Who Is Poet?

Updated on October 26, 2016

Who is a poet?
Who is a poet, why does he write?
Why does with the sword of his words, even the gods smite?
Why when with his pen he play?
Even the biggest sins of society slay?

Who is a poet? Why so much on the roses they stress?
How in beautiful words, the most serious issues address?
How can someone be so straightforward yet so kind?
How the words of a poet, fights the darkness of a man blind?

Well a poet, is someone who puts words in a boy shy,
They are the magicians who 'the words' personify,
Poet is a person, even the emotions of stone who can see,
And then represent them in a way they ought to be,

A poet is someone, who knows every word in its truest form,
And then representing them in a wonderful way is his only norm,
A poet is someone words are whose friends,
And even with his normal speech, the art of poetry blends,

When exposed, a unique melody his heart sings,
And he search for a pen&paper, whenever his mind goes zing,
Presentation in a brilliant way, of an intelligible speech,
Even the most remote places reach....


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