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You Can Never Judge a Book by It's Cover- Flash Fiction

I love to write flash fiction, using a moral standard to not pass judgement until you look deeper inside.


The year was 1948. Jeanie and Lucille lived in a small town with their mother. Their father had skipped town when they were too young to remember him. Jeanie was five and Lucille was eight, and it seemed they were always looking for ways to make extra money to help mama out.

They were looking through a Spiegel catalog and came across pictures of Jesus, glossy 8/10 for 10 cents a piece. The article said that they could be resold for 25 cents a piece. Ten cents was hard to find, but they finally raked up enough to buy five pictures.

It was Halloween night, instead of going trick or treating they went from door to door hoping to sell the Jesus pictures. Their persistence paid off. They sold 4 of the pictures.

They looked up at the old ramshackled house at the top of the hill and remembered that was the house everyone stayed away from, supposedly a real, live witch lived there.

They were afraid, but they needed to sell the last picture so badly. They stood looking at the old house and finally blew all caution aside and slowly climbed the hill.

Lucille, being the oldest and bravest knocked on the door. An old woman answered and said " yes " Lucille told her she had Jesus pictures to sell, and she only had one left. The old woman invited them in. They both took a closer look at the old woman, and now they were really afraid. She had a big mole on her nose and hair was growing around it. She had deep wrinkles and she was bent over and walked with a limp.

The old woman looked at the picture of Jesus and said " I like it. How much will it cost me? " Jeanie spoke up and said, " Only 25 cents. " The old woman thought for a minute and said, " I guess 25 cents is not too much, so I'll take it. "


She gave the girls 25 cents from her worn apron, then she asked them if they liked pumpkin pie? They both eagerly said, " Yes, and we like ice cream too. "

Soon they were all sitting around the kitchen table enjoying the pumpkin pie and ice cream, When they finished eating they went to the door to leave. The old woman told them her name was Nellie and asked them to please come visit her again and told them that she got lonely up on the hill all alone.

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