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Waiting for the Miracle

Being a content creator,it is honour to work on this huge plateform about any aspects.I hope;my articles woud give you something more.

He was crying alone under the dark blanket of stars with the light of moon that was giving him the hope for his life. His tears were running down continuously because he didn't find any shoulder to release his frustration. But you know what was the most aching pain for him? He had to hide his pain. Nobody knew that his smiling eyes had been hiding an ocean of tears in them. Everyone could see only his smiling face. But only his heart knew the reality of this animated smile.

But what was reason for this? Why was he suffering from this throbbing pain? His hopeless life. He was broken mercilessly by the brutal face of this cruel world. Every night, his pillow got wet due to his tears. The walls of his room always heard his grievous screams. He had always been alone with his darkened fate. But no one could hear the words said by his tears. His heart wanted to howl and cry in front of this world. But it was fruitless. No one bothers to feel any pain of your life.

Every night, a flood of thoughts used to come through his tired mind and then this flood came out through his eyes. This was the story of his every night. He had been dying in this dark maniac. The problem was that he couldn't see any path. Every night, he used to think about quitting this callous life. But then his loved ones used to come in his mind that how they could breathe happily after him. Then, he felt helpless and closed his eyes waiting for that light. His life was stuck in thoughts.

But there was one 'hope.' Only one. That time doesn't stay forever. One day, everything will be better. This piercing troublesome will surely end one day. He didn't know that how would it happen. But he still believed. He still believed that a sunrise is waiting for him. Every night, before his eyes were closed, his lips used to utter only two words unintentionally,
Thank God ❤
Will of Allah


© 2021 Osman Ghazi

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