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We Met in a Bar

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I am an amateur writer who writes poetry and short stories and I love to cook.

Flash Fiction

I write a lot of flash fiction.

It's actually harder to write than I actually thought it was when I first began writing. You may not have to write a lot but you have to make that short-short story actually into something in those few short words.

I wrote this last night when I was waiting on my laundry to finish washing.

We Met In A Bar

Brittany walks into Ceaser's Bar the Friday evening she got off work, just as she always does. She comes to converse with the friends she made here and eat the tasty snacks they have here. She sometimes come to have herself a fruity drink but tonight she doesn't feel like drinking. As she walks closer to the bar, she see's an unfamiliar guy behind the counter.

"Hey, welcome to Ceaser's." his smooth voice calls out and he smiles.

"Hey." she replies, sitting at her favorite stool and studying him. "You're new?"

"Yeah, I started last week." the man says and hold out his hand. "Andre."

"Nice to meet you Andre. I'm Brittany." she responds and shakes his hand. He had a nice grip.

"Nice to meet you too." he smiles. "What can I get you?"

"Well, since you're new here, I guess I'll tell you what I want." she teases and smiles brightly when he laughs. "I want the mozzarella sticks and a bottle of water."

"Coming right up my lady." Andre says and turns to start working. Brittany blushes at the pet name but watches him. The way some strands of his hair are falling out of his bun and the way his shirt hugs his chest. He's attractive.

"How old are you?" Andre asks, breaking her out of her thoughts.

"24." she says, "What about you?"

"25" he responds, sitting the water in front of her. "And what do you do?"

"Graphic designer."

Andre whistles and smiles when Brittany ducks her head. "Fancy. I work here and go to school."

"Oh, yeah. What are you in school for?" Brittany says, once he sits her food down.

"Engineering." he says, as he leans against the bar and watches her. It's a slow night tonight and he has time to talk to the pretty customer.

They continue to talk and Brittany realizes she's been there for over 3 hours.

"I should go." she says, standing up and pulling out her wallet.

"Will I see you again?" Andre asks when Brittany gives him what she owes.

Brittany smiles sweetly and says, "I come every Friday evening."

She leaves after that so she doesn't see the lovesick expression Andre is sporting. A snort brings Andre back and he looks over to one of the customers.

"You're a goner." He says, bemusedly.

Andre just smiles that same dopey smile again and leans against the bar.

"Yeah." he sighs.

The End.

Final Thoughts

How did you guys feel about this? I thought about making it longer but I felt that it was long enough. I love writing romances, in case anyone was wondering about that. Romances are so sweet and I am a romantic at heart.

I hope you guys enjoyed this!

See you later darlings!

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