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We Planted a Tree

I remember when we planted that tree

It's frail limbs twisting and viscously in the wind that Year

We tied and anchored it's scrawny little limbs

Hoping that it would survive the Night

As the wind and rain continued to batter it hence

As the Years went by and it grew

Providing shade for our Children

As they played or sat and read

The roots firmly grounded reaching down and under

deeply entrenched


We shared so much beneath the limbs of that old oak tree

I watered and cared for it and sought shelter

From its arms

No cracks in the foundation apparent

I remember when we planted that tree

Our Children loved and danced beneath that tree

And one by one they the Children ventured from Home

But the tree continued its growth

Deeper and deeper into the soil

The Day after you left, yes

I had memories of when we planted that tree

The cracks in the foundation first appeared then and my thoughts

Turned to earlier times

I remember when we planted that tree and the branches grew

Until it stretched above and beyond our reach

How we would sit beneath that old oak tree

And talk of forever of you and me of growing old

Rocking grandchildren upon our knees

Beneath that very old oak tree

Such memories of times we shared

Of love and laughter

The cracks in the foundation visible now

Where once was hidden by the trees the deep gouges from

Years of neglect and misguided loyalty

Now obvious for all to see

The jagged edges deep, dark, ugly scars

Were all hidden by this lovely tree

I remember

When we planted the tree

Uprooted now empty hole resides

And as I peer out the window

From where I sit I can see clearly now the roots

Where the tree once stood and what remains

Tomorrow I think I'll start to repair the foundation

And maybe plant another tree

I wrote this in 2012 my Husband and I were Divorced prior to writing this and as I sat staring out at the tree the little oak sapling we had planted when the house was first built. It calls to mind the relationship, my innocence, and the reality of divorce. Cracks in the foundation of our marriage that once seemed as strong as the Oak were visible.

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