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When She Is Not There!

Umesh is a freelance writer contributing his creative writings on varied subjects in various sites and portals in the internet.


Marquis came back early from the work and had prepared coffee for himself and sat outside in the balcony looking far in the park side. His heart was sad and full of repentance. Since last week he had scolded himself of not being patient and nice with Madora. He never dreamt that she would leave him. She was so possessive but so accommodative. He could not realise her virtues and always underestimated her especially during the times when anger bouts gripped him. He was feeling very awkward, how can Madora take such an extreme action. The short letter was in his hand and he had read it many times but the meaning remained the same.


Madora and Maria were sisters. They belonged to a middle-class family. They were more like friends than sisters. Hardly one and half year difference between their age.

Maria was doing her graduation final year while Madora was pursuing commerce in her first year. They were in the same college and had so many friends there. Marquis was one of them. He was close to Maria but Maria treated him just like another friend in the circle.

During Maria's birthday, many friends came to their house and it was great fun. Madora talked to Marquis there for the first time and found him very sharp and intelligent. Marquis appeared to be very sober and well behaved and Madora found herself attracted to him.


Marquis was from a well-to-do rich family and had many friends including Maria. He was a popular person on campus and many times offered free drinks to his friends. He was in the final year of graduation and wanted to join some job after it as he had no intention for more academic stairs in his life. His father assured him of an internship in one of the companies in some other town before he is given a mainstream job in the office or works where his father had a significant share.

Marquis was confident that with the little push from his father it will not be difficult to make a career for him in any company after the internship is over.


Maria was a practical person and was seriously pursuing her graduation and had plans for Post Graduation also and was aspiring for a lecturer job in a university. Many boys including Marquis advanced to her but she did not encourage them for any such relationship. She was career conscious and had a lucrative job in her mind and was aspiring firmly for it. Being from a modest family she knew well the value of money and position in this world and was serious about her career and considered it above all other things.


Slowly Madora was getting attracted to Marquis and was feeling happy in his company. She noticed Marquis's advances to her and was also happy to note that Marquis cared for her much as was evident from his behaviour most of the times.

One day Marquis, Maria, and Madora had plans to go to a restaurant at the lakeside and they decided to meet there in the evening. When Marquis reached there he found both the girls sitting there waiting for him. They looked so happy to see him. They started chit-chatting. While having some coffee and light snacks, Maria told something which Madora probably missed hearing but suddenly she was surprised to see Marquis becoming angry and shouting. She was more surprised to see that her sister was just laughing.

"What is it all about", Madora asked in a perplexed tone.

"Nothing dear, he has got his usual angry bout of the week", Maria was laughing. Marquis was still in a serious mood but soon returned back and became jovial as earlier.

After returning home Madora talked to Maria about it and was told that Marquis was a good person but had a peculiar temperament and he often flared up on small things and became angry. Madora thought that probably Maria told something to irritate Marquis otherwise Marquis was in good mood since he joined them in the restaurant.

Madora forgot this event and was busy as usual in her routine and did not talk about that event again with Maria.


Maria knew Marquis for 5-6 years and seen him becoming angry so many times and sometimes mocked him about his peculiar nature. Marquis disliked this thing most and sometimes even hated Maria for this. However, considering his long-time friendship he somehow kept control of himself and never offended Maria.

Once while in a casual chit-chat, Marquis asked Maria whether her friend Sofia had any interest in Marquis. Instead of telling some cryptic answer to keep Marquis happy, Maria in a straightforward way told him that if a girl knew about the temperament of Marquis, she will stop taking any interest in him. Marquis was so angry with Maria that day that he left the place and straight went to his house. Maria did not bother as she had seen such reactions earlier also.

Now Maria wanted to talk to Madora about it as she had seen Madora feeling attracted to Marquis and if Madora is not much aware of that side of Marquis then later it would not be in her favor.

After returning from college Maria asked Madora whether she wanted to come with her for a stroll in the park. Madora always welcomed such opportunities and accompanied Maria.

"Madora, I want to tell you something important", Maria told her on the way.

"Tell me, sis, what is that?", Madora was curious to know.

"This is regarding Marquis. Do you like him?", Maria enquired.

"Yes, we are seeing each other", Madora retorted.

"He is a good person but he gets angry on small things and we do not know as to how with that one would cope up if one is going to have a long time relationship with him", Maria explained in detail.

"Oh, sis, do not worry. Everyone has some deficiencies. We have to see the person in a total perspective and not in respect of a particular trait", Madora was telling her in a matter-of-fact tone.

Maria smiled on the confidence of her sister but said, "Madora, I have nothing against Marquis, and in fact, we are good friends for quite some time but please consider certain things about his nature before you go ahead with your long-time relationship with him."

"I appreciate your concern sis and would take all care. Shall we close this matter now?", Madora asked politely.

Maria agreed instantly and left the room.

Marquis and Madora - 4 years later

After completing graduation, Marquis joined a company, as directed by his father, as an apprentice, where his father had a stake and was poised to rise soon. He shifted to another town and settled in a bachelor's accommodation near the company office and works. Madora also got a simple office job in her town and was happy with that. Marquis came to the town on the weekends and had a good time with Madora. He often had those angry moments but Madora simply ignored them and showed as if nothing happened. Marquis was feeling much comfortable in her company.

After a few months, Marquis got his raise and took charge as a manager in one of the company units and when he came home on the weekend he proposed to Madora and she happily accepted it. Her long-cherished dream was coming true. Marquis's family being rich was not very happy about this match but they also agreed and in a simple ceremony and reception, Marquis and Madora got married.

Marquis got an apartment near his workplace and Madora left her job and joined Marquis and soon she got a simple office job in the town and was happy to be occupied in the absence of Marquis as he had to stay in the office late also many times in discharging his responsibilities.

After the marriage, though they were living like a happily married couple Madora noticed that courting with a man and living with him were quite different as Marquis was much demanding than what he appeared during the courting sessions. Madora was a bit worried by this difference noticed by her but it was too late to ponder over that and she behaved politely and patiently with him and fulfilled his wishes and desires as he liked.

Life plays its way in strange manners and sometimes we are trapped in its clutches and do not able to decide what to do in particular circumstances. However, at times we take some bold decisions also. Slowly Madora was not able to cope up with the arrogant and demanding nature of Marquis and in some cases when she also became angry in return then he became so furious that he used to push her with his fists and even beat her in that rage and often left the house for an hour or so and only came back when he was calm down. Madora was not able to share her worries and pain with anyone. Once she thought to share it with Maria but that was of no avail and a bit humiliating also as Maria was the first person to alarm her about the peculiar nature of Marquis. She tolerated the ways of Marquis much but it was becoming more and more difficult for her to continue in that situation. Whenever angry, Marquis was not ready to listen anything however logical and rational one might try to talk to him. At the same time he behaved soberly whenever he was normal. Madora started to think that he was unreliable for a long time relationship.

As Madora has little work in her office, she had plenty of time to think about herself and all those unpleasant things going between them. She was now seriously thinking to get away from this situation but how to do that was the big question. She knew that Marquis loved her and if she leaves him, the next day he would come to her begging, excusing, and asking her to return. Finally, she decided to move on to some other place where Marquis could not find her. This idea made her confident and happy as she did not like to be found by Marquis anywhere on this Earth. It was good that they had delayed for the children and were thinking of raising family only after next year.

She was planning meticulously about her leaving Marquis and was searching for jobs in far-off places in the country. Finally, she got one job which was simple but was good enough to make a livelihood for her in the new place and she made sure that there should not be any reference to this place or this job in her CV. It took about 3-4 months for her for this planning and during this, she took Marquis with her to her family and also Marquis's family and returned back. Madora knew that it was her last meeting with them but she wanted to do that before she leaves for the unknown.

She did not tell Marquis that she had left the present job. She did not make any reservation for her journey and wanted to buy a ticket at the station itself as she thought it better to go by train, breaking the journey on the route and changing train from there. She also closed her bank account and put some money in cash for her use during the initial days at the new place and kept minimum clothes and some necessary items for her use in a small briefcase and then she prepared a short letter for Marquis and kept it on the center table before leaving the house. She planned her leaving time before noon so that Marquis would find about it only in the late evening when he returns from work.

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