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Writer, Writer Where Is My Writer ?

There Comes A Time

When we find our place

It might not be where we think it would be

Even though it is gives us a deep satisfaction

That makes us feel so complete

We are headed in the wrong direction

Misconceptions and false beliefs

Take us through the never ending path

If we could only step back

See the trail along side our own

So close even though we never noticed it

Fill our mind with the dreams we once had

When we felt everything was possible

Stop listening to those people around you

Who tell you what they think is right

Why do we listen to them ?

Why don't we listen and trust ourselves ?

Could it be ?

That we were made to believe ?

At a very young age

Nothing comes easy

It is a lot harder than it looks

Don't even try

I have tried it and it doesn't work

Don't you believe me ?

Why would I lie ?

Your just wasting your time

This line of questions and answers

I have understood all my life

It has paralyzed me to the point I had to turn back

Thinking there was no where else to turn

if I only waited

I would see there are many more chances constantly rising

All I have to do is keep looking

So as I say good bye to my old ways

Patting them on the back because they got me this far

Now sending them on their way

I don't have all the answers

I do know I can find a way to go farther

Than anyone I know

Thanking all my family and friends

For all their efforts

The real truth is...

They didn't know any better

So don't hold it against them

Just move to a new height

That increases your inner strength

At the same time reveals the weakest link

May this day inspire you at the morning light

Cultivate your thoughts during the day

Open up a world of great wonder

Only to experience things for the first time

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