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When Is Now?

Kari spends much of her time thinking about the meaning of life and time. She has concluded love is the meaning and time doesn't exist.

Wish I was there now.

Wish I was there now.


I am captivated by the concept of now. Now is eternal. Now is the only time we have. Yesterday and tomorrow are only constructs of our mind. A way for us to file events and feelings. But it was "now" yesterday and it will be "now" tomorrow. We may say we will do something tomorrow, but we have to wait until it is now to actually do it.

To live in the now is to live in eternity. In one hundred million years it will still be now. There is no other time available to us. Everything must be done now. Every thought occurs now. Now is the only time reality allows us to make a difference during.

Everything that has ever happened has happened in the now. Everything that will ever happen will happen in the now. Now is the only time of reality. Yesterday is a dream and tomorrow is a fantasy. Even if we could travel through time it would still be now when we arrived.

Right now it is 2:03 pm. In 60 seconds it will be 2:04 pm, however it will still be right now. See, right now it's 2:04 pm. It is always now! When we live in the now we live in eternity.

What Is Time?

Time is actually half of the Time-Space dimension. You can't meet someone in a place without having a time. You can't meet someone at a time without there being a place. You can't tell someone, "I'll meet you at noon", without telling them where. You can't tell someone, "I'll meet you at the theater", without telling them a time. (Actually you could, but who would go to the theater to wait not knowing the time or day you may arrive?)

We use time as a locator. We say, "I met him at the theater yesterday". Yesterday is part of the where that we met in. If you just say, "we met at the theater", someone is bound to ask when. When it is 2 pm where I am, it will only be 1 pm in Texas. It really depends where you are as to what time it is. Time and space are intrinsically interwoven.

If you wanted to look into the past and see a certain person, you would need both the time and the place. It's like longitude and latitude. If you want to find a certain place you need both the longitude and the latitude. Telling your GPS unit just the one or the other will not work. It needs both to locate. Just as we would need both the time and the place to locate someone in the past.

What Time Is It? A Riddle

What time is it that lasts forever?

Time without beginning, time without end.

Sometimes it is THE time.

Sometimes it is NOT the time.

It is the time we will look back on fondly.

It is the time we wish would pass.

There is no time like it!

It is the best time,

It is the worst time.

It is perfect time to break a habit,

And the only time to live.

Do you know what time I mean.

The time that spans eternity?

It is every moment of every day.

The only time we control.

Take a guess now.

Now-The Answer

Now is the only true time.

It is always now.

Now is THE time.

Now is NOT the time.

We will look fondly back at now.

I wish it wasn't now.

Now is the best time.

Now is be the worst time!

Now is the time to break a habit.

Live in the now.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Regarding Time

© 2017 Kari Poulsen