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Where's The Kid?


“I don’t like doing this kind of work,” Damon Wilkerson said, looking at a shadowed figure sitting on his communications screen.

The dark head tilted slightly, giving Wilkerson an unmistakable look of annoyance, even though the assassin couldn’t see the person’s face. “Our financial backer has already paid half of your fee,” the shadow moved closer to the screen. “I believe the credits are already in our account.”

Wilkerson looks at his wristband, pushing a couple of buttons and saw the number of credits that had been added to his account. “I want double,” the Earthman said, sounding extremely irritated with the whole conversation.

“Done,” the shadow said, confidently pulling away from the screen. “Look in your account now.”

“Hold on,” the assassin said, refreshing his account to verify the new amount that had been deposited into the bank. Should have charged more. The confident man slumping his shoulders. “Why am I being hired to take a child?” Wilkerson asked

Our benefactor has their reasons, which they have not shared with me,” the shadowy figure replied, keeping still.

Something doesn’t seem right. Wilkerson thought, scratching his head. “I’m hitting the planet’s atmosphere, I’ll be in touch when I’m done,” pushing a button on the communications screen to end the call.

Wilkerson stared at the blank screen for a few seconds before taking control of the ship from the autopilot. “Okay sweet girl, help me land safely,” the assassin muttered, pressing different buttons that controlled the ships decent from space. The ship moved from the cold darkness of space to the warm, breathable air of Zatonian nine.

“Now where to go,” looking at various screens in front of him, until Wilkerson saw a flashing green light on the console. “There you are,” pressing a couple more buttons to guide the ship in the direction that the green light suggested.

“Okay, Damon lets get this mission over with,” muttering as the ship came to a soft landing in a grass field close to the capital building. Wilkerson scouted the area before he jumped from his ship and landed on the grey colored grass. Then he looked at his wrist band to figure his next move and headed in that direction.

© 2019 Robert Beyer

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