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When We Met...

A multiple heart attack survivor with an extra stroke thrown in for good measure. I live my days thankful to be alive.

Sunset on the Bay

Sunset on the Bay

I remember it like my favorite song, filling my heart and soul with both joy and sorrow as the memory of your face embraces me. The sound of your voice as we talked for hours swirls in my mind, caressing me, holding me close and soothing my weary spirit. Even now after all these years, I can feel your hand on my cheek, our fingers intertwined as I brush the hair from your eyes. When you floated across the room that night long ago, I knew that I had to have you and things would never be them same. Your tender lips brushed against mine as we parted ways for the evening, I counted the minutes until I could see you again. Those coffee shop evenings, your gentle smile, and your beautiful, knowing eyes stared deep into my being as I fell forever, hopelessly in love. We lived in that bed, napping and waking, sleeping and loving for what seemed like an eternity. I watched you sleep for hours, listening to your shallow breathing, waiting anxiously for the time when you would return from Dreamland and hold my hand again. If only you were here, to brush the hair from your eyes, to intertwine our fingers once more. I long for our lost embrace as I sit alone with my memories of when we met...I love you.

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