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You Cannot Hurt Me

I love music, travel and good food. I live in Johannesburg, South Africa and find peace when I share through my writing.


I apologize that I might come with this reason and only this reason
I write in remembrance of my late grandma Mpho,
I write Her wisdom, her soul rests
For days like these I remember my grandmother and her words, Tia mohoetsana,tia
What is strength to you? To you who embodies the nature of a lion and the heart of a beast
Surrounded by fervent prayer and wisdom from the women with grey hair
You cannot hurt me, I say. You cannot hurt me, I speak
I am a woman, yes, a WOman
We women speak of courage and foresight, we speak of truth, and our pasts mold us
Surrounded by your echo in all four walls of my sphere, you engulf me with pain
I give you life but you take it away,
My heart stops, rushes as I give in to the thought of you being cut away
I get you off the ground but you kick me to the ground
I fight for you but you KiLL me instead, how ignorant can your heart be?
Hail to the diamond women, hail to the women in Leadership,
hail to the women who have paved the way for me, mama Madikizela’s, Madam Sirleaf’s, grandma Mpho,
these are the strong ones, not you!
Its days like these that I remember my grandmother Mpho,
days when I see me through the eyes of a four year old girl with scars and bruises from her fathers en-kindled wrath
Remove me from your chains that I may remove myself from this poverty
Take off your hand from me and be a man
Let me carry my own weight so you give sight to my contribution
You simply cannot hurt me!
My kind fights far too many wars every day
For your pride in the acceptance of this has made you perish
Wounded by your impendent wrath, my scars forever remain in memory
We, the pillars of your strength
We, the essence of truth and beauty, yes WE
Our hearts, loudspeakers, all we have is our voices
So hear me my brother
Oruko mi ni PEACE ni maatla
So heres the status quo, you are human, no more than me!
Stop the Violence you contribute to my fair kind!!

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