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Whether you don't

Updated on September 27, 2017

I love you deeply whether you don't know it,

even if you go far from me I will come at distance to bring you.

In every mistake I will apologize you,

the true lovers never live without love for one moments.

Into the deep ocean also I will jump to prove my love,

Whether this sky, land, water remains or not but our love will be immortal,

and remembered as an example of true love.

In your every pain I will cry, in your every happy moments I will celebrate.

I will fight from this world for my love,

I will worship that place where your shadow touches,

I will consider fortunate myself if you give a little space for me in your heart.

Today or ever or someday you will realise,

but this love will never die.

I will love you even I was at any place or in hell,

I will love you forever whether you don't.


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