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We Were Here, and They Were There


Her skin felt like the last person I touched,

but different.

Her voice was quiet.

Her hands were gentle.

Her eyes were pleasant, and inviting,

and her smile was genuine, and soft.

We crashed into space and snapped into place.

We felt here, now, and present.

We Loved.

We kissed like highschoolers,



Lit up like bonfires.

Hands slipping and scratching,

Like kittens, feeling cloth for the first time.

Tongues tapping,

As if we held forbidden fruit in our mouths.

Hoping the door would stay closed,

for minutes, hours,

or even seconds more than it did.

Welcome, expected stranger,

to something you weren't meant to see,

in a place you very well were meant to be.

Let's slow down and be numb.

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