Wind Speaks

Updated on October 8, 2017


The Wind Song

Take me back to the earth.

Let me bask in the soil;

For these water's are warm, but never quite warm enough without you I suppose.

This is our reality.

Here we stand, sit and rest right here and right now; is our home.

These people are only just ourselves; these thoughts are really only quiet angels and very loud demons.

Take me back to the earth.

Where the leaves turn into flowers.

I have learned over time that for every death there is birth and from destruction bore is order.

Shameless are these hailstorms we call love...

Walk 1

The wind song whispered calmly over the night sky. The quiet water's glistened and the water fey known as Lo was perched on top of a floating log; her very rare soft pink and silver fin swayed to the song of the wind. Lo sang quietly to herself; take me back to the earth. Let me bask in the soil. The winds caressed her salty brown skin and made the overly bright purple locks on her head dance. The mermaid winced in the breeze. "He should be here by now." She looked towards the moon; "Past midnight." The Wind circled playfully around the mermaid singing sweetly, for these water's are warm but never quite warm enough without you. Lor was awaiting Maur the satyr. Since the beginning of time the wind would travel from the tips of the arctic to the humidity of the rainforest singing a hymn for connected souls. Whispering a ballad for lovers such as the mysterious moon who fancies so much that dark veal of a night. The clouds that kiss powerfully all over the face of light. The ocean that cannot live without that illustrious moon. And even Maur; the satyr, who has always come to bay to sing and yell out to the water fey; "and here we stand, sit and lie is our home!" And lo would then swim to shore and as Maur would also come quickly to embrace her, the wind would speed up and carry them up together, parallel to the sea.

But tonight; as the wind carried its song from one corner of the earth to the other, Lo sits restlessly as after 100 years of being able to hear the winds song Maur had never not once missed his que. Is it possible that after all of this time that the wind would not lead Maur here? Lo thought to herself there on the sea, or could it be that after all of this time that Maur has rejected to come out to bay again, once more; only to sing out and embrace his whole half for only a moment. She looked up at the moon again. And these thoughts are only quiet angels and very loud demons...

Walk 2

To reach the bay would take seven moons. Year after year Maur would climb the mountainside waiting for the winds song to echo through the caves. And only when he could feel the whispers of take me back to the earth through his fur would he sharpen his dark twisted horns and set off on hand and foot at full speed towards the sea. Year after year he would run for seven consecutive moons to be reunited by the wind with his one true love. Meanwhile the wind would bellow loudly; and these people are only just ourselves. And Maur, for one hundred years once he heard the music, wouldn't stop until he had reached that beautifully hypnotizing mermaid.

Maur had been traveling for six moons when the winds whispers became quiet hums. He sped through the Secoya trees that nested around the coast. Fearful that he had left the mountains too late to reach his beloved in time, Maur began to pump his legs even faster. Of all the time that has passed he could not bear the thought of having to wait for the wind songs return once it ceased; to see Lor once again. The larger than normal brindle coated satyr sped alongside the coast, the sun setting blurred. One more moon and there she would be.

Maur found himself moving faster with the wind before he realised he could no longer hear the music. "How will I find the sea without the wind?" He thought to himself. He put his snout in the air trying to smell for salt. One moon away; in either the eastern or western direction. Wind or not; Maur was determined to see his beloved mermaid again.

Some say that Maurs hooves hit the earth so hard that he cracked the world right in half and fell deep into the folds of the world. Some say that he was moving so fast that the wind trapped him into an inescapable cycle without destination. Some say the earth opened up and swallowed him like sweet fruit...

However; as the sun stretches out into the sea and disappears, Maur does the same.

Lo awaited Maur after the wind song ceased for 3 sunsets and sunrises before returning to the depths of the sea. Maur continued trailing the coast in search of the land bridge that led to the ocean. Only ever to find himself in the same spot where he first realized the wind song has ceased. Over and over again; never once did he stop circling, in search of his love.

Ode Satyr

I hope you know that I feel you.

I have spent a full eternity waiting for your hand to touch my hand;

for your heart to keep to mine.

Alas; Wherever you have gone I hope you will stay.

As you can't expect mermaids to not swim away...

My nature is with wander.

© 2017 Christa Canady


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