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What If You Accidentally Met With a Killer

Nazmun loves writing and watching movie and reading books. Now she wants to take a break and write for Hubpages.

The boss got very angry because I went to the office late today. He gave me extra files to work with. It takes 12 hours to finish these. By this time the others had gone home. Except for the other cabins, only the light in my cabin is on. I'm a little scared of ghosts. On top of that I am a girl with weak mind. Girls are not really safe outside in the middle of the night. But what to do! I had to earn for myself and my family. I have neck pain while working. Meanwhile, I got a lot of sleep. I want to go to sleep now. I have to think about what I will answer to my mother when I go home. I have to come to the office tomorrow morning again. Otherwise the boss will give a lot of files again. Typing on the computer also causes pain in the fingers. After some more time all my work is finished. I turned off the light in my cabin and switched on the torch light. A little scared. I am alone in the whole office. Suddenly I thought another new girl had joined our office.


The boss got angry when she came to the office late on the first day of work. Boss gave files to both of us to work on. Since I am so late, it means that the girl should also be late. Then it would be better if the two of us go back home together. I will find a partner to talk to. I forgot about the girl in my busy work. Upstairs is the girl's cabin. Only newcomers have their cabins upstairs. I continue to climb the stairs carefully. The girl's name is Romana. I heard Romana's screams as I was about to call her by name. I looked at her cabin. Luckily my torch light went off at the pressure of my finger.

So I was not seen in the dark. But when the lights are on in Roman's cabin, I can see everything. A boy hits Romana in the head with a glass. I was shocked to see it. I don't know what to do now Run away? Or help Romana?


Romana puts her hand on her head. Romana did not suffer any damage even after hitting the glass. She grabbed the boy's shirt and asked, "Won't you give me peace?"

The boy squeezes Romana's cheek and says, "You won't find peace even after you die."

Romana tore her own hair and said, "What sin have I committed to love a coward like you? You don't deserve anyone's love."

The boy pulls Roman's hair and says, "So? Will you leave me now?"

"How do you expect me to love you after all this?"

Romana spat at this.

"Look, I'm doing anything to marry you. And you forgot me when you got the job."

Romana will burst into anger. She said with wide eyes, "You are a madman. Why should I marry a madman like you? And I did not leave you after getting a job. I just joined the job today. I thought we would have a family. There will be a beautiful family. But you have a relationship with other girls. Let's move on. Tell me to marry you again? What do you think? If you don't marry me, no one else will marry me? I have nothing to do with a lunatic like you.

"What else are you going to do?"

"I will be forced to call security. I will be able to accuse you of attacking me by entering the office. If you do not want all this, then leave."

"The last time I ask, will you leave me?"

Romana bends her face and says, "Let's go, let's go."

I thought it was a personal matter. After a quarrel, it will be settled. I have already heard a lot about their personal lives. Terrible things happened when I was about to leave. The boy hit Romana hard in front of my eyes with a glass. The glass breaks and blood continues to flow from Romana's head. Romana fell onto the ground later. The boy hit Romana several times in the neck with a piece of broken glass. I couldn't control myself and screamed. Hearing my scream, the boy quickly turned on the light of his mobile but by then I was going down the stairs. My life is in danger now. I have to go to the police quickly.


There is no time to take the phone out of the bag. If I can hide somewhere, the police can be called. Or I can go down and take the help of security. The boy came rushing from behind and grabbed me. Breathing continues loudly. The heart beats fast. The boy is already holding a piece of glass in my stomach. As a result, blood starts to flow from there. Hold me tight to the wall. With a piece of glass in hand, he kept hitting. I shout with all my might. The security below will come to rescue if he hear the screams. I was screaming even after hitting me several times with that piece of glass in my face. So the boy pressed the piece in the middle of my tongue. The tongue starts to bleed. I lost the ability to scream. But by then security was on the stairs. I heard the sound of his feet. The boy cunningly left me there and entered the next cabin. Security quickly climbed to the top and saw me injured and approached me for help. It is unfortunate that the boy cut the computer wire and grabbed the security's neck with the wire. Security failed despite many attempts to free himself. I was injured and lost the ability to move. He died on the spot.

Blood came out of his mouth and nose and his uniform got bloody. When the boy kills the security, I realize it's my turn.

The boy took me to Roman's cabin. I keep seeing everything blurred before my eyes. I see Romana's dead body beside me. He is looking at me. After a while I may die too. The boy also brings security here. Keeps security's dead body by my side. Looks like he thought I was going to die so he kept me with the dead. The boy holds a cigarette. It doesn't look like he just killed people. He goes to the washroom to clean himself. A lighter with a pack of cigarettes is left here. One thing that comes to my mind is that my sister always says, "Never lose your temper in any danger. Don't let anyone to kill you, you will kill whenever anyone try to kill you."

It's not that I have no energy in my body. I got out of the cabin before the boy left the washroom. I know the boy will come out of the washroom at any moment and realize that I'm still alive. But by then it will be too late. I set fire to the file in the cabin with his lighter. The fire is blazing. I came out of the cabin and locked the door from outside. For which the boy will not be able to come out from inside. He will be burned there. In the meantime, I called the fire brigade and informed the police. Don't tell anyone that I'm intentionally caused the fire. There will be no job for me. My boss don't worry about my life. He would get angry if he knows I set the fire.

The End

© 2022 Nazmun Nahar

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