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What If Our Body Controls Our Brain

Nazmun loves writing and watching movie and reading books. Now she wants to take a break and write for Hubpages.

We know that our brain controls our body. But if it happens that our body starts controlling our brain. Sometimes it seems that maybe the body can handle us better from the brain. If the limbs work together, it may work better than the brain. That's what scientist Aaron was thinking. Scientist Aaron wants to change human nature. Why does the body have to obey what the brain says? He thinks he will do something to control the brain. But .. this is a little complicated here. Scientist Aaron is not far-sighted at all. He is a very good genetic scientist but not wise. What if he makes a mistake, he is afraid of it.

While driving, he suddenly remembered a man who had a reputation for being prudent and far-sighted. This person has gained such a reputation that if anyone asks a person where the house of that prudent person is, he will say that he is on that side.

If everything messes up..

If everything messes up..

Scientist Aaron is very proud of it. Because that wise man was his friend at school. He was also known as prudent / visionary.

Silently, this boy would do things from time to time that would surprise everyone.

Not to mention some facts. One morning everyone saw that there's sun strongly giving shine. There is no shadow of rain. Everyone went to school too. But no one could return home after school because suddenly it started to rain heavily. The trees seem to fall away. In the midst of so much rain, Mr. Prudent puts on his raincoat, puts on his rain boots and walks again with an umbrella over his head. Now everyone's question is how did he understand that it will rain? If you do not understand why so much is brought along?

If a new intelligence is made out of human..

If a new intelligence is made out of human..

Once again, everyone goes for a walk on the beach for the purpose of educational tour. After a while Mr. Wise says, "After a while there will be a big storm at sea. If you go to the hotel now you will be saved."

No one paid attention to his words. Everyone wanted to rejoice. Without saying a word, Mr. Wisdom quickly left. On that day, after a while, a big storm started. The question is, how did he understand?

Mr. Wise has never been with Aaron before. But Aaron would like to associate with such an intelligent person. So he would talk to Mr. Wise himself. This is how they become friends. Once Aaron and Mr. Wise were sitting in the park talking. At that time Mr. Wise showed a girl who she was sitting under a tree. The tree was leaning down a lot. Mr. Wise says to Aaron, "Tell the girl to move now or the tree will fall on her."

But Aaron has seen this tree leaning like this for a long time, It never fall away. So he did not give much importance to the matter. The incident happened when they were leaving the park The tree actually goes after the girl. Many were injured. Aaron asks Mr. Wise, "How do you know?"

Mr. Wise did not say anything. As I said before, he is much calmer and speaks less. For various reasons, Aaron understands that this boy has a lot of intelligence. Aaron respects him very much. So he will go to Mr. Wisdom's house right now. Oh, the nickname of Mr. Wise is Rihanna. But everyone calls him Mr. Wise.

Aaron knocks on the door when he reaches Mr. Wisdom's house. Mr. Wise opened the door with a serious face. He is happy to see Aaron but he does not express it. Aaron enters the room and is shocked. Neatly arranged. There is no dust in any part of the house. The glass windows are shining. As soon as he entered the house, Aaron smelled like a flower. Mr. Wise is always tidy.

As soon as Aaron sat down on the sofa, Mr. Wise appeared with breakfast.

Aaron cleared his throat and said, "Rihanna, I need you a little."

Mr. Wise did not say anything but looked at him silently and listened.

Aaron cleared his throat again, then said, "I wanted to do something to control the human brain,will there be any big problem? "

Mr. Wisdom immediately started laughing out loud. Aaron is very surprised. This is the first time he's seen smiling. Mr. Wise smile seems to be unable to stop. Aaron said a little upset, "I didn't say anything funny."

"Why are you so stupid?"

"I don't understand."

"What is the purpose of your experiment?"

"I think the body can handle us better than the brain."

"No. If you really do that, you will put yourself in a lot of danger."

"I want to know what will happen to you."

"Suppose you have succeeded in the experiment. Now the brain does not help people. The body does everything."

Aaron nodded and said, "Hmm."

"You're a scientist. You know very well how important neurons are. I assume you've made the body stronger than neurons. But if you do that, you will make another human-killing animal out of a human being."

"You can't deactivate the neurons in the brain. That means the neurons in the brain and the neurons in the body that will come out of your experiment will work equally well. This will make a difference between him and humans. He will be stronger than humans. The most intelligent creature. Since he is the most intelligent, the creature will think you are useless. If he kills you he will be unable to do anything. Destruction. No one can lose him. What if he used your experiment to make another animal? "

Aaron swallowed.

In fact, Aaron had never thought so far.

Mr. Wise says, "Well Aaron, doesn't what I said seem more probable? Or do you see any positive side to it?"

Aaron can't find the positive aspects.

"Look, Aaron, many scientists like you have discovered things that have done nothing but harm the whole world. But these scientists would invent things for the better.. You have to consider all aspects to discover something." You must understand how much damage would have been done if the discovery had been made. "

Mr Wisdom added: "We need to think about how to bring peace to the world now. Can't something be created that will bring peace quickly? Let nature be like itself.

Aaron shakes his head and says, "Shall we build something that will bring peace to the earth?"

Mr. Wise smiled and shook his head.

But Aaron told one of his colleagues about the implantation of artificial neurons in the body. He also liked it a lot. So he has already started the experiment without informing Aaron. But will it be what Mr. Wise said?


© 2022 Nazmun Nahar

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