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Will the Special Bond Persist?

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Pic: The Bond

Pic: The Bond

An orientation ceremony was going on. About 50 students were attending it. A speaker was talking about the premises and rules of the university briefly.

When the students’ focus was waning, a beautiful girl dressed in flowing burgundy entered the room. Everybody turned to look at her. The boys were stirred up. The girls were amazed. She looked gorgeous enough to grab everyone’s attention.

The orientation made its way to the end. Snacks were distributed out to the students. Teachers and authorities who had come to acquaint the students with the university started to leave.

Soon it was only the students talking and chatting. The lovely girl dressed in burgundy attracted many guys who badly wanted to make an impression on her. Very shortly, a slim and tall guy's voice topped over others, and he swayed the others away, making room for himself only in front of the girl.

He talked a great deal and tried to be funny too until the girl started giggling. They both laughed together for some time. Then the guy, whose name was Adnan, announced that the girl was his girlfriend and no one else should claim her. All the other boys felt at a loss and got subdued.

The girl called herself Cynthia. She and Adnan would miss classes and roam about the city by rickshaw. They had lots to share in their chats. However, they never missed a quiz, test, or exam. In fact, they were very particular about them.

They seated together in the class and also in any event related to the university. No one else made this kind of bond in the class. It was unique and special.

The bond was intact all through the four years in a row at the university. Then came the moment when students of the batch would be graduating.

Well, Cynthia hadn’t told her parents about her boyfriend. She even kept it a secret from her mother who always dropped her and picked her up from the university.

Now she lay awake in bed, thinking if her parents would consent to the marriage with her boyfriend, or this bond was just to last four years.

Pic: Will the Bond Between Adnan and Cynthia Hold On?

Pic: Will the Bond Between Adnan and Cynthia Hold On?

What more, Adnan had the same question for Cynthia and bugged her to tell her parents before it was too late.

Finally, one evening, when her mother was in the living room and in a good mood, Cynthia approached her and gently told her secret.

But her Mom fired up and said strongly that she couldn't wed her daughter to a guy like that. They had better plans, and they would seek a much more promising husband for her.

Well, Cynthia decided she wouldn’t go against her parents. If her parents had a much better husband in mind, she would go for it.

Meanwhile, Cynthia and Adnan had graduated from the university along with their batchmates. They talked over the phone every day until one day her Mom caught her talking and found out what was going on. She rebuked her bitterly and asked her to end the relationship.

It was then Cynthia made a final decision about their relationship. When Adnan next called, she said firmly that she couldn't pursue the relationship any longer. Her parents were against it, and so he had better not call her any longer.

It was the last call from Adnan. After all, he was a decent guy, not a stalker. He would listen to Cynthia and not have any ties with her any longer, no matter how heartbreaking it might be.

Meanwhile, Cynthia’s parents settled for an arranged marriage for her. The bridegroom-to-be came and talked to her for a while. Although Cynthia was not 100% contented, she approved of the marriage, and her parents went ahead further.

Her marriage ceremony was fixed on a date, and she would leave for Denmark right after her marriage. Her husband-to-be worked there and earned a reasonable living from his job and would like to take Cynthia with him.

Such is the story of the beautiful girl in burgundy who once made entrance to the university premises and got introduced to Adnan.

Well, Adnan didn’t let his life go stale. He attended birthday, marriage, and office parties. He was doing a good job as well. And he stumbled upon his genuine life partner through his daily life activities. He married her and had a son a year later.

Pic: Adnan Has a Son

Pic: Adnan Has a Son

Cynthia had a son too a year after. Both Adnan and Cynthia stirred up their classmates’ gossip once again.

Pic: Cynthia Has a Son Too

Pic: Cynthia Has a Son Too

They were the hot topic of the classmates' conversations for weeks until everything settled down again and every one of them was on their way to earning ample bread and building home and family.

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