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With Love, the Other Side

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Have you ever imagined what it would be like after you are dead? Well, I never imagined that when I was alive ! I don’t even know how to describe myself right now. To me, I have not changed a bit. But I am always wearing the same clothes in which I have died. It was pretty strange to see myself or to be exact my dead self from a distance. I do not think I will ever forget that moment. It took me a while to realise that I am not only dead but also I have turned into a “spirit” or “ghost”!

Unlike the real world, in the spirit world there is no war, hatred, grudge, racism, greed and negativity. Everyone is free from the burdens of life. The ghosts are warm and welcoming. We can move from one place to another pretty easily. But if you think ghosts can fly, that is not true at all ! Is our world heaven ? Is it hell ? No one has the answer to these questions. Do ghosts have emotions ? Certainly ! But no, we do not feel hunger ! Also, we get sad but when we cry there are no teardrops. The living cannot see us even though we can see them. But we can make our presence felt. If you ever feel a sudden gust of wind, it is probably one of us.

I have made a couple of friends, Mr. D and little Bella. Mr. D never told me his full name and I never forced him. He is quite mysterious. I am pretty sure he worked as a secret government agent. Now, let me introduce you to Bella. She was only 7 when she lost her battle with cancer. But in the spirit world she is much older than I am.

I know what you are thinking. How did I die ? I will tell you. No, it was not a glorious death. I did not die fighting for my country or gave up my life trying to save someone else’s. As far as I can remember, it was a rainy night. I went to pickup groceries. I had my earphones on and on my way back I got hit by a pickup truck. So, basically my stupidity and carelessness took my life. Honestly, if an illness took away my life at least that would have made some sense !

This afternoon a wake was held at my home. I was surprised to see so many people. It kind of felt good to see that I have touched the lives of so many ! My parents and siblings were quite shattered though. I wish I could just hug them and tell them that I was right there with them ! I invited Mr. D and Bella and a few other acquaintances to watch the ceremony with me. It was not at all easy to see myself getting buried !

In the spirit world, I am a newborn. And I guess I have more things to learn. The hardest part is to see a wrongdoing in the real world but being unable to stop it. Many before me have tried to contact with their loved ones. None have succeeded. But I guess we will keep trying ! So, I write this letter with the hope that a living being will find it and read it !

With Love,

The Other Side.

© 2020 Agni

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