putting more and more people in close proximity of each other, which forces people to touch shoulders, exposing them to sneezing and coughing. Also they are forced to share the same restrooms.

Charlie also found out that if... just if...a person with a major bacteria or virus, like the Pneumonia Black Plague or the Marburg Virus, would get on a plane in Madagascar, travel to a well known jet port and then take a transfer to many other jetports just to get to the final destination, many people would be in contact with this person. With the Pneumonia type of Black Plague, each time the person coughs, sneezes or wipes any fluids from the body, there could be transmission of this bacteria to hundreds of people in the area, then in return, each person that breathed the droplets, could spread the disease to more airports, cities and towns.

Black Death... the Plague

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36 Hour Notice

Sanitation Hazards


36 Hour Warning.... Sanitation Important

Charlie continues to research into what could be happening.

This 36 Hour Warning, when you finally hear this on the TV or Radio, most likely, it will be too late to stop the epidemic from coming into the United States. Once the bacteria or virus overwhelms the hospitals, medical centers and family doctors, the stopping the spread of the most deadly micro-organisms will be out of control.

How and what to do, once you find out that the spread of some type of organism will spread through the air is of utmost importance. With some diseases, the flesh will start rotting on the bone and the parts of the body will start falling off in a matter of hours. The infection of the body starts with a head ache, chills, feeling weak and a white coating on the tongue. These symptoms could be overlooked as the flue or a cold, to begin with, but when the full blown symptoms appear, it is so too late.

Knowledge and information is important, as well as sanitation. Being clean and having the environment clean can mean the difference between living and death. Wearing masks is not enough and being clean is not enough. The Pneumonia type of plague is spread through any type of bodily fluid and the bubonic plague is caused by fleas that are on rats. The rats and fleas can be controlled and disinfected and eliminated by the use of traps, poisons and use of chemicals but the pneumonia plague is not as easily eliminated.

Any surfaces that have been contaminated by bodily fluids must be sanitized and kept clean. The Bible's history told over and over the spread of the plague and the ways the plagues disrupt civilization, society and cultures.

If the plague is not detected and treated with antibiotics within about 12 hours, the outcome is almost certain death. All the surfaces, care givers and sanitation sectors must be sanitized to prevent the spread of the disease.

The major problems would be the bodily fluids, the droplets coming from sneezing and coughing, the discharge of fluids and fecal matter and sanitary eating. How many people would come in contact with the infected person and the places infected during the flights on jets, the jet ports, the cafeterias, the rest rooms, the hotels, cabs and on the streets would determine how fast the pandemic would spread.

36 hour warning: The Plagues

36 Hour Warning ... Death and Wisdom


EMS may not be able to handle the overwhelming numbers of sick and dying


36 hour warning: What can be done?

Charlie continued with his research and found out more that made him wonder about the future of his family, the nation and the survival of mankind.

In the past, people tried different cures, drove people with sicknesses away, stoned them, burned them, killed them and sometimes buried them alive. Sometimes people would tend to them, treat them and helped them till they died. Some of the bacteria, viruses and bio-agents are so aggressive that the healthcare workers are overcome with the diseases. Some love ones have departed each other to die alone and some have died in each others arms.

What can be done to help each other depends on which strain, which bacteria and which virus that is contracted. If the strain is a military mutated strain, then the chances are slim that the person will survive, unless the antidote or vaccine is available. If the strain is a mutated virus that has no known vaccines, then again, the chances are slim in survival. If the bacteria, virus or strain is a known disease, with a vaccine or responds to antibiotics which are available, then the chances are good for recovery. The key here is to recognize the symptoms and swiftly get the medical attention needed. Most times, this crucial time is within 12 hours. Many people have gone to bed thinking they had the flu and never wake up.

Crowded rooms, close proximity of people, eating in restaurants, cleaning floors and toilets, going to assemblies of people and touching items that an infected person have touch should be avoided. The fact that your life might be more important than that of one has been infected battles your heart and soul. How do you choose between your love one, caring for them, trying to give them medicine and knowing that you could come down with the same disease has to be a very hard choice for many people and for some, love will conquer all fear.

A major outbreak of any disease on this scale, called an epidemic, can wipe out all vaccines and antibiotics in a short while. Home remedies quickly come on the scene, in the absence of quality antibiotics because they can not be made and distributed fast enough. The medical personnel and anyone trained in medicine will be quickly overwhelmed because they will be overwhelmed by the massive numbers that are sick, catch the disease themselves, leave to take care of family or even die. There will be a massive shortage of caregivers, doctors and nurses, for sure and likely not be replaced, unless reinforcements come from other regions not affected by the pandemic.

36 Hour Warning: The Time Has Arrived

The time has come and gone to know how and what to do. Planning should have been a long time ago.

Charlie's wife and children came home and Charlie waited till the children had gone to bed to discuss what had happened on the news channel. Sally Joe wanted to dismiss it as just a TV hoax or trying to get ratings, but Charlie was convinced of what he saw as the truth. Neither of them had ever discussed any contingency plans or any plans of what to do if any disaster happened.

Nothing had been formally announced on TV or the radio, but Charlie's eyes had been opened to what was occurring. Charlie's 36 hour warning had happened. Basically, within 36 hours, the disease would be in all major cities in the world, unstoppable and creating chaos. In a matter of hours, corpses would scatter the streets. Hospitals and clinics would be littered with the living and the dead and everything would come to a halt. All public transportation would come to a screeching stop, fuel and heating fuel would stop, churches would be vacant, transfer trucks would stop, banking and commerce would stop and civilization would struggle to continue.

Charlie stopped and asked Sally Joe, "We have 36 hours. What do we do?"

36 Hour Warning: What do you do?

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36 hour warning: Heart Touching Reality

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Black Death: The Great Plague

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