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My Art

My Art

“Bye, Lucy!” Rosy shouted from inside the car. Lucy turned instantly, smiled, and waved her hand towards Rosy. Rosy drove away.

It was a cold night. Lucy stood in front of her house door; remembering, the amazing but last party of college. The college year was finished and now Lucy was to continue with another journey in further studies and jobs. She was already thinking of a new yet another amazing start in life, new people, new friends_boyfriends; she smiled.

She unlocked the door with the key she had. Mom always told her to keep an extra house key with her; Mom was a doctor. She could be out of the house anytime; hospital emergencies, patients calling and so many more reasons yet the most loving Mom Lucy had. “Mom! I’m home,” Lucy said out loud entering the house. Lights were out. Nothing visible. Lucy wandered her hand on the wall by the door and switched on the lights.

“Mom,” Lucy was perplexed. Mom never left the hallway lights off. Might she have forgotten? But how could she when never in many years since Lucy’s father died? Lucy’s father died_she never knew how; never asked her mother too. She walked slowly towards the living room just a few steps ahead of the front door. “Mom,” a little louder this time.

The living room lights were switched off as well. She was confused, dazzled, and somewhat fearful. “Mom,” a little trembling but loud. She turned on the lights of the living room with cold hands.

“Mom!” Lucy shouted seeing her mother unconscious and tied to a chair. She shouted and shouted and tapped her mother’s face. But no one heard her. She untied her mother and tapped her again and again. She shouted for help but remembered her only neighbors were out of town. She placed both hands inside her hair. Like always, she couldn’t realize what to do.

She looked here and there and then thought of something and ran towards the kitchen just by the living room. She came back to her mother with a glass of water; took some in her hand and sprinkled on her mother’s face. With a heavy inhale, Mom opened her eyes and looked at Lucy; trembling, terrified, scared, and crying. “Lucy,” signing and crying she hugged Lucy.

“Mom, what happened?” Lucy asked her mother with severe lines on her forehead and tears in her eyes. Mom tried to get up ignoring Lucy’s question. “Mom! Mom! What_what happened??” she asked again but Mom was just looking at the living room entrance. And she held Lucy tightly.

“Lucy, we need to get out of here.”

“Okay, okay, but what happened.”

“No time to ask Lucy!” Mom shouted loudly. “We need to go, please dear,” she spoke softly with eyes filled with tears and fear on her face.

“Okay,” Lucy held her mother and spoke gently with her. They turned around towards the entrance of the living room. But stopped as they saw a shadow in front of them. “Where you go, Mother?” The shadow spoke. It wasn’t a shadow. It was a person. As it moved a little near to Lucy and Mom, it appeared that it was a girl.

Lucy’s mother terrified, backed a few steps, and pulled Lucy towards her. The girl standing in front of them was different; pure grey skin with blue veins appearing over her body, a very long tight braid with no shine, dry blue lips, and dry eyes. She was very skinny and seemed so cold yet comfortable with her own self. She was human. Yes, humans, but what humans could be like that. She wore a shirt and pajama, Lucy’s shirt and pajama. Lucy was fearful seeing such a human body seemingly dead but standing in front of her but what dried her throat and stuck her ogles in their place was something else_the girl standing in front of her had a face. A face same as Lucy.

Lucy frozen in her place, pulled by her mother slowly back away from the girl standing in front of them. What was happening_who was that girl_why was she like that_what was with the hair, the complexion, the skin, the lips_why she had a face same as Lucy_why was she calling Mom her mother. And so many more questions arose in her mind. Lucy was trembling more and more by the fear taking over every single inch of her body, “Who…who are you?” She collected her shredded mind in one place and asked the girl with a trembling and dried tongue.

“You not know me,” An instant reply from the girl to Lucy. The girl was like a zombie, standing still, expressionless like she had no feeling. Her voice was just like Lucy’s but sore and dry. She moved a little further towards Lucy. Lucy moved backward quickly with her mother without looking at the back. Mom hit by a sofa arm, fell on the sofa on her back while Lucy fell on the floor as her mother tripped. The girl moved so uneasily like she didn’t know how to walk, a little less like a zombie walk. She reached near the fallen Lucy and bent her knees to sit. There were little sounds of crackles of bones coming from the skinny human bending down. She sat straight on her feet near Lucy. Lucy stared at her without a single blink and held her breath as her nose came in contact with the air surrounding the ugly creature. “Lucy, Me Rucy, Mother say me Rucy,” the girl spoke with dry mumbling voice. Rucy was her name; strange it was for Lucy for such a rhythmic name after a similar face. She looked at her mother who couldn’t move and was stuck in the fallen position. She turned her head back at Rucy.

“You not know me?” Rucy asked Lucy.

“No,” it was like a heavy stone placed on Lucy’s throat. She couldn’t speak clearly.

“You did not tell her, mother,” Rucy asked mom. Mom gave Rucy a terrified and unpleasant look. Then she looked at Lucy who was staring at Rucy.

“Lucy!” Rucy spoke, “I don’t_what that you feel some days_that…” she seemed confused with head down and like thinking of words to speak. Why wasn’t she speaking clearly; no correct words, no correct tone_Lucy comprehended that Rucy didn’t know how to communicate properly. Might be she understood but couldn’t speak so clearly.

“…yes, I was small, I hear your blood from knee_you did the crying, same I did the crying …yes the crying; I don’t did the crying to you,” Rucy spoke so sorely like she didn’t know the words to speak, tell or communicate. She was confused and every time she couldn’t describe something she had few lines of distress on her forehead. Lucy couldn’t understand a word that Rucy said but seeing such a confused girl in front of her, she thought of something and looked at her mother.

“Rucy,” Lucy cleared her throat and tried to gather herself in one place. The fear over her started to vanish as she collected the courage to get out of the messy, confusing, and stressful situation. And also she had something in her mind. She had to work upon it as well. “Rucy,” she took her name again and gave her a fake smile. Rucy starred at Lucy with confusion filled in her eyes and mouth dropped open as if she didn’t know what was happening and how could she; she had not seen so much before. She looked at Lucy with her head dropped at one side of her neck and tried to copy the way Lucy stretched her lips to smile.

Lucy noticed Rucy’s reactions towards her and there were again a confusion developing in her mind; why was Rucy doing all that, what was with her stare at Lucy, but Lucy rejected the thought because she knew she had to focus on what she thought had to be done right then.

“Umm, Rucy, so you are Rucy?” She asked Rucy with a rough tone with dry lips stretched at corners. Mom climbed off the sofa and sat slowly behind Lucy. “Lucy, we have to get out of here. Why are you talking to her?” she whispered into Lucy’s ear and tried to compel her. Rucy watched her mom with a gaze filled with anger. Lucy held her mother’s hand and pressed it. She moved her head around to look at her, “Mom,” and pressed her hand a little harder. Mom looked at Lucy with distress but then she knew there was something on Lucy’s mind so she stopped compelling her.

“Rucy, umm, where did you come from,” Lucy turned around and looked at Rucy starring at mom and uttered the words after a pause. Lucy thought of smiling each time she would talk to Rucy.

Rucy didn’t speak but she straightened her head and looked up the sidewall. Lucy followed Rucy’s gaze. She was looking at the bulb. Lucy pressed her lips and looked at Rucy again. “A for apple, B for Ball…yes, L for light…Light that shines…see, see up on the wall…can you see it Lucy… yes, there you go,” Rucy started mumbling. Confused in her own way she pressed her eyes closed and started moving back and forth; she might be trying to remember something. And then opened her eyes suddenly and looks at Lucy, “Mother say that to you_I was small_ I hear mother say you… L for light…Light that shines…see, see up on the wall…can you see it Lucy… yes, there you go.” Lucy couldn’t help herself to not drown in more of the confusion being created. “What do you want to say Rucy?” She spoke more softly but irritated.

“L for light, this one and walls every place, here, here, here, here, bed_close eyes on it_sweet dreams dear Lucy!” Rucy spoke and moved her hands in directions around her. She said as if she was talking to herself. Lucy shook every time Rucy moved a little. But somehow or somewhat she had started to understand what Rucy had been saying.

“A room with walls, a bulb and a bed?” Lucy asked Rucy softly and nodded her head as to calm Rucy down and bring her out of her own mix-up. Rucy didn’t say a word but shook her head speedily in a manner of saying ‘yes’. She had her mouth opened and eyes fixed on Lucy. She moved her bent legs a little further to Lucy as if she wanted her to ask more. Of course, she wanted to tell Lucy; many things that she had never been able to say.

Lucy didn’t move. Her heart started to punch her ribs and she placed her hand on her nose for an instance as she couldn’t bear the deadly smell coming from Rucy. She had to control herself but how could she with the presence of a dead-looking human in front of her. ‘What kind of human is she? Where had she been? Maybe stuck somewhere or kept somewhere? Is she even a human? What is she? No, she can’t be_no, no, no, she can’t be_a witch!’ Lucy thought to herself, looking down and pressed her fingers on her forehead. ‘She’s so tame and doesn’t seem to hurt me either. I have to talk her into things, only then I can work on my plan. I have to know if she’s a witch,’ she looked at Rucy who didn’t do anything else but starred at Lucy.

She smiled at Rucy and asked with shaking voice, “So, in that room with walls…why were you there? Um...who kept you, there? Rucy”. Rucy didn’t move but she raised her hand. Lucy quivered a little by the feeling of threat. Mom had her throat completely dried and held Lucy from behind tightly. Rucy curled all her fingers into a fist except the index finger. She waved her finger_at Mom. ‘Mother, you do this, when you come to me…you speak… ‘Don’t you dare utter a single word’…yes, you say this… ‘Not one word, Rucy…eat this and sleep’,” Rucy kept waving her finger in front of Mom. Lucy’s mouth dropped open because no matter how differently Rosy spoke, she understood what Rucy wanted to say. She turned to look at her mother while Rucy still had her finger in the wave.

“Mom? What’s she’s saying?” Lucy frowned at her mother.

“What? You’re listening to her? She’s just a wicked…” Mom spoke in utter fear and anxiety and halted for a moment, “…person,” she completed pressing her lips like she tried to hide despite being exposed to her daughter.

“Mom,” Lucy muttered, “She wouldn’t say it without a reason.” But she had her head stuck on the word ‘wicked’ that her mother uttered unintentionally. ‘Wicked what? Witch?’ she thought. She had to know. It was very important. It had to be known if Rucy was a witch.

“You’re believing in a stranger? A deadly person trying to harm you and me?” Mom spoke a little high this time.

Rucy started breathing heavily. Lucy turned around and saw Rucy; outlines of strain on her forehead, dense breathing, jaw muscles moving, she was fuming. But she didn’t move. Why was she getting angry? What was the reason for such rage in her eyes all of a sudden?

“Rucy,” Lucy spoke dragging herself a little backward. Rucy head down didn’t say a word and all of a sudden she shouted. A very loud scream that moved Lucy and her mother. It was so heavy and manly that Lucy and her mother stood and ran towards the front sofa and hid behind it.

Rucy stopped screaming and looked around with strain on her face and stood hurriedly and moved back and forth with no knowledge of what to do and not seeing Lucy anywhere she spoke, “No, no, no, Lucy…I don’t do the crying to you… I don’t feeling you the same; you hurt your knee_I was small the time…and the…the numbers…no, no the grades_bad grades…when I was small long… and when this I … the crying of you for B...F…BF… ‘Please Mom, tell him to come back’…I don’t do the crying to you… ‘Mom, I’m so hurt, I feel heartbroken’… I heard you say to mother…I don’t hurt to you, Lucy,” Lucy spoke with tears in her throat. She couldn’t say a word clearly. She had her eyes pressed closed and she was in deep anxiety. She wanted Lucy to listen to her. She didn’t know how to say that but she had to say that; she had not spoken to anyone in so many years. She didn’t know how to react but every time she remembered the words_the words she heard_of Lucy and her mother, she would say them in the exact same way she heard them but expressionless. No expressions on her face; she hasn’t seen anyone except mother.

“Lucy! Lucy! Lucy! Lucy!” She started calling Lucy’s name and tears came out of her eyes. Lucy heard her. She knew Rucy was crying by the sound of a heavy throat full of tears. Lucy knew that Rucy didn’t know where they hid. So she sat there with her mother’s head on her shoulder and hands on their mouths. It was a burst of fear after Rucy’s scream. And Lucy then couldn’t find any more courage to move or face Rucy. Her mind was completely off and she couldn’t think clearly.

“Lucy! You say mom_when I was small long_you hear scr…scre…yes…screams… ‘Mom, I’m afraid, I hear low screams of a girl’…you say to mother…and mother say… ‘No, honey it’s just in the mind’…she was not right…Lucy! Me scream…me crying and scream…the walls is cold…Lucy!” with the same utter confusion and crying, Rucy tried to say more words trying to explain Lucy a little of something.

“I speak…reason are…I heard…Mother…you…low voices…I… ‘Learn by heart Lucy!’ ...yes, yes, learn by heart me…I learn speak…mother come to me, mother speak high voice and hurt me… ‘Don’t you dare utter a single word’…yes, mother say this… ‘Not one word, Rucy…eat this and sleep’,” Rucy’s crying was intense then. She started putting her heart out in the words. She didn’t know how to speak but she was uttering words just to tell Lucy of how she had been feeling all along. Of course, she had to. She hadn’t been able to say anything all along.

Lucy listened to Rucy with her mouth open and remembered the times when she was a small girl and heard screams and crying of a girl coming from below the floor. She remembered how she always kneeled down and placed her ear on the floor to hear the screams and the crying more clearly. And then she would run to Mom and tell her everything but Mom always relaxed her by her soothing words and hands-on her forehead and she would go to sleep. ‘But that was long gone,’ she thought. ‘I stopped hearing the screams and the crying after a few months. But how does Rucy know about all that? Was she the one screaming and crying?’ Lucy thought in agitation. She stood despite her mother trying to pull her back to the ground. But she stood ignoring her mother and turned around to look at Rucy.

There was a sudden stop to Rucy’s stipulation as she saw Lucy in front of her. It was something new for; the feeling, the urge, the rush of blood in her spine, what was that?? She never felt it before. It was good; the feeling of seeing Lucy in front of her was a very good feeling but what was it. It was happening to her for the first time in life. And then there was an involuntary smile on Rucy’s face. That was when she understood the reason for the stretch she saw upon Lucy’s lips.

Lucy moved a few steps towards Rucy. There was no sign of fear, no threat feeling in her spine, no pounding of heart, no tears in her eyes and she had a complete peaceful mind. She looked at Rucy as if she had found answers to her questions as if she knew what was to be done as if she was ready for what she had been planning on. But knowing that Rucy was no harm wasn’t just the thing she was looking for, she had to know if Rucy was a witch.

“I want to know the truth, Mom!” Lucy spoke with a low voice enough for her mother to listen. She had her eyes stuck on Rucy who was just enjoying the newest feeling she was experiencing. Mom heard Lucy. She was crying without any sound. She pressed her eyes closed realizing there was nothing left but to speak_speak the truth. She tried to build up courage and with hands on the floor lifted herself to stand. The weakness; due to fear, due to loss, due to her lies being exposed, was taking over her arms and legs. She felt dizzy but there was no more hiding; she had to tell the truth. She had to speak. She had to tell.

Mom grabbed the sofa arm and walked across the sofa with numb feet and fell on the sofa. She sat and had her head in her hands. Where would she start? There was so much that she had been keeping all along. The burden on her mind and heart would no longer be a burden but what would she loose after she opened her mouth. But no matter what the consequences be, it was time to speak.

“What is happening? We used to be a happy family…we could be a very happy family if she…” Mom paused and looked at Rucy with anger in her eyes. “…You both are twin sisters,” she continued. Lucy stood expressionless watching Rucy and Rucy started starring Mom. Rucy had wanted Mom to tell Lucy about her from the start. She knew her relation with Lucy but only if she could explain and then as Mom had spoken, she started listening to her.

“It was a full moon night, Charles and I took you two to your Father’s motherhouse. We were so happy…” Mom started crying saying that and continued, “…we hadn’t had the slightest idea of what was going to happen to us. We had planned a surprise for your father’s mother but we didn’t know a surprise awaited for us there.”

She paused. Lost in thoughts of the past, she had dreadful red lines in her eyes. She couldn’t bear the unforgettable memories of her sufferings that night. As a reaction to a sudden silence of her mother, Lucy turned around and gazed upon Mom and said in a harsh tone, “Then?”

Mom dropped her head. “When we reached your granny’s place what we saw was terrible. At first, as we entered the house, we heard low murmurs as if they were low crying at a funeral. And then we saw your granny and a few other ladies with small babies in their laps. They were_they were worshiping_worshiping devils; they were witches, those babies…” while speaking her tone has changed into a shout, “…those babies were not alive_those poor babies have been sacrificed. They were worshiping evil spirits to gain power. And your grandmother, she was also a worshiper of Satan.” Mom had stood up and she cried her heart out while she spoke.

She cried and cried. The pain of seeing those dead babies brutally killed by their own mothers_the scene of the blood and the circle in which the witches sat to worship the evil powers_the evil and cruel faces of the witches; that all came to her. “If only, we knew…I would never have taken you two to her.” She said crying.

And after a long pause, she described what happened next.

“Charles and I were so astonished to see the whole scene. Charles shouted at his mother. The witches that gathered there threw their dead babies and hid in the house but your grandmother stood still in front of your father; shameless of what she had been doing. And when he asked her about all that, she said the evil offered her great power and peace and age. But all she wanted was to offer Satan another worshiper so that she could gain a younger body and immortality.

I remember her evil looks upon you two. She hit Charles with a vase. He fell and couldn’t get up. The last words he said were ‘Run’. He didn’t want us to be victims of such sins his mother had been performing. And he left us. He died there. I screamed shouted but only if there was someone to listen to. She had her house near the woods. Of course, she never wanted anyone to find out about her.

I didn’t know what to do. I was in shock. I had already lost your father and I couldn’t lose you too. I had you both in my arms and I had to run. I had to run even if I was in insufferable pain, even if I had to leave your father’s body there. But I failed. I tried to run but the witches came out of nowhere and surrounded me. They snatched you two from me. I shouted and shouted but they were evil and had demonic hearts. That witch’s leader, your grandmother wanted a soul to offer Satan for being his worshiper and so she had consequently gotten one to propose to him. A witch tried to grab me and I scratched her face. But no matter what I did, they were harmless; pale with fire in their eyes_just evil witches. She grabbed my neck and threw me on the wall. I fell and screamed. I couldn’t move, I was so badly hurt that I couldn’t manage to get up. And I watched the whole thing in front of my eyes. The leader witch chose Rucy. She held her in her hands and raised her upwards calling her the strongest one between you two. She said you were weak. She placed Rucy inside that circle and cut her hand on Rucy’s face. Rucy was crying and my heart was drowning. The Witch fed her her blood. I screamed and shouted but the cruel soul just fed her more and more with her filthy sinful blood. I could see Rucy eyes turning black, not a single white spot just dark demonic eyes. I was afraid she might do the same to you so I stood slowly despite the pain, the blood coming out of my mouth due to a broken rib, I stood. No matter what, but I had to stop all that. I had to save you. I couldn’t let you be the victim as Rucy.

I saw fire around her and as soon as the Witch fed Rucy with her blood, they all gathered around her and started murmuring. They were calling upon Satan. Everything in its place started to shake. I was very scared but my heart was stuck upon you. I only wanted to save you. I wanted to take you away from all that. I looked around everywhere maybe I could find something but what could be that powerful than the witches. What could possibly put a simple scratch on their filthy bodies? There was nothing on my mind.

The witches were involved in the murmuring so much and they had their eyes closed. I thought it was the best time to grab hold of you and run. I couldn’t see among the black gown and dark smoke starting to prevail. But then I saw you unconscious on the sofa just in front of the witch’s prayer place. I slowly moved from behind them and took you in my lap. I thought of running but I couldn’t. I heard crying, intense, painful, and innocent. It was Rucy. She laid on the floor with blood on her lips and she cried out so loud and painful that I couldn’t resist but to take her too. I ran towards her splitting the witch circle not afraid of being harmed or worst, killed by them. And they didn’t stop men either. I took you both in my arms and ran towards the entrance door. I thought they might follow me or try to snatch Rucy from me but they didn’t move a bit. It was like they were hypnotized in their own witchly manner and worshipping Satan.

I ran outside the house towards our car. I pulled the car keys out of my pocket and placed you both in the back seat. But seeing Rucy with you I changed my mind and placed you on the front seat. Rucy was crying and you were unconscious. I sprinkled some water on your face and after a moment I heard your cry. The best thing that ever happened to me on that day.

I drove quickly away from that place. And when we came back to our house, I called the police and told them about the witch leader. They didn’t believe me but told me they would check. And as I thought, the witches had moved. The place had been cleaned by the time the police reached there. They told me they didn’t find anything and by that, I knew the witches had hid Charles's body too. I cried and cried for days and nights. You were so peaceful but Rucy always cried. She wanted something to eat and I had to give it to her. I fed her on milk and human food, hoping that might the blood she drunk wouldn’t affect her and that I could reverse everything in her body. But as time passed and you both were 3 years old; I had been hopeless every day. Rucy’s couldn’t speak clearly but she understood everything, maybe due to witchly possessions but you could, you had learned so much by that age. You are the stronger not her…” she paused and smiled at Lucy and then looked at Rucy, “…and one day when I completely lost trust in Rucy’s body and soul; I settled her in an underground room that Charles had kept for worn-out stuff. The room had an attached bath. I taught her to use it. But she wouldn’t. She would untidy her clothes. I was so irritated by her; I had to hurt her to make her do what I wanted her to do. She would cry at night as she couldn’t hear any sounds from above the house. You would come to me and tell me you heard crying sounds. I would make you sleep and then go to her and scold her to sleep. Eventually, she stopped but I had been feeding her since then and providing her with your worn-out clothes.

I don’t know what happened to me today when I went to her to give her food. I looked at her and I cried. I had never taken such a close look at her. She was so greyish and her hair was dry and long and she smelled awful. I couldn’t control blaming myself for what I have done to her. She was also my daughter. I could have changed her. I could have believed in her. But all I wanted was to keep her away from you; from this world so that she wouldn’t learn any type of witchcraft from anywhere. All I ever wanted to keep you safe and that’s why I hid her from the witches so they might not find her.

I don’t know what happened to me. I don’t know why I held her skinny hand and let her out of that place. I only wanted her to have some air. All those years she’s been breathing stinky air. She cried and her eyes burned as I took her out in the house. The whole house was lit and she screamed because her eyes burned. I turned off all the light; it was just for a few minutes. I just wanted her to feel something new. Why did I even want that for her? I don’t know what I did but it turned out that she hit my head with something and tied me to a chair; the same as I used to tie her when she wouldn’t listen to me.

I had forgotten that she’s also a witch. She has an evil soul. She was fed on the Witch’s blood.” Mom shouted in the end. She had her finger pointed at Rucy. Rucy starred at her. She was afraid. She had been remembering the time her mother hurt her in that room. How she would hit her when she said ‘no’ or when she protested. Mother had been so cruel to her. No matter what she was; she was her daughter. All the pain and the grief made Rucy cry without any voice but she cried with tears.

Lucy watched her mom all along. She watched the pain in her eyes as she had been describing every word as if it was happening to her again. Lucy narrowed her eyes with sorrow and ran towards her mother to hug her. She held her tightly in her arms and spoke softly in her ear, “I’m so sorry Mom.”

Mom hugged Lucy with affection and smiled. She felt relaxed. She had her daughter in her arms for whom she had sacrificed so much and sinned so much, for whom she had to hurt her other daughter and for whom she hid her other daughter from the world. She became happy to have Lucy; her beautiful daughter in her arms as she thought she would never have any more respect in Lucy’s eyes. She might have lost her but she hadn’t. Her daughter has hugged her and she had everything in the world now. Every single burden on her heart was released now. She was happy and smiling.

“I’m sorry Mom. But…,” And then Lucy’s voice changed. A double echoed cruel and scary voice came out her mouth, “…you’re wrong.” Lucy lifted her head, held Mom tightly; there was a fire in her eyes and her skin started turning pale. Some black cracks started to appear on her face and she started smiling wickedly. She quickly pulled out a small knife from her pocket and stabbed mom from behind. Mom screamed and pushed Lucy away. She fell on her knees and tried to reach for the knife in her back. But she couldn’t and fell on the floor. She breathed hardly; her eyes filled with fear and pain.

“You are the wrong mother. Rucy is not a witch. I’m the witch, I’m the evil soul and I was fed on the witch’s blood.” Lucy’s voice was heavy and doubled. Her evil soul took over her whole body. She was in her complete witchly form in front of her mother. The black fiery eyes, the pale skin with black cracks upon it. She watched mom suffer the pain, breathing a few breaths she was left with.

“You raised me, mom. Me, who was fed with the Witch’s blood. O how smartly, grandmother replaced me with Rucy. Poor Rucy! Hurt by her very own mother despite being completely normal,” She sat on her feet in front of mom. Mom looked at her with tears in her eyes. She couldn’t speak a word and breathed with her mouth open. “How do you think, the Witch let you get away with both of us? Mom you’ve always been a fool.” Lucy laughed hard, evil, and scary. And she stopped suddenly and said, “I knew you hid her. I’ve always known about her. The witches were always around me; guiding me, providing me with strength and power in return for my love and worships for Satan. But I wanted eternal power, beauty, and immortality. For that, I had to kill the one who got immortality because of me and propose another worshipper to Satan.

I killed the Witch; the leader who proposed me as a worshiper to Satan. I was only left with the second part. I had to propose a worshiper too. And what he wanted to be my twin. He wanted me to find Rucy without any help and power. You know, observing if I was worth giving eternal power. Of course, I couldn’t ask you. You would have moved her somewhere else. So I asked the witches to hypnotize the house air when I’m out. They did and you did exactly what I wanted, you brought her out of where ever you kept her and she did what in here rage what you unintentionally taught her. As I saw her here, I was memorized by her tame and weak body but of course, I had to know if she was a witch. Thanks to you, you removed my confusion,” Lucy explained slightly changing her mood in a cruel laugh.

Mom was left with few more breaths but all she did was quietly listen to the real witch. She turned her gaze to look at her Rucy who stood far behind Lucy and trembling and shaking as she watched the whole thing.

Rucy in her place cried quietly and she was scared so much that she moved backward unintentionally and fell. She didn’t know what was happening nor has she ever in her life seen anything. She didn’t know the reason for her mother’s stipulation. Lucy heard her fall but didn’t react. She just watched Mom dying in front of her. Such a full of pleasure moment for her.

Mom closed her eyes and sighed her last. She was no longer alive. Lucy smiled and spoke to her dead body, “Thanks for this extraordinary life, MOM!!!” She laughed wickedly.

With a quick turn and steps, Lucy moved towards Rucy and sat in front of her. She changed herself back to humanly form and smiled at Rucy. Rucy starred at Lucy with big bulging eyes.

“Don’t be scared,” Lucy spoke softly with Rucy. “Mother had been hurting you, right?” She asked her softly and placing her hand on Rucy’s forehead. Rucy was scared but she nodded.

“Don’t worry, Rucy. Everything will be alright. Now, Rucy, I will take you somewhere where no one will ever hurt you. There will be no pain, honey. I will take care of you. I will love you. Do you trust me? Dear!” Lucy very affectionately brought a smile on Rucy’s face who nodded in ‘yes’.

Lucy took Rucy’s hand and smiled. They both got up and Lucy hugged Rucy. Rucy had never felt the warmth of love before and then she was having it. Lucy loved her. She would care for her. She would take her somewhere she will never be hurt. Rucy smiled.

And holding hands; both sisters left.

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