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Where Do Unanswered Love Letters Go?

Perhaps unanswered love letters turn to ashes; for love...being stated but ignored is equal to a painful burning sensation. And as these unanswered love letters turn to ash, regret makes its way through.

Love letters aren't questions that need answers, primarily. So what has become of unanswered ones? Maybe they get burried into the depths of the abyss. In the darkest corner of the mind. Forgotten. Unnoticed. Unrequitted. Or... they go straight back to the heart and teach it.


With every pump of the bleeding heart, the pen inked its way to an empty canvas, creating a masterpiece that only love letters could provide. The pouring of emotions and the stillness of the surroundings as word after word appear like the hand has a mind of its own, fuels the passion within, hoping one day, someday, the love letter returns with an answer.

As a hopeful, just like how people believed and wished that heaven exists after death in order to face a fear forthcoming by looking at the bright side, I would like to believe that unanswered love letters go to somewhere special – that they find a way to escape the silence and they fly with the wind until it finds its way to the right heart.


Love letters are not just words written on paper. They are immemorial. A testament that at one point, this kind of love exists and best as we all may, words will never be enough to convey the messages of a loving heart. Every stroke, every bend, every space – it all tells a story; a naked baring truth of the soul.

So again, where do unanswered love letters go? Maybe it never even left. Maybe all the desire and the blaring passion still burns within and a copy of its portion made its way to a paper, sent and delivered by the post office. It’s a piece of a soul – looking, seeking, loving.


© 2018 Aradia Kwyn

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