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Welcome To A Day On The Farm

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It was early morning in a small town of Wayitis

The farm is huge sitting high on a hill overlooking other farms. Some say it is the biggest and best farm there is. With so many animals and a lot of stories to tell. It is owned by Mr. and Mrs. Rump. They are a lovely couple with five young children and one on the way. They recently bought the farm from a Mrs.Bama who had it for eight years. The farm has been passed down from generation to generation. So many changes making it better and different. Adults and children love to come to the farm and spend their day. Where the children play with other children and the adults talk about the future of the town Wayitis. The farm and the town is not without its problems. There have been so many wonderful times that people love to reminisce. Sometimes we jump to years ago or then other times we talk about what is happening now. I hope you enjoy my story as much as I love telling it. There might be a little something in it for everyone. Have a great day. Don't forget when times get tough we just have to look for the rainbow over hill and down across the valley. Where the sun will come out tomorrow. If not maybe the day after.

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