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What You Got Yourself Into, Amy?

Amy's childhood felt great for having Adrian always on her side. He was a strong pedestal she could lean on, however, until when?


"Is Amy home already?"

She abruptly rose up from her bed after hearing Adrian's loud voice, gasping heavily announcing his exhaustion from a seemingly long run. Amy couldn't blame him though. Her mom had probably asked him to look for her reckless whereabouts. Amy, on the other hand, fell asleep under a huge tree behind their university building while waiting for her next class.

Darkness devoured the place of her solace and was bewildered knowing that it's already past 8 in the evening. She kept her cool despite getting hundreds of unanswered calls from her mother who was probably in an utmost worry from her reasonable hiatus and decided to return home as fast as she could. When her mother saw her running discreetly on the front door, Amy thought she's going to lose her hair. Glad it didn't happen though.

Amy heard her mother and Adrian discussing the fuss she made. A smile recklessly curved her lips the moment she heard him talk. It was noticeable in the demeanor of his voice that he's undeniably worried, Amy thought her heart just skipped a beat.

"Don't you dare sleep anywhere once again, you fool!" Adrian interrupted her delusions.

She didn't notice him entering her room. The man was indeed careful in everything he does. He makes safety measures before even doing what he's opting to do. Cool, ain't he?

She bit her lip to prevent herself from creating an atmosphere of becoming a trickster in which she's not guilty of, but probably be seen as one if she won't stop herself from smiling. Amy is simply happy.

"Didn't mom told you the reason? I heard you two talking about it." She heavily sighed. "Isn't my presence inside this room a conviction of my safety return? Will you-"

Amy can't help but draw a bigger smile. Adrian just took her out of the bed and embrace her tight t like he was about to crush her bones, however, she doesn't mind if ever he does. She was joyous from the thought that this man who locked her between his arms has made a good job of looking after her welfare since when she was young.

Their age gap of fifteen years never became a hindrance to draw them closer together. He once told her that he's considering the thought of being each other's confidant because of their long-time bond. Well, to Adrian, at the very least. Amy is surely seeing it the other way around.

"Please take good care of yourself, Amy. I am not always in the corner if ever you might catch yourself in trouble." He rested his chin over her head. "You're already twenty and considered as a lady. Please act like one."

"Hmm." Amy closed her eyes while enjoying the music his heartbeat has been making. "I will."

Adrian's phone rang and took the call, making her faced his broad back. She was looking intently at the most beautiful silhouette she had seen her entire life. This man has probably taken her heart way back in her childhood yet noticed it to no avail.

She's now a lady and all her desires came from the call of her heart's content. She wanted this man whether it's right or wrong in someone else's perspective. No one is capable of judging the way she feels towards him regardless of the distance between their age. It's just a number, don't you think?

Lost in her daze, she jerked as Adrian abruptly took her hand again and went on their way downstairs. By the looks of his abrupt gesture, she was certain of the happiness she saw in him for it is written all over his face and finds it cute.

Every single day and nights that passed became a session of balancing the rational thoughts and the surging emotion gnawing her whole being in due to her uncalled love for Adrian. Moreover, she wanted to become less sensitive about trivial things he's doing to stop herself from falling even more onto him. Yet unfortunately, she fell for him even more than she did before.

Reaching the last step of the stairs, Adrian released her hand with an utmost joyful smile and her heart ached with the loss of his touch. They took separate directions where her feet were leading her towards Felicie, her mother who was standing beside their round table while Adrian went towards the door. He was rather acting strange than usual, so does her mother.

"Oh my, you look terrible with that smile, mom!" She said in both humor and conviction. Her mom may look ridiculous sometimes when she is overly fond.. and she wondered why.

What on earth is happening to them anyway? What's wrong with the people around her? They're all grinning like they've been threading some sort of conspiracy she doesn't know about.

Amy then settled her eyes on Adrian who seemed to have his heart rampaging against his ribs. He was standing before their door, who later opened it widely and a woman with fair skin and a beautiful face was shown. It took only a few seconds for Amy to see that Adrian held the woman close then kissed her passionately on the lips like those in the movies she often watches.

Uh-oh, what a cliché... But damn, this hurts!

She has been reeling to see couples displaying their affection towards each other because Amy believes one day it'll be her turn to experience such kind of scene. It'll be with the man she loves for more than the deity knows exactly when, and she wants Adrian to be that man.

Amy saw it with her eyes, the man she loves living full of love and had kissed a woman...
Too bad it's real.
Too bad it isn't for her to feel.

At that same moment, she knew the reason behind his radiant smile. She thought he was just recalling her responsibility as a lady, nevertheless, she was caught off guard.

Adrian, whose smile has permanently planted on his lips declared betrothal with the woman who complimented the joyous aura of his. He must be really in love with the woman beside him who had shared almost of his entire youth and once again she couldn't even blame him.

For a moment she thought her heart just died and her thoughts floating towards the path of its demise. She badly wanted to claim him away from the woman he held close and hid him entirely from anyone... But those are all futile dreams she cannot mold into reality. Not now and never will be.

"I know I was wrong from the decisions I have made."

Time must be slowing down the seemingly endless pain lingering all over her mind, body, and soul.

"I'm certain the gods must be in fury from what I have fallen into."

Amy faked a smile to completely hide the anguish that lulls her tears to make a path across her cheeks.

© 2019 Celestial Magna-ong

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