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Updated on June 17, 2017
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Melissa obtained her B.S. degree in Natural Resource Management, minoring in Biology. She enjoys creative writing, art, and gardening.

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The Chase

She was hunched down in the brush, hiding. The officers were out today and she couldn’t get caught. She heard a twig snap from behind her and she held her breath. She could hear breathing and it wasn’t hers, they were close this time. Closer than they’d ever been. Another twig snapped, this one to her left. She didn’t know if the officer behind her had moved on, or if this was another one. She held as still as a statue.

“Now!” A voice yelled. She bolted forward, knowing she was caught if she didn’t run. The forest held many hiding spots and she knew them better than the officers. She grew up here, in Turney Forest. Living off the land when she needed to survive, abandoned at a eight. She lived in Turney, wild, but most of all she lived free.

The officers were close behind her, racing to catch up, but she was faster. She ran to the river knowing if she did she’d lose them for sure. The officers didn’t cross the river. Only she crossed the river.

One of them grabbed her arm, she twisted and spun until her knee collided with his thigh.

“Ouch!” the officer shouted. She kept running, dodging the trees and ducking below the low branches. She reached the edge of the water and plunged in swimming across its massive expanse, fighting the current along the way. The officers had reached the water’s edge and were shouting at her, but she blocked them out concentrating on one thing, making it across and staying alive.

She reached the other edge and using the grasses around her pulled herself out of the mucky depths. She turned and faced the officers. She saluted once, then strode casually off into the tunnel of trees ahead of her.

The officers were afraid because this land was dangerous, but what they didn’t know was she was the most dangerous thing in the woods. She heard a noise off to her right, and her hand instantly went to the handle of her knife. She stood still listening some more, waiting, then she heard it, a bird call. She knew that call. She dropped her hand away from her knife, shouting, “Jason, get out here!”

Jason climbed down from the big oak tree in front of her. He was all matted brown hair and ripped up jeans. Jason was two years younger than her and she’d looked after him since she found him dropped off and left for the forest wolves to finish. “I saw what happened to you Meg, you have to be more careful, those officers almost got you this time.” He trotted over to her, looking her over, even though he was younger he had a protective streak.

“I was fine,” Meg said. “They didn’t even come close.” She bragged, Meg was proud of her escape artist abilities and wasn’t about to let Jason ruin that for her.

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      • Jodah profile image

        John Hansen 10 months ago from Queensland Australia

        The local police department had received sporadic but numerous reports of a wild girl, and sometimes two children, seen in the woods. One or two farmers said they had seen them trying to steal eggs from their chicken coups, and chased them.

        So far however, all attempts by the authorities to apprehend these "wild" children had failed.

        This most recent chase had come the closest to capturing them, with one officer actually laying a hand on the girl before she was able to escape.