Where Lies Your Home?

Updated on June 23, 2017

Setting aside realities

I know I'll say in front of the world, how she acts like she tries too hard,
Perhaps deep inside, I know I can never be like her, never reach up to your heart.
You were ever so honest, I can't find a way to put the blame on you.
Even when you smiled, even when I try to get you out of my mind.
I lost my innocence, trying to chase you
And now you're chasing innocence.
I tore my world apart, trying to bring you closer
Now you are running for the distance.
Only now, that I realise, what holds me down.
But can't you see what keeps you pinned to the floor?
All those white lies, all these dark rooms,
You weep for what you've left back, what you can't bring home.
So I watch as you set aside, realities.
But no, only one of us can win at this.
A realisation keeps it easier than a bitter end.



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