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Why Do We Pretend

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My name is Starly. I am not an experienced writer but would like to share some of my stories.

Photo taken by Tamara you may visit her

Photo taken by Tamara you may visit her


This content might be offensive to others, this is a true story and if you feel offended, or is negatively affected by the story, please do not continue to read the rest of it, and seek professional help if needed

Have you ever worked with someone who outright tells you they have a condition? Have you been an employer who had an applicant talk about their condition? That's a major red flag for most individuals, isn't it? We all know how hard it is to look for a job, there are times we succeed, other times we fail to meet the company's expectations. Are all employees happy and have zero problems in life? Of course not. Every obstacle should be taken as an opportunity to improve.

Shirley's luck with job hunting

Ever since the pandemic started, it has been really hard for Shirley to find an online job, but why is that? Shirley had a decent career at a call center before COVID-19 broke out. She also had a knack for photography and content writing.

She had an online call center work before, setting up appointments for handymen and such. She was one of the top performing employees amongst here team, but by the time a year had almost passed, she started to have drawbacks about her cheating partner, which became very toxic, and affected her work. Shirley's boss spoke to her that they can not help her with her personal problem, and since she was no longer performing with her job, she has been fired after 2 weeks. Shirley was devastated, as she tries to heal and move on, she also did not waste time in looking for a new job. After months of searching, Shirley found a social media Ad of someone looking for a virtual assistant, after passing the online assessment, she was called for a Skype call interview. She and the employer had a good conversation all throughout the initial interview, eventually the employer asked if she could quickly make an Ad for a carb reducing medicine based on the provided image of a 16 year old boy who was overweight and losing 14lbs in 4 weeks. With Shirley's Photoshop skills and creative writing she made an Ad exactly how the employer wanted.

An hour and a half passed and the employer sent Shirley a youtube video about flax seeds and wants her to make get at least five of the most beneficial facts that flax seeds can do to the human body. Shirley delivered in less than 30 minutes.

The result

As the employer reviewed Shirley's work, she stopped and told her, "Your performing really good, but you do not seem to be confident with your answers". Shirley felt a slight jolt in her finger and spoke in a shaky voice, "I wanted to make sure I had the right information, I always double check my work. I've suffered from depression and that's what made me doubt my work, in fear of making mistakes". The employer sighed, and she told Shirley that she's very good and talented, but she seeks for a person who thrives, who is very ambitious to the point that that person would have the ambition to take the employer's position in the company. The employer let Shirley go, and she sadly accepted the rejection, apologizing for not meeting the employer's expectation.

The painful part of it

A person can't be open about their problem or condition that easily. Sometimes, their weaknesses are the ones that are responsible for their strengths, yet companies or even regular people do not accept a person who has the right skills, just because they have a problem. Which is why those who are not okay, tend to work on a facade just to fit in with the group. When they start to open up to a coworker or an acquaintance, most of them think that they're not being serious, or is just overreacting the situation. This can sometimes make that person blame themselves instead of helping them grow to be better. It's painful to hide the truth, but they have to. In order for one to survive, they must pretend to be like everyone else, it's hard to share or show anything because people can possibly spread the word, others would call them crazy, attention seekers, or even make fun of those who need help. Even so, seek professional help, or be someone who can help a stranger. Remember, sometimes the smallest of deeds can make one's day a bit better.

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