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We Love Each Other Done

"Let's break up". He spoke hesitantly.

She calmly ate the little food left on her plate. "Okay. I agree".

Her terrifying calm scared him. "Why didn't you ask me why?"

"All excuses are just excuses for falling out of love. So now you want me to cry and beg you to stay while you already have someone new?"

He couldn't keep his composure, his hands were shaking, his voice stammering. "How do you know that you still treat me well?"

"I know but I don't say it, I want you to admit it to me. We come together with kindness and honesty, let's end it."

She packed up and prepared to leave, it was her silence and kindness that made a greedy, selfish person making a mistake feel unworthy in that relationship.

"Can I have one last day as all I do to make up for your mistake?"

"Okay. We only have 24 hours to fall in love."

"Did you change your lipstick color?" Her lipstick color today is darker than usual.

"This is my favorite lipstick color, and the other lipstick because you gave it to me so I used it every day, and now I don't need it anymore, right?"

She gently put the lipstick in her pocket and returned it to him. "Give me a bowl of pho without onions".

"Do you normally eat onions?". He inquired.

"I can't eat onions, but I also don't want you to worry or work hard because of my picky eater. The work is exhausting enough. It's just a bowl of pho, but eat it, we don't have much time".

She looked at her watch. "We only have 22 hours to fall in love.".

Her every word was like a knife stabbing into his heartless heart. Even the simplest hobbies of hers he did not know.

"Let's go to the movies. I know this movie is very good".

"Do you remember the first place we met? I want to go back and give back to where you once belonged."

He scratched his head in thought, he couldn't remember where he'd first met her. As for her, she clearly remembers the day when in the midst of such a sea of ​​people, she brought a smile that was not meant for her to embrace.

An ordinary day just goes by, with ordinary people who have known each other for a long time, just a little more special because in the near future on that journey will no longer be together, no longer qualified to care.

"We only have 15 minutes to fall in love."

"I won't hate and forgive you."

"I will forgive you, but it's not that you deserve to be forgiven, it's that I deserve a better new life and meet better people.".

Tears fall in regret and belated. We often do not know how to appreciate what we have.

We are not teenagers learning to love. In this story no one is right or wrong, both are at fault.

Tomorrow there will be other stories. And today "we're done with each other". Thank you for the best days teaching me how to love someone.


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