Venus in Taurus People's Love Lives

Updated on August 9, 2017
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Venus in Taurus Showers you with gifts from Nature

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Learn More about Venus in Taurus People!

The astrology sign placement of Venus in the horoscope gives telling information about people, especially the key to their romantic hearts. But other facts are found in the sign where Venus is as well. Venus shows what kind of social nature you have, whether you are the life of the party or a wallflower. What kinds of things do you like to have around you, or in your home? Do you like silk sheets or would you prefer to go camping?

You can get the whole scoop about a person’s love and social nature when you know and understand what sign their Venus is in. If you already have a horoscope cast, you may use that to re-evaluate Venus and find new information. The sign Venus was in at your time of birth can also be found in an ephemeris, if you have one. Here is also a link to a site which can provide you with the sign Venus was in at your birth time

Tiffany and Thomas Meet

Thomas has Venus in Taurus, so when he cares about another person, his affection is a real and lasting one. He was kind and mannerly the night he and Tiffany met at the pet adoption center, and she was so touched by his love for animals. She could tell immediately that this could be someone special! Neither one of them was inclined to rush into a relationship, as people with Venus in Taurus like to play it safe in love. They really want to take time to get to know the other person, so they will be sure of their feelings before they make any serious moves.

Tiffany has issues with men who spend too much money, and although she appreciates a sense of humor as well as anyone, she prefers her men steady and practical. Tiffany wants to feel secure, and she wants a man who treats her like a lady. And she deserves this, because she always behaves like one. Tiffany is never going to go out with Thomas for drinks, then jump up on the bar and take off her bra to dance for awhile. And Thomas would freak out if she did.

Tiffany will daintily sip her two glasses of white wine, and Thomas will sit protectively close with his arm around her, so any other men in the bar clearly understand they are out together. And by the way, Thomas took home the Siberian Husky with blue eyes, he couldn’t bear to leave that beautiful dog at the shelter, and for Tiffany it was love at first sight for “Natasha.”

You Belong to Me

Possessiveness may come into play when a person has Venus in Taurus. They are a bit jealous and do not like it when their sense of security is threatened. But they are nowhere as bad as Venus in Aries or Leo people. It’s a subtle sort of “you belong to me” vibe, which can be sort of sweet. The astrological sign of Taurus is ruled by Venus, so Venus in Taurus people are very loving and gentle people, very sensitive to the needs of others. They are very sensual and have a very nicely developed sense of touch. My husband was Taurus, and I was very interested the night I met him, when he drove me home and we had our first “goodnight” kiss. It was very memorable, and from a guy who came off as very polite and low key.

Venus in Taurus people like to be surrounded by beautiful things. They are nature lovers, and will like to hike in the woods, and enjoy other outdoor activities that lend themselves to seeing the beauty of gardens and national parks. Tiffany is the kind of girl who looks terrific with little makeup and with her hair in a ponytail. She can pull it off and still look like a dignified and good looking adult. Thomas loves the natural look, nature itself, and Tiffany, so he’s a happy man. She sees him snapping photos of what she thinks are trees and sunsets. Upon closer inspection, she realizes she is in the foreground of all his photos, nature is just her backdrop. When you capture a Venus in Taurus man’s heart, he idolizes you. And a Venus in Taurus woman will cater to her Honey, and spoil him to death.

They Love the Best of Everything

These people are hard workers, because they like nice things, and understand you need money to buy nice things. They do well in banking, real estate, accounting and any field where attention to detail is important. They will invest in stocks, but nothing too risky. They are practical, and want furniture and fixtures that are lasting and durable. So they will spend and expect to get the best. They love Persian carpets, good artwork, plush pillows on their brass bed, and need lots of storage for all the stuff they accumulate, so those ottomans that open up and have storage are perfect for these two. Tiffany and Thomas want people to think their home is a beautiful and charming place, though comfort matters too. Because of their love for pretty things, they can work in art museums, jewelry stores, furniture stores, or be artists themselves, and make paintings, sculptures, or music. Venus does rule the throat, so that makes good singers.

They both care about their appearances, and are well groomed. Tiffany is a natural beauty, and Thomas has the looks that do not require much maintenance either. Both love good food, probably like to cook and try new restaurants, so they really need those long hikes in the woods to keep off the pounds. If either is gaining, they will start exercising immediately. Venus in Taurus people can be a tad lazy, but maybe they can encourage each other to go to the gym.

Venus in Taurus people love plants and flowers, and it would not be unusual for them to have an actual greenhouse in the back of the house, or a Florida room that gets lots of sunlight for all their plants. The florist industry is another career that either would find satisfying.

These are the Lovers of the Zodiac

Tiffany and Thomas will be faithful to each other, and even as they grow old, will remain affectionate, holding hands when they watch TV, and kissing in the kitchen as they cook dinner. They are friendly and sociable, and love to invite people over to their place. Once they decide they have something worth holding onto with each other, they will live together or get married. Both are old school, and secretly like the whole wedding scene, with all the ceremony, decoration, and family there. But these two will take those vows seriously. They were a couple since that first night when the adopted Natasha together; a family already!

Although they are stable in the relationship, they are stubborn in their opinions. But this is a placement which Venus helps soften, and so they may agree to disagree. The financial outlook for this couple is very good; money and possessions gained by the fruits of their own labors and occupations will be wisely spent. Tiffany and Thomas will be generous to their friends and family too. They may inherit money or expensive items from older relatives. Family relationships really matter to Tiffany and Thomas, so rather than hassle about which side of the family they will visit for which holiday, they will be likely to host all the holidays at their home. And in a few years, as children possibly come along, they will sell the small home for a larger one; to accommodate their changing needs and growing commitments. This is a stable and lovable couple, who will be very happy and appreciative of the little things in life.

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      • Jean Bakula profile image

        Jean Bakula 3 years ago from New Jersey

        It doesn't work that way. Not only your Sun is in a sign. EVERY planet and the Moon is in a sign in everyone's astrology chart. That's why this hub is titled VENUS in Taurus People's Love Lives. It's not Sun in Taurus, It's Venus in Taurus, though some traits will be the same since Taurus traits are the same. And the sort of person described might be good for your brother. Take care.

      • peachpurple profile image

        peachy 3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

        my bro is a taurus, maybe should get a venus partner

      • Jean Bakula profile image

        Jean Bakula 3 years ago from New Jersey

        Thanks Carol, it's always nice to "see" you. Best of luck on the series of Astrology books, let me know when they come out. I still check in here everyday for the most part.

        I'm teaching a beginning Tarot course at a local Healing Center, and also reading for a fee two Saturdays a month. So it's getting me out of the house, and doing something creative I like. Life is getting a little easier, but I still have bad days. I keep reminding myself most couples don't stay together for 39 years though, at least I had that. Take care.

      • carol7777 profile image

        carol stanley 3 years ago from Arizona

        Hi Jean: Thought I would drop in and say hi. I am working on a series of Astrology books--will keep posted. Hope you are doing well and life is good to you.