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Whenever There Is a Will, Is There a Way?

Just another human being drifting through space and time; living life; sometimes even experiencing it

Dangers were real and imminent. Damages were catastrophic and irreversible. Hope was very little and quickly fading. And it was far too obvious that the end was near and it was approaching really fast. He knew that it was possible to turn things around. However, it was becoming increasingly obvious that it would take some doing to turn the tide. After everything that had happened, his strength was failing. He thought about every person that he had loved and lost. All of his mistakes, miscalculations and blunders came back to him. And all of this was happening in the tiniest instant of time. He couldn't help but think about the fine margins with which he had lost things that were once essential to his existence. He began to question his judgement and decisions. The burden was crushing and unbearable. For a moment he thought that the devastating burden of his mistakes will crush him for good. It felt as if he is getting trapped in such a maze from which he is never going to find his way out.

He had experienced similar situations many times previously, but something was different this time around. The sheer magnitude of things was overwhelming. And finally, the painful realization sank in. His fate was sealed. And there was nothing that he could do about it. He had failed the test of time. He couldn't help but think that something was broken. A combination of regret, guilt and remorse made him self-aware. All of this came as no surprise because there was a certain inevitability attached to all of this. He had it coming for a very long time. He knew he had lost a lot of battles recently. For the first time, he was uncertain about the outcome of things. This was a painful reminder to him that he had lost.

The sight was spectacular. Something that had been standing firm for a very long time finally crumbled apart. He began to think about the end. A long fight was waiting on the upcoming roads. He always had a fairly optimistic approach about the outlook of things. A part of him still wanted to put in a fight. Few glimmers of hope were still there. But then the realization sank in that struggling any further will be to no avail. In fact, it was becoming clearer and clearer that fighting any further will only make things worse for him and everyone else around him. He always thought that eventually, things are going to work out. But he knew that it was different this time. Way too many lines were crossed this time around. Fine margins were finally tipped over in the wrong direction. He had reached the end of the line. It was indeed the end that he was fearing for such a long time.

It occurred to him that may be hoping for the best is an obsolete concept in modern day and age. Finally, his fight was over. He thought to himself that maybe he could direct his efforts towards accepting his fate instead of fighting it. He embraced all of his pain, regrets and blunders. At that moment, he felt peace like he had never experienced before. He knew that something remarkable was ending. It was supposed to be sad and grim. But it wasn't so upsetting. He realized that something good had to come out of this. So, maybe it was a start of something worth starting all over. It was the start of something new. It ended peacefully yet spectacularly. Just like the way it once started.

© 2018 Fawad ul Hassan

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