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When flowers bloom - A short story

Nikki Khan is in love with words and fiction, her favourite genre.Creative writing acquires lots of practice and some great ideas.

Time to Spring!

It’s time for cherry flowers to blossom | Source

It’s time for cherry flowers to blossom | Source

“Ahh, my light of eyes, my breath of life, this world is meaningless without ya, I can’t survive without ya ma dear Elisabeth,” a tear fell from Miss Megpy’s eye and dropped on the white glass of Elisabeth’s photo.Miss Megpy wiped the water drop quickly from the photo of her dearest daughter and gave a deep warm kiss on the glass with a sigh.

“Alas! I couldn’t save ya though I tried my hard but still that was not enough ma darling, I really don’t know how to live alone finding no purpose of ma life now,” she burst into tears saying this while holding tight to Elisabeth’s photograph.

“Why you didn’t take me with ya, you never once thought about me who couldn’t sleep without me, left me in this agony, I won’t talk to ya ever now, you were beating of ma heart, I don’t know how is it beating now?,” Miss Megpy carried on her complaining box for Elisabeth who was her heart and soul.

Heavy rain was hitting the window with its cold stone hands which was creating huge shattering sound on the glass of window.It was end of March now and spring was knocking at the door with beautiful dancing cherry flowers on trees.All nature was enjoying it’s renewal season.Rain was sharing this joy of new life with flowers as well.There was love in the whole air which made everything romantic and freshened up whole atmosphere with colours of rainbow which was worth watching.

But this spring didn’t bring any magic for Miss Megpy who was not in mood to welcome this beautiful season anymore.And truly she was right as season is always inside one’s heart, and this time was not right for her heart’s season to celebrate spring.She was feeling autumn in her mind and her heart was so cold with chilling feeling of being left alone to survive somehow which was not very favourable situation for her to enjoy beauty of new season.

“I remember in this spring last year, ya were with me my dear Elisabeth, you loved to get wet in rain to enjoy the magic of raindrops.How much ya loved to look at those colourful butterflies who were flying over our flowers garden last spring.This beauty of rebirth was a magic spell for you ma darlin’ which made you dancing with them since morning till night,” Miss Megpy continued with sad sound full of pain.

“Please tell ma heart and soul where can I see you again now, I won’t hesitate to come over, I’m ready now, please take me with ya Elisabeth, I can’t live like this alone not finding anymore good around.I been doing this since November now, I’m talking to you everyday but why don’t ya answer me? Are ya angry with your mum, please don’t be, come back to me my heart, you know that I love ya so much ma princess, or tell me how shall I come to you if you can’t maaaa,” this was the last word which left unspoken as sleep came over Miss Megpy who was holding tight Elisabeth’s picture while resting her back on her favourite wooden rolling chair.

Land of light and magic | Source

Land of light and magic | Source

The land didn’t belong to this world.There was all light and warmth around it.The wind was whispering in Miss Megpy’s ear which was very familiar sound.The field was covered with plants and flowers of different colours.Birds were chirping and were flying over in circles, looked like were rhyming and dancing in pleasure.

There were lines of fruit trees on both sides of land, branches of those trees were talking to grass being filled with loads of citrus, apples, guava, bananas, mangoes and nuts trees.

In the middle of those trees was a stream full of running blue water, was very attractive to eyes.There was another small stream which looked like full of milk.

Miss Megpy felt so thirsty in sudden, this stream of milk is amazing, this kingdom doesn't seem to be a common place, what an awesome place this is, I haven't seen such planet in ma whole life, Miss Megpy thought while rushing towards stream of milk.There were plenty of bowls already on the bank.

"What a delicious milk it is, so yummy, mmmmm, I haven't had this type of milk with such sweet taste before," Miss Megpy chuckled as she sipped the bowl of milk and she drank all in one go.

"Madam, you are guest of my mistress for today, please come with me when you finish your milk," a manly sound echoed right behind her.

"Oh, who? Come again," Miss Megpy was stunned with the sound and was more surprised to see such a dashing man in front of her wearing white long gown.

"Can you please follow me my highness? We don't have much time."

Miss Megpy hurried after him, they reached in front of a huge palace after walking through beautiful meadows.There were two guards sitting outside the gate.On one side was a big name plate and Miss Megpy was so surprised to see the name.

“Miss Elisabeth Taylor”

“Whose house is this?” Miss Megpy asked in shock.

“You’ll find out madam, please follow on.”

The door opened and there was a big throne in front of her.The throne was a masterpiece in itself.There were pink large rubies shining on it.Some blue sapphires were adding the sparkle to those rubies as well.

As she looked up, her eyes stunned to find Elisabeth, her own daughter sitting on that throne.

“Oh, I meannnnn, is that ya Elisabeth ma darling,” Miss Megpy asked in amazement.

“Yes Mum, it’s me, I missed you so much, I wanted to show you my palace too.It’s a gift of God for my good deeds mum, but still I miss you,” Elisabeth came down saying this and hugged her, the most effectionate hug ever.

“I miss you so much too ma child, you left me alone to suffer Elisabeth, tell me how shall I survive now?”

“Look at my palace mum and look at those servants who are standing in my service, I can eat whatever I want and there is no misery here, everyone is so happy here, angels have spread their wings all over this land, God’s light is covering this whole heavan.There is no illness here, no more tears, and no death again.”

Elisabeth’s eyes shone beautifully while telling this.

“Everything happens for some reason, I know it is really hard to live without me mum but God loves us more, and behind every painful suffering God always has some plan to bestow us in some other way.And lo! He has indeed fulfilled his promise to give me better than what’s taken.

One day you’d be also with me forever but there is still sometime for that.Until then, Please mum don’t kill yourself with stress of separation.I’ve seen God’s light and trust me it’s much better living on this paradise rather than staying on earth.

Promise me mum you won’t ever cry now and would spend your life full of happiness and joy, no more crying mum, you’d have to promise me.”

Elisabeth held Miss Megpy’s hand to get a firm promise.

“Of course, ma Elisabeth, anything for ya ma heart, though it’s very difficult for me to manage but I’ll not cry now, I’m so much relieved to see you happy and blessed here.God has definitely showered His wonderful blessings on you ma sweetie and this place is a great land to live, no comparison requried.”

“Absolutely no comparison required,” Miss Megpy woke up with this repeating sentence which she was uttering again and again.

As she came to her senses, she realised what she actually saw and was very calm to see her daughter so happy and blessed.She remembered her promise with her precious Elisabeth.

“I won’t cry now ma Elisabeth, I promise ma dear,” Miss Megpy repeated her promise with Elisabeth’s photograph.

She looked out of her living room window to look at spring flowers for the first time this season.

“I love these blooming flowers as ma Elisabeth loves them,” Miss Megpy exclaimed while coming out to her blossomed garden.

Hope for best and flowers will bloom

© 2018 Nikki Khan