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Human as We Choose to Be: A Poem

Updated on August 31, 2017
ValKaras profile image

Val is a life-long student of the psycho-philosophy of living and a devoted practitioner of many techniques that enhance personal evolution.

We are a consciousness that's infinite and magic

living our chosen and quite finite frequency range

oscillating between realities of blissful and tragic

while stubbornly resisting to implement a change.

We are mini-gods but beggars for crumbs of pleasure

to be mercifully thrown at us as at a colony of tiny ants

addicted to functioning under steady pathetic pressure

oftentimes like being reduced to the mentality of plants.

We are masks in our ceaseless tragicomic Halloween

parading around while concealing our true face

some of them grinning, others looking mean

except for a few displaying some grace.

We are social programmers breeding some robots

brainwashing our offspring with some crazy stuff

with a bunch of insane authorities calling shots

in duped humanity that makes our gods laugh.

But then again, we are some truly loving creatures

with just certain clumsy ways of showing our affection

as we are listening to every of these incompetent preachers

in our eternal hope to some day return to our innate perfection.


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    • ValKaras profile image

      Vladimir Karas 3 weeks ago from Canada

      Michael, my friend---The poem was distinguishing between our spiritual potentiality and our conscious/unconscious choice to actualize that aspect of our humanness which we find most appealing.

      "Mini-gods" do exist, but we don't know about them because TV cameras are not following an ordinary and dignified person who didn't kill, rape, steal, or otherwise violate others---because there is no money in televising something "normal".

      Maybe you have created your worldview basing it on media, whether filmed or printed, which are not giving us a realistic picture of those billions of people living normal lives.

      And among those, there are advanced humans ahead of their time, people who have cultivated their spirituality and minimized their ego, their animalistic aspect of self that is primarily obsessing about their psycho-physical survival.

      Therefore, all human anomalies as we hear about them shouldn't hypnotize us into a negativistic look at the world.

      And yes, we are whatever we make of ourselves. We can cultivate ourselves to be those mini-gods, or serial killers.

      As for that god whose teachings you personally follow, my friend I can't say much---he is your spiritual construct, and I won't interfere there out of respect.

      Thank you for an interesting comment, my good old friend.

    • ValKaras profile image

      Vladimir Karas 3 weeks ago from Canada

      Virginia---Thank you, I am glad you liked the poem.

    • profile image

      Michael Milec 3 weeks ago

      Yo are what you have made of yourself. A statement applicable to each and every person rich or poor, healthy or sick, fat or skinny, wise or ignorant and so on. Your poem is all inclusive a "normal" human panorama as it is presently accepted and popularized: A New morality: evil is accepted as good, murdering unborn as a solution for freedom of choice (no one asking if that person want to live or chooses to be killed) also a normal boy with a male equipment declares he feels he is a girl, all society including the parents jump into a conclusion " we have a daughter"....

      Further in a process you say "we are mini-gods". Who, my friend Vladimir Karas, please tell me who are those mini gods in our social system? Are they those who are systematically prosecuting "truly loving creatures" not withstanding law abiding citizens, those believing in goodness of one helping in need neighbor , "praying" as they used to know in time of past obtaining the inner peace and tranquility?!

      I was raised among economically very poor people, hard working, honest not much school education, however they were able to raise very high quality human being by being a role models. Yes, they in their "primitive" lifestyle were know as godly people, staying in marriage as long as they lived, taking care of their neighbors property as their own, helping needy out of their own need being content under all circumstances. . They taught me at very early age that "we the people" are created into the image of the wisest, all knowing, all loving creator of the universe, some gave him a name "GOD" but without boasting upon his name those highly moral persons of integrity were following in His steps , respected citizens by everyone around.

      Their hope wasn't pushed somewhere to some day... rather the "innate perfection'' is being activated and practice now and here by knowing right and doing right apart of any political religiosity...

      We just simply live by the power of the Eternal Spirit.

    • Virginia Lea profile image

      Virginia Davis 3 weeks ago from Navarre, Florida

      This is Great!:)