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When Time Slips Away

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We Did What When?

It can't be that long ago

It seemed like last week

Not six weeks

How old are they now?

They can't be...

It doesn't seem possible

Did you eat supper?

I had chicken

That was lunch

I called to remind you

You didn't answer

I totally forgot

Little things like dates don't matter

Routine is key

If you mess up my schedule

I am mixed up for the rest of the day

I am off

I think of one thing

Then my mind quickly focuses on another

At that moment that is the only thing on my mind

I can't change my thinking even if I tried

I become eager in my mind

I enjoy nature and quiet walks

I avoid loud noises and lots of confusion

Names come and then leave faster than a train out of the station

I am super laid back and relaxed a great deal of the time

I don't understand why people are lazy

Things that aren't done right frustrate me

I can pick up any book and instantly be drawn into the authors world

Everyone seems to be going somewhere

I just want to spend quiet time at home

I love an afternoon nap

Sleep is my favorite pastime

I make sure I do what I have to do

Then the rest of the day I have left to dream

I love to dream about the impossible

Have a splendid day

May thoughts come into your mind

Like the powerful suns rays

Shining bright and in all directions