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When GOD Created Mothers

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On the sixth day of creation God decided to create Man. During this process the creator was interrupted by one of his angels who appeared at his side:

"Oh Creator, what is this particular task that is taking you so much time?"

The creator replied:

" Do you know how I intend this creature to be? She needs to be able to soothe every wound with a kiss. To make every negative experience vanish with only a smile. Also, she needs to have the biggest of hearts and to have 6 arms".

"Six arms?!" asked the flabbergasted angel. "Of course, six hands and let's not mention the eyes. She needs to have 3 pairs of them" - replied God.

"I don't understand, oh wise Creator?" - asked the angel.

" Of course, a pair is for watching over closed doors when her children are there, even though she clearly knows what they are doing. Another pair behind her head, to see what she shouldn't but she should know anyway. And the other pair to use them when giving that peculiar glance to her son, who has strayed from the path and to let him know that she wants the best for him."

"But, Lord you should be resting, tomorrow is another da..." - said the angel.
"I can't. I am almost finished" - he said. Then he went on " I almost forgot. A Mother should have another quality. She must heal by herself when she gets sick, to work 18 hours in a row, to cook dinner for multiple people even when she doesn't have much to cook with and then still have the patience to deal with children."

The angel was circling around the model of this creature and was inspecting it curiously: "Lord, she seems fragile..."

The creator looked at him and replied:
"Yes, but she is strong at the same time. You cannot imagine what a mother can bear!"

The angel went on: "Can she think?"

"Not only does she think, but she knows how to use reason in an excellent way and she's a good negotiator as well." was what the Lord said.

At this point, the angel leaned forward and lightly touched the model's cheek with his finger. He worriedly said: "Something is leaking here!!"

The creator looked at him, smiled lightly and said:"It's not leakage, but it's a tear."

"What is it for?" -asked the angel.

"This is for expressing sadness, sorrow, pain, loneliness, happiness and joy," - the creator added.

"Oh Lord, this is genial!!" - exclaimed the angel in anticipation. What surprised him was that at this point the Lord replied with: "Unfortunately, it wasn't me who placed that tear on her cheek."