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"Wisteria" - Short Story

Alyssa has studied advance fiction writing, and has written and published a children's book.

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© U.P.images - Adobe Stock


On a Friday night at 7pm in May, Halley, Tristan, Milo, and Emmett were practicing their songs for the local Battle of the Bands Saturday night. They were sitting in the music room at Emmett’s house; a room dedicated to practice. Blonde-haired, blue-eyed, eighteen year-old Tristan Etude was the electric guitarist. Seventeen year-old Milo Dulcimer was the bass guitar player. Brown-haired, brown-eyed, seventeen year-old Emmett Fifer played the drums and eighteen year-old Halley Sonnet Sterling was the lead singer.

“Alright, let’s try it again. Let’s take it from the top. 1…2…3,” Halley said.

First, Emmett began playing the drums. Then, two seconds later, Milo joined in and shortly following him was Tristan, with the electric guitar. Thirty seconds later, Halley began singing with her soft, mesmerizing rocker voice.

A few minutes later, they were finished with the song. Tristan said, “That was awesome.”

“Yeah, that was sweet,” said Milo.

Emmett agreed, “Amazing job, everyone.”

“That was rockin’ sweet, guys. Alright, see you all tomorrow,” Halley said.

Everyone said goodbye and goodnight. Halley left at the same time as Tristan did. They were the first to leave, and soon they all were on their way home to get some sleep so that they could practice more tomorrow in advance to be prepared for the competition.

A few minutes later, Halley arrived home. When she walked through the front door, she went straight to her room. The room had an acoustic guitar in the back left corner, and a black dell computer in opposite corner. Posters of her favorite Rock bands covered the purple colored walls. There were items all over the room that were shaped like a guitar or pictures of guitars on them. Halley was tired and got ready for bed. For about 10 minutes she lay resting in her hot pink bed and reminisced how well the band practiced that night. We did really amazing tonight, especially Tristan. She quietly giggled at the thought. I hope we win the Battle of the Bands tomorrow night. The band that wins gets to record a demo track on the record label that’s going to be there. A couple minutes later, she had fallen asleep and was dreaming of what would happen when she and her band won the competition.

Halley awoke the next morning at 10:30am. Tonight’s the Battle of the Bands and I can’t wait! We’re going to do so well, she thought. Within 20 minutes, Halley was dressed for the show and ready to go. I might not have time to change into my costume later, she thought. She was wearing jeans with an iron cross on each back pocket, a white tank top with gold lace outlining the top and bottom edges. Her black two button vest, a sapphire blue guitar necklace, and black sandal heels completed her look. Her make-up was complete. She had dark blue jean eye shadow highlighted with a gold-ish eye shadow; her brown eyes were lined with black eye shadow liner and eyelashes lengthened by black long lash mascara. She wore sparkly cherry red lipstick and left her long layered medium length raven hair down. Halley jumped into her car and sped quickly to practice.

Within a few minutes, Halley arrived at Emmett’s house. Tristan and Milo were already there. “Hey guys, what’s up?” Halley said.

Tristan replied, “Hey Halley.”

“Hi,” Milo said.

Just then, Emmett came out of his house to greet the rest of the band and they followed him inside. As soon as they were through the door, they all ran upstairs to the music room to practice.

“Guys, tonight’s the Battle of the Bands and I can’t hardly wait!” exclaimed Halley.

“Me, too. We’re going to rock,” Tristan said and Milo agreed, “Yeah, we’re awesome. We’re so going to win.”

They ran through their songs over and over making sure they had it all down. As Tristan looked up at the clock for about the tenth time since practice started, he said, “It’s 5:30pm already, guys. We should get going.”

“Wow. It starts at 7pm. We have to be there by six to set up. We better hurry,” Halley said.

Moments later, they had packed up their instruments and were ready to go. They left the house and took two cars because of all the instruments and equipment. The first to leave were Tristan and Halley in one car. Then, Milo and Emmett left in the second car. At around 6pm, Tristan and Halley arrived at the local hotel, which was the place where the local Battle of the Bands was being held. The two of them carried the instruments and equipment they had in their possession and checked in their band. They followed the direction as to where they were to put their instruments and equipment and started to set up. Once they had set up, Halley said to Tristan, “Oh my god, it’s 6:33 and Milo and Emmett aren’t here yet. I wonder where they are. We have only 12 minutes left to set up and then 15 minutes until the Battle of the Bands starts.”

“Yeah, I wonder where they are too. They’ll be here. Maybe they got caught in traffic or something. Everything’s going to be all right, Halley,” Tristan replied and hugged Halley.

With just seven minutes left to spare for set up, Milo and Emmett walked through the door. Milo rushed over to Halley and Tristan with his bass guitar and said frustrated, “Hey guy, sorry we’re late. Emmett was driving…slowly. I have no idea why…ugh…I need to set up.”

Emmett, his equipment and drum set, arrived a minute later. He was accompanied by a new face. Even though the band wasn’t happy with the way Emmett was setting up so slowly, the rest of the band helped him set up. They finished setting up with one minute remaining till show time.

Waiting patiently, it was seven and the Battle of the Bands soon began. Halley, Tristan, Milo, and Emmett patiently waited for their band’s turn to perform. About an hour later, the announcer said, “Our next band is Wisteria.”

Halley, Tristan, Milo, and Emmett rose from their seats and went up to the stage. They introduced themselves, including what instrument they were going to play, and Halley announced what song they were going to do. A few seconds later, Emmett began to play his drums like he did when they practiced. As the song progressed though, Emmett played worse, almost ruining the song completely. The other band’s members glared at Emmett. They didn’t know what was going on, but tried their best to carry on. The first song ended and the second song soon began. This time, Emmett repeatedly played off tempo again. Little did they know, Emmett really didn’t want the band to win and he wanted to break away from the rest of them. He never had the nerve to tell the other band members. Soon their turn was over and they exited off stage.

About an hour and fifteen minutes later, around 9:15pm, the last band in the Battle of the Bands finished playing. “The judges are making their decision right now. In about fifteen minutes or so we’ll announce the winner,” the announcer said.

Halley crossed her fingers; hoped and prayed that maybe they might have hopefully been at least good enough to win. I hope we have a chance, I hope we have a chance, Halley thought.

Finally, it was 9:30. Fifteen minutes seemed like an eternity to the band Wisteria, especially to Halley, Tristan, and Milo. While Emmett on the other hand, hoped the band didn’t make it. The announcer stepped back up on the stage. The band waited with anticipation. “We have the winner of the Battle of the Bands,” he said, “Congratulations to this band. They will get to record a demo track on the Hard Notes Records record label that is here tonight; and the winner is…Cordovan. Congratulations.”

A tear ran slowly down from Halley’s eye, running down on her face. “We…we didn’t win,” she said sadly and she turned to Tristan.

Tristan hugged her and said comfortingly, “It’s going to be all right, Halley. So, we didn’t win this time. Look on the bright side, it’ll be better soon, and there’ll be more chances.”

Halley agreed and whispered, “Yeah, you’re right, Tristan. But, I hate to say it but it is Emmett’s fault we lost.” Halley glared at Emmett.

Emmett didn’t speak. He didn’t know what to say. He had just shrugged his shoulders and looked at her like ‘what?’

Halley, Tristan, Milo, and Emmett then packed up their equipment and instruments and left. They were all tired and went home right away.

The next day, the band members were hanging out. Emmett announced to the other band members, “Guys, I’m leaving the band. I auditioned to be the drummer of another band that already has a record deal and I was chosen.”

Halley, Tristan, and Milo were in shock. At the same time, they all said, “What?!? Why would you?? What’s the name of the band?”

Emmett answered, “The name of the band is Aniline, and I’m leaving tomorrow.”

For the next couple of days, the band members, Halley especially, had been moping around due to the fact that Emmett left. So on a quiet Wednesday afternoon, she decided to take a walk. Halley eventually came across a small black and white puppy that apparently didn’t have an owner with it. Halley picked up the puppy and found the tag. Granite. 378 Juniper Lane. …hmm… She decided of course to return the puppy to its owner.

When Halley arrived at the door, she knocked quietly with the lost puppy in her arms. The door opened and in it stood a long length blonde-haired, brown-eyed, seventeen year-old girl.

“Hello, my name is Halley Sterling. I think this may be your puppy. I found her when I was taking a walk,” Halley said.

The girl said, “Hi, I’m Cyra Lute. Oh, thank you so much for finding Granite. She snuck out so fast when I opened the door last and had no idea what way she went. I was looking for her.”

Halley said, “You’re welcome.” Halley then handed Granite to Cyra. “I don’t think I’ve seen you around here before. Are you new?”

“Yes, I am new here,” replied Cyra Apphia Lute, “I just moved.”

“Oh,” Halley said, “So, do you know anyone here yet?”

Cyra answered, “No.”

“I can show you around and introduce you to some people, especially Tristan and Milo, my band mates,” said Halley.

Cyra asked, “You’re in a band? Are you guys good? So, is it your dream to make it into the music business?”

Halley laughed a little and answered, “Yeah, I am in a band and I think we’re pretty good. Saturday, we were just in the Battle of the Bands, but we lost because of a band member that purposely wrecked our audition and left us. Why do you ask about making it into the music business?”

“My uncle owns a record label,” Cyra asked.

Halley said, “Really? Sweet.” Halley and Cyra continued to talk for a few more minutes. They soon exchanged emails and phone numbers and said goodbye.

After that, Halley went home and three-way-ed Tristan and Milo what had happened. She explained how she had met Cyra, the new girl in town. After a few minutes of talking, Halley hung up the phone.

Sitting in her room, Halley said with a smile on her face, “Tristan is right; there are better chances and things just got better.”

© 2012 Alyssa Scheidemann