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What If You Are a Bird?

Nazmun loves writing and watching movie and reading books. Now she wants to take a break and write for Hubpages.

I wish I could fly in the sky like a bird. My family would not let me out of the house. I would sit on the porch and look at the sky and watch the birds fly in the sky. In my eyes bird life seemed very comfortable .The birds will wake up when they wish to. Eat when they wish to. They can fly wherever they want. No one can stop them. They will find their own way. No one will be able to control them. They can save their own way. If I were like that. I used to save my own way. If I were a bird. How much better then! I don't want human life. I want bird life. I want to follow my own wishes like a bird. I want a comfortable and effortless life like the life of a bird.

Sparrow chick

Sparrow chick

I look out of the closed window glass. My family hurts me a lot. I'm going crazy. I went to a psychiatrist. I understand that I have a serious mental illness. All this has happened for my family. I can't imagine the amount of mental torture they inflict on me. I kept crying silently. I quickly wiped away the tears so that no one could see. I bite my lip with my teeth and say, "I wish my life were a bird's life."

That night I fell asleep. When I wake up in the morning and see that I am no longer human, I have become a bird. A small sparrow. I want to fly but I can't control my wings. So I can't fly. I managed to fly at the end with a lot of effort. Has God fulfilled my wish? Truly I have become a bird!

Much better. I will leave this family and go far away. I will go so far that no one can find me. As I was leaving the house in the form of a bird, I heard my mother screaming from my room. I stood there for a while. I keep hearing what they are saying. My mother is crying and saying- where is my daughter? She was sleeping here. Where is she now? There is nothing here but her clothes.



When I was a little bird, my clothes came off automatically. I flew away from home and came a long way. A flock of sparrows is flying in the sky. I join their team. I look down. What a huge world! How huge to see everything from below! I was human a little while ago. It didn't look so big then. Looks a lot bigger now. I am a small bird in this huge world. As they fly, all the birds take food from different places and talk to each other. Surprisingly I understand them. The birds are very busy. They are saying that if they can't find food now, they wouldn't be able to today. I was quite surprised. I thought birds could find food anywhere in the world. They have no reason to worry. But it was seen that they left the house for food.

Mother bird looking for us

Mother bird looking for us

The sparrows are saying that today their house has been broken by some naughty people. Their eggs later broke in the ground. But the eggs were supposed to be babies. They say they have to leave this place. People are cutting down the trees here. No place to stay. Getting food is becoming more difficult day by day. A bird cries a lot saying that its small babies have been hunted by humans and humans killed her husbands and cooked and eaten .

I was shocked to hear all this. I look down. I see people walking, talking, laughing. Sometimes people come and throw stones at the birds. The birds wake up early in the morning to find food and straw to repair broken houses. I am helping them too. They don't have human hands. They use their lips and toes to build a new house. Suddenly a bird came screaming and crying. We all surrounded her. She said that she had laid eggs for the first time and the baby came out of the eggs today. The mother bird has been waiting for a long time to see the children. Today the mother bird is really happy to see the babies. The mother bird goes out for a while to fetch food for them, and when she returns, she sees a man leaving with his young babies. The man made the soup with the chicks of the mother bird. The mother bird has called a lot. She tried hard to save her children but could not. That human cooked and ate her children. The man broke her house while taking the children.

Dead bird

Dead bird

My ears get hot. I don't want to hear any more. I wondered how difficult human life is and how free birds are. But the life of birds is more difficult. Every day someone is losing his/her house. Someone is losing their babies. Suddenly I remembered that a few years ago my father had brought a basket of bird eggs from the market. So much so that I used to play with them. I used to eat it boiled or cooked. It was a lot of fun to eat fried eggs. After a few days most of the eggs were rotten. So we threw them in the dustbin.

I was surprised to think that every egg was a baby bird. How unfortunate those birds are!

I remember another word later. I had a small pheasant. Everyone in our family used to beat this bird for fun. Although it was fun, the bird was hurt,which we couldn't acknowledge. The baby bird tried to escape several times. But every time I would bring it again. Thus one day he escaped and died in the middle of the path.

I am a murderer. We humans are murderers. We kill animals unnecessarily. We forget that we have families and the animals also have families. Why don't we make this beautiful world more beautiful together?

Birds work day and night to build houses and man demolishes those hard-built houses in one minute. None of this is bothering me from the inside. What bothers me is that I broke down lots of bird houses. It's like a thorn stuck in my throat. I can't swallow. I can't even let it out.

No, I don't want bird life. I can't stand it. Every day is a day of struggle for the birds. Every moment is a moment of struggle. I can live forever in my confined room but I can't live like a bird.

Then I woke up. It was my dream but every thing in this dream was real.

© 2021 Nazmun Nahar

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