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What If Lemon Could Do Things Like Human

Nazmun loves writing and watching movie and reading books. Now she wants to take a break and write for Hubpages.

This story is unrealistic and written for fun.

I have a lot of bruises on my face. Before there were no spots or bruises on the face and now the whole face is in bad condition with bruises and spots. After reading many articles on Google, I realized that only lemon can remove my blemishes. So I decided to use 4/5 lemon every day to get rid of bruises and spots quickly. Keep reading. Funny things are coming.

When I went to buy lemons from the market, a man was standing in the street selling some lemons. And saying, "You won't find such a lemon anywhere else! One lemon will give you 100 lemons after laying eggs."


I stared in shock. Is the man crazy or not? How can lemons lay eggs?

Going closer, I see that the lemons are very beautiful. Smooth and fresh. It looks like it will be very juicy. I want such lemons. The man was smiling when I brought the lemon from him. When I come home, I keep the lemons in the fridge and do other things. I read in the article that lemon should be applied on the skin at night. If applied during the day, the skin may get burnt by the heat of the sun. So I continue to do other household chores. But then I heard the sound of the fridge opening. I peek into the kitchen from the dining room. It was seen that the lemons were out of the fridge. I was surprised. Lemons never go out of the fridge. It is not a living soul. I took a lemon in my hand to put the lemon in the fridge again and put it inside the fridge and the lemon came out again without any reason. Then when I try to catch it, it starts moving forward little by little without any reason. I keep trying to catch it too. But I can't catch it at all. Then I jumped up and grabbed it. But I hear the words, "Leave me bitch."

Half-cut lemon

Half-cut lemon

I look around. Who insulted me? There is no one in the house.

Someone from the kitchen whispered, "The naughty girl left us in the fridge and we got a fever. Ah, the body hurts."

I ran to the kitchen. There is no one. I don't hear the words anymore. I think I heard wrong.

A show will start on TV right now. So I quickly picked up the lemon and put it in the basket. No time to refrigerate. The program will start now. I jumped on the TV with the remote in hand. Ehh, the show has almost started. The name of the program is "Life like a bay leaf".

Although the name is weird, here I can find some good tips. There are also various strange news. As soon as the program starts, the music starts playing which is like locking the ears. Still, I somehow put my finger in my ear. Because the show has to be watched. The show begins and another man wearing a ghost mask says, "Jump. Jump. Run. Go to the kitchen. Your hot water is boiled. No, the curry is burnt."

Immediately I went to the kitchen and saw that it was really burning. I put out the stove. As soon as I came in front of the TV, the man said, "I heard your boyfriend doesn't talk to you anymore. Is that real news?"

I repeatedly nodded my head. Really. That bastard isn't showing love or making love with me. He doesn't even call me. As if he doesn't know me. The guy says, "Then listen. I'll give you some good tips."

I keep listening with my mind.

The guy says, "Break up with that bastard and hook up with me. It will bring some real love in your life like a bay leaf. And you will fly in the sky."

I scratch my head. The man says, "Do you have head lice? This monster drinks a lot of blood. Why are you just feeding them well, they are monsters, head lice?"

I whisper, "Then what can be done?"

"You are very good. Your mind is very good. You are a symbol of humanity. If a girl like you is my wife, I will happily pass away. The problem is who will come to this show if I die? So I can't marry you. Why do you take so much care of those monsters? Why do you bathe them with good shampoo every day? Why do you apply expensive brand oil on them? Why do you eat so much? "

"What can be done?"

"Use acid instead of shampoo! Pure acid is available here. Call our number now to order. No need to overeat. Just drink water. Or if you are very hungry, eat air. There are lots of vitamins in the air that will develop your intellect.Your beauty will increase fourfold. Boys will lose consciousness when they see you. That's a problem. That's why you don't have to be so beautiful."

At this time there is a whisper in the kitchen. At the same time, someone started laughing in a low voice. As if the girlfriend and boyfriend are busy making love. "The lemons are in love," the TV man says shyly.

I jumped off the sofa and went to the kitchen. Seeing me, the lemons gave a shout. The eardrums seemed to burst at the screams. I also gave a shout. The house is full of screaming and screaming. The lemons opened the fridge, took out the eggs and threw them at me. Those eggs hit directly on my forehead. I sit on the floor in astonishment. The lemons are saying, "this bitch put us in the fridge first. All of us got high fever. The fever has not gone away from the body yet. Now we went to make a little love, again she interfered. Are you not ashamed to interfere in others' private lives? "

It must be a female lemon. Meanwhile, some other women came with forks and spoons to hit me. The men lemons took matches and said that they would set fire to my body. The man on TV says, "Oh beautiful! What are you watching sitting down? They set your body on fire. Go to your room by jumping, jumping, running and slamming the door. Or else fight like a real man, ops sorry, fight like a real woman by biting them. "



But I did not have the courage to run to deal with such terrible lemons. So I started running. The guy from the TV says, "Darling, take the tv with you or they'll break it."

I take the TV. As soon as I took it, the lemons surrounded me. They are attacking my legs with forks. I jumped up on the sofa. They also came there and started punching. On the other hand, the male lemons will set me on fire if they can catch me. All the men have a match stick in their hand.Only one has a matchbox. I sat on the table with a multiplug and TV. They can't come here easily. And I started the TV. I can see the man. He just took a bath. Wiping his head with a towel, he said, "I sweated a lot for fear of lemons. So much so that a few buckets of sweat accumulated. And with that I just took a bath."

"Hey tell me what I can do now."

"All the lemons are in a bad mood because you have disturbed their love. Now bring lemons from the market and make them lemonade."

That's what I do. I jumped down from the table and quickly brought lemons from the market and made lemonade and let the lemons drink that lemonade. The head of the lemons gets cold by drinking lemon juice. They said they would lay eggs. My head is spinning. How to handle their children? Oh one thing I can do. I will sell them all. Some money will also come in hand.

© 2021 Nazmun Nahar

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