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We Are Capable Of Amazing Feats

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Do It Now

There are no words to read

That have not already been written

Not only have we started before

We have stopped many times

Each try bringing us closer to our vision

In our imagination

It's hard and a lot of work

We can be proud of the smallest accomplishments

Often we get grilled for our determination

The sights we see

Grow brighter during the night

With no lights in sight

Cross our fingers and hope for the best

Going blind

Trusting in ourselves

Deep with struggles

Rematch and challenges our common place


I know what I want to do

I got this

Let it be

Watch it happen

In the zone

Take all our energy

Channel it

Expand our horizons

Don't let disappointments hold you back

They are kindle wood for the great fire

Leave the drama

Get a grip

Find your inner personality

Aware of your hidden potential

Excited and filled with ideas

Keep creating

Work with it

Until the unknown becomes known