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We'll Never Move Like This Again

Kenneth, loves satire and writings to spotlight others, but he also has an "addiction" so to speak, to dramatic and abstract/prose poetry.


I've dined on deathly-sharp star's edges while I relax
And sing aloud to her half-sleeping forgetting the impact.
Whirling a winter's sundown and kissing the same sunrise
And feel guilty at touching such lips, hair, and those eyes.

I'm a bit older than she reckoned once in foreign lands
When hearts were new, backs were strong, and we used our hands.
But my one nemesis, time itself, the joker laughs collapsing a soul
Taking a blur from shadow's size, taking the eyes, no defined role.

If I were to softly speak this one owned angel's name
Will she but know the eons gone and my tongue now lame?
She sleeps on, and on, and I am like ice in mountain range
With control of stars, ravens wings, and things nicer than strange.

I fight off a lustful laughter that she would surely gasp
And attack such a malingerer as I with skin of asp.
I try to cry her to life once again, and know that love again
Love? Yes, planets roam, decaying bone, a kiss in now and then.

Mute sheep graze while she dreams a silken dream
Her breath is so measured, so skillful it seems.
I may die in a defeated breath if I were to move now
Touching an inch further than ever and slowing the how.

A seven-step waltz to her as Zeus' orchestra whines lover's tune
A perfectly-scented rose, a tulip too, all to birth and we are dying too soon.
But then she opens a drowsy eye and my heart stops for what is near
I feel the sweat of worry, a sigh of dread, and feeling her loving fear.

My shadow now torn . . .and slightly forlorn, but I seal my cries for her kisses
I stand elongated--stretched from past to future breaths missing.
My shadow is dark now slow . . .not knowing if I know what I am to do
I watch; I wait; and begin to form a statue of lover divine, and slave to you.

Ahh, but when we became of mortal flesh and soul in meadows fine
And dew drops tingled on our tongues and her hair lashed in perfect line.
A character made of Master and life; lover; goddess who laugh and eyelash shine
I begin to move to her, one calculated inch, a female not of humanity
But angelic charges now tamed and she would take my nightmares and
Shrouded dreams of loving her eternally.

So loyal eagles of yore of sod and air, leave me now be free
But in a rainbow's vision, please recall what you did for me.
And throw aside the cowardly lizard skins that plagued your kin
Because, dear lover, we shall never recover from this move again.

Rembrandt, the Master of Light and Shadow III.

Rembrandt, the Master of Light and Shadow III.

© 2017 Kenneth Avery

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