What Happened Along the Way

Updated on June 30, 2018
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I am a mother of three and a grandmother of four. I am just starting out as a writer and love where it takes me in thought.





It is a bright hot sunny day and there is just a little wind in the air. Erica is sitting on her bed looking out the window when her mother calls her from the kitchen.

“Erica come and have some breakfast.” “It’s almost time for school!”

“Be right down mom.” Erica's voice sounds very melancholy. Erica gets her backpack and grabs her sweater. she takes the brush in her hand and heads down to breakfast.

“Erica, I won't be home this weekend but there is plenty of food in the frig.” Erica's mother is very distracted and not paying attention to Erica.

“Mom, when will you be back home? You know I hate to be alone when your gone, mom.” Erica sounding very sad and frustrated as she is eating her cereal. Erica's mother is busy getting her coat on and going through some papers on the table.

“Erica I’ll be back home early on Sunday, so you will be fine. don’t worry so much you should be used to this by now. I always come back don’t I?” Erica's mother is just about out of the door when Erica stops her.

“Mom wait!” Erica runs to her mother and holds out her hand. “You forgot to give me some spending money just in case of an emergency.” Erica's mother takes out some money from her purse and hands it to Erica. “Thank you mom, I love you.” Erica gives her mom a hug and then Erica's mother walks out the door.

Erica walks over to the table and picks up her bowl and puts in the sink. She looks outside the window and watches as her mother is leaving the driveway.

“Why can’t my life ever be normal?” “Bye Mom,” Erica says with anger in her voice. Erica walks over to the table and grabs her backpack and puts on her sweater and heads for the door.

Erica is standing outside her school with her best friend Lisa. There are kids all around waiting to get into school, they are all chatting. the sun is shining but it’s still a little chilly.

Erica is speaking to Lisa with anger in her voice. “Guess what Lisa, my mom is off again. I should just run away, it’s not like she would notice.”

“ Don’t worry Erica, you can always stay at my house for the weekend.” “We can go to a concert, I got tickets to journey last week and they are playing tonight.”

“Thanks, Lisa.” “you always know how to cheer me up.” “Hey that guy mike wants to go out with me, he asked me to see him during the 8th period outside.” Erica sounding excited.

“Be careful Erica, you know what happened the last time a guy wanted to go out with you, all he wanted was sex. boys can be such jerks.” they both laugh. as the girls entered the school some girls in the distance yelled out at Erica. “Hey, slut! Aren’t you supposed to be at your corner?” All the girls start laughing but Erica just ignored them but her face was very sad, she almost began to cry but kept it in.

Erica is now older, just out of high school and living with Matt, someone she met while in high school. Erica is lying on the couch watching TV and Matt is getting the beer out of the frig.

“I can’t believe you, Matt! you don’t want to go out tonight, its Friday night and my cousin Laurie wants us to go to the club with her and her date.” Erica sounding very frustrated.

“It has been a long week Erica, and I’m very tired, we can go out another time, besides my friends are coming over to drink and watch the football game.” Matt sounding very tired and distracted by the food and drinks for his friends. after that Matt sits down on the couch with Erica and tries to seduce her.

“Stop Matt!” Erica pushing Matt off of her. “ I’m serious, we never do anything together anymore, don’t you want to spend time with me anymore?” Erica sounding very upset. Erica gets up from the couch and gets her coat on.

“Well, Erica, why don’t you go out with your cousin and have fun then you can come home and we can have our own fun if you know what I mean.” Matt sounding convincing while he chuckles and then Erica storms out of the house. Matt is sitting on the couch still and picks up the phone to call one of his friends.

“Hey dude, it’s Matt, Erica is finally gone man, so can you bring that chick over tonight?” pause “OK great, now remember she has to be gone by the time Erica gets home, OK?” pause “OK man see you soon.”

Its many years later and Erica and her cousin Laurie are sitting at a coffee shop talking about the past and all the guys that Erica has been with that turned out bad. The waiter comes over and brings them their salad.

“Remember Erica when you were living with that guy Matt, and you caught him with that girl because you came home early that night when you were out with me? Oh, my God girl that was a real mess.” Laurie takes a sip of water from her glass and then puts it down.

“Oh yea I remember, how can I forget I was so emotional after that I started going out with a lot of men for a while. I was out of control.” Erica lets out a short laugh. “What is the matter with me Laurie I find all these losers, I hope someday I find the right one that won't be such a cheater.” Erica picks up her fork and takes a bite of her salad.

“Well let's go out tonight and maybe we both can find our prince charming.” both laugh. “So the same place as last time Erica?” Laurie finishes her salad at this point and drinks her water.

“Hmm I don’t know, what about that place by the beach, they seem to have a lot more attractive guys there on a Saturday night?” Erica finishes her lunch and waves the waiter over to the table.

“OK but knowing you Erica you will probably pick out the biggest jerk there.” they both laugh and get up from the table and the waiter comes over to clear their table. Erica looks at the check and gives the waiter the money.

“Thank you ladies, have a nice day.” waiter smiling.

“Oh we will!” both girls giggling then Laurie turns to Erica and says “Don’t you think that waiter is hot?”

“Nah, not my type Laurie.” “My type is more the biker kind, the dangerous look but can really look into my eyes and make my knees weak.” Erica looking off and smiling.

“Oh, Erica come on.” Laurie shakes her head in disappointment. The girls leave the restaurant and the waiter leaves the table shaking his head smiling.

Erica and Laurie enter the bar around 9 pm and it is a smoke-filled room with lots of people laughing and having fun. The music is playing from the jukebox. the song that is playing is a bed of roses by Bon Jovi. As soon as the girls go in they order a drink and sit at the bar.

“Laur, look at all these men in here, there is so much possibility.” she smiles at Laurie then Erica turns to Laurie and says, “Guess what Laurie?”

“What?” sounding curious.

“I talked to my mother today after I left you at the restaurant and she told me that she is getting married again, she's on husband number 4 now.” Erica laughs. “Well at least this guy seems really nice, a lot nicer than husband number two, he was a real loser and he was crazy.” Erica just about finishes her drink and Laurie is on her second by now.

“Yea I remember him, he was scary.” pause “ I know my mother makes me nuts too.” Laurie notices a man by the phone and gets up from the bar stool.

“Yea I know but we love our mothers and would do anything for them, I think that’s our curse.” Both girls laugh out loud in agreement. Erica then notices a short man sitting across the bar starring at her. He had brown hair and green eyes and a mustache that came down his chin. He wore a black leather jacket and he smiled at Erica and she smiled right back. The bartender walks over to Erica and at this time Laurie goes over to talk to the man by the phone.

“This is from the guy across the bar and his name is Frank.” Erica picks up the drink and nods her head. Frank gets up and walks over to where Erica is sitting and sits down next to her.

“Hi pretty lady how are you doing tonight?” he was smiling and being very charming. Erica was smiling from ear to ear.

“Hi yourself and thanks for the drink.” she smiles at Frank.

“You’re very welcome.” “I think you’re very beautiful.” They drank and talked for a couple of hours and Erica was feeling no pain. Then Frank turned to Erica and said: “Wanna get out of here baby?”

“Sure sounds good, I think I’ll go anywhere you want me to frank.” It was love at first sight for both of them. They both fell hard for each other. They both got up and headed for the door. Erica stops and walks over to where Laurie is. “I’m going with Frank, will you be alright?” Erica can't stop smiling.

“Oh sure go have fun and I will talk to you tomorrow, I’m going home with my new friend tonight.” They both hug each other and Erica goes back to the door where Frank is standing.

“OK baby lets get out of here.” He holds her hand as they walk out the door of the bar.

It has been many years since Erica and Frank have been together, married with 3 children. Frank is sitting on the couch drinking beer and yelling at Erica. the kids are running around the house.

“Erica, give me some money that I know you have in your pocket!” saying this in a very strong voice.

“I told you, babe, I don’t have any money, I had to pay the Gas or they were going to shut us.” There was shaking in Erica's voice.

“Kids stop running in the house! Mommy and I are trying to talk even though she is being a real bitch!” Frank is speaking with authority.

“Frank don’t talk to the kids that way, they don’t understand what is going on their just kids.” “You know even I had any money I wouldn’t give it to you, you would spend it on booze or drugs.” Erica speaking to Frank with anger in her voice. at this point, Erica is standing in front of Frank. Just as Erica finished talking to Frank he got up in a hurry and smacked Erica in the face. Erica started crying. The kids were in their rooms.

“Get out Frank; get the hell out of my house!” Erica was screaming at Frank. Frank storms out cursing under his breath at Erica.

“I don’t need this shit. You will never see me again, Erica!” Frank picks up some of his clothes and slams the door. The children come out when they hear their father leave and Erica is sitting on the couch.

“Kids mommy and daddy are fighting and he is gone but I still love him very much. he has a lot of problems to work out and he loves you guys too, very much. Erica kisses the kids and starts dinner.

Two years later Erica and the kids are in church when Erica gets a call from Franks sister on her cell phone.

“Hello?” pause “Oh hi Tracey how are you?” pause “What!” Erica's voice is very upset. “No! no!” “I just saw him, we were trying to work things out, he can’t be dead, he can’t be!” Erica is crying uncontrollably and then she turns to find the kids to tell them about their father. Erica's mother is there with her step-father and real father.

“Whats wrong Erica, tell me!” Erica's mother's voice is panicking.

“Mommy, oh ma.” Erica is crying in her mother's arms “Frank is dead ma what are we gonna do, oh my god why?” Erica is crying and so is her mom. “ I have to tell the children.”

“Kids, mommy has something to tell you, daddy had a heart attack and now he is in heaven with Jesus.” “he has gone home to be with God.” Erica trying not to cry. The children start to cry and Erica consoles them. just then the pastor of the church comes in to speak to the family.

“May God watch over your whole family at this time of sorrow.” Erica's real father turns to Erica's mother, step-father, and pastor and says “I got my first wish now I just have to wait for the next one to come true.” he says this while staring at Erica's mother.

“I’m sorry but you will have to leave this church, may God have mercy on your soul.” with that Erica's father leaves the church never to speak to anyone again.

Looking up at the ceiling “ I’ll always love you, Frank, always.” Erica sobbing and tears running down her face.

It has been three years since Erica's husband died. Erica is sitting in her house at the table doing homework from the school she is going to. Erica hears the phone ring.

“Hello?” pause “Oh hi Laurie, how are you?” pause “That’s great; I’m studying for my finals. I can’t wait until I’m done with school and start making the money, I hate being on state.” pause “Yea I know I married Scott out of desperation and putting myself through school was a lot better than staying with a man I never loved.” pause “ I know laur I have bad luck with men, the one I loved with all my heart dies and then I get involved with a psycho man.” Erica laughs. “Someday I’ll find the man I’m supposed to be with forever.” “Well let me get back to studying, talk to you later.” Erica hangs up the phone. she looks far off and says “Can I really find my prince?”

Erica is out with her friend Cindy at the local bar. People all around talking and listening to the music by a local band.

“God Erica, all these men in here are so ugly except for the one over at the T.V.” Cindy takes a sip of her drink. Erica finishes her drink and orders another. The bartender gives Erica her drink.

“Yea I know and I've been through my share but at last week I met this man on the computer and we're going to meet tomorrow night for dinner, he’s like no one I have ever dated, he's a magician and his name is David, we talk on the phone for hours and there is this magic connection,” telling Cindy with excitement.

“Well he’s probably a jerk, they all are.” “But I still want one.” they both laugh. Cindy gets up and goes over to the guy standing by the T.V. and starts talking to him. Erica picks up her cell phone and calls David.

“Hey can’t wait to see you tomorrow.” pause “Awe that’s so sweet, I feel like there is such a connection between us.” pause “ I’m glad you feel the same, see you then sweetie.”

David and Erica are at dinner celebrating their first anniversary together. The waiter comes over to give them water. “Anything else I can get you?” “No, thank you just the check please.”

“Oh, baby I’m so happy to be with you.” “I love you so much, more and more each day.” They both smile and David leans in to give Erica a romantic kiss.

“You are the best girlfriend I have ever had, Erica, I love you so much and I know that I can do all the wrong things and say the wrong things but you know I love you very much.” David sounding very sincere. Erica smiling at David.

“I know and I will always love you forever.” “I know you have a lot of stresses in your life with all the stage shows you do and the busy lifestyle you lead, but I love being a part of all that.” Erica takes Davids hand.

“I realize that you love me that much, it's just hard sometimes with me being in the entertainment field.” The waiter comes and gives David the check. David pays the bill and they both get up and hold hands as they leave the restaurant. the waiter clears the table.

It’s Christmas time and Erica's mother and children are at David's house for dinner. David's mother, step-father, sister, and family are all sitting at the dinner table enjoying Christmas dinner.

“I have a big show coming up in February and I know things have been really rocky with us, going through breakups and counseling and even my infidelity but you Erica have forgiven me of all of this.” David is talking to Erica smiling and being sincere. David stands up and holds Erica's hand. David pulls out a ring from his pocket. “You mean the world to me and I want you to take this ring as a token of all my love.” Everyone around the table was watching Erica's response.

Erica screams with excitement “Oh my god, babe! of course, yes, I love you so much!!!” Erica smiling as David places the ring on Erica's finger. David takes Erica in his arms and kisses her. Everyone claps and says congratulations.

“Baby you have made me so happy and now I’m going to spend the rest of my life making you happy.” They both hug and kiss.

“I’m so happy for you sweetie; you deserve the best of happiness.” Erica's mother hugs the both of them.

“I hope everything works out for you mom and he better treat you right, I love you.” Erica kisses her daughter Angelina. Angelina hugs David.

“Congrats mom.” Erica's son gives her a kiss he then shakes David's hand.

Erica's youngest daughter then says, “Hey mom can I be in the wedding?” as she hugs her mother and David. “Of course you can sweetie.” Erica sounding very happy.

“Congratulations to the both of you.” David’s mom gives Erica and David a hug. David and Erica look at each other and smile.

Erica turns to David. “ I know it’s going to be a rough road ahead of us, both in the entertainment field and a lot on our plate but I know we can make it because we have a love that will last forever.” They kiss and smile.

“I know we will be just fine.” smiling at Erica. Erica moves away from David and everyone. Everyone is still eating and carrying on and Erica looks up at the ceiling and says:

“Thank you God for letting me find true love again, my life is finally complete. I have you, my family, my health, good career and now my soul mate. This is what real happiness is all about.” Erica wipes a tear from her cheek.

the end

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