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Venus in Scorpio Love

Jean teaches astrology, tarot & metaphysics. She is an author, ordained nondenominational minister, & member of the NJ Metaphysical Ctr.

Love and Relaxation at the Beach


The Tarot Reading That Began it All

This is a fictional story about Venus in Scorpio people.

The astrology sign your Venus is in indicates how you act in social situations and what you want to get out of a love affair.

Shannon and Sean just met, and both have Venus in Scorpio. It is not common for two people in a relationship to have Venus in the same sign, though it does happen. It is easier for teaching purposes to show you two Venus in Scorpio people and how they interact.

The first time Shannon met Sean, she was reading Tarot cards out of a Metaphysical shop, and he came in for a reading. She noted from the cards that someone he loved had died, and that he was still feeling a lot of pain from that loss. Sometimes Shannon’s Tarot customers stayed poker faced as she read for them, but Sean opened up and revealed more about his situation. He had been living with a woman for three years, but she was in a fatal car crash. Sean was still having a tough time with the loss, although it happened almost two years ago. The reading indicated that soon his life would take a turn for the better, and Shannon was happy to be able to leave him with a positive thought. She felt bad about his sorrow, because he seemed really nice, and was quite attractive, a redhead with green eyes.

First Date

Shannon’s tarot reading gig was just a weekend thing at the store, but she often held private parties, which paid well with tips. She had been an astrologer for many years, and was beginning to build an astrology following for her birth charts, plus clients kept coming back for the transit updates a few times a year. She had a following of people who lived according to moon signs, so always had a steady flow of phone calls and texts for quick advice. Shannon also published her first Astrology book, Travel the Zodiac Wheel, and royalty checks were coming more regularly as more people learned of it. So with money coming in from readings and her book, Shannon was finally earning a nice living, and working on her second book. She loves being able to use her creativity in her work. Venus in Scorpio people are frugal, but very resourceful about money.

Sean never had a tarot reading before, but was impressed with what Shannon told him. He knew that he had to move forward, but was stuck in an emotional rut. Sean was a policeman in a nearby small town, and after his loss he threw himself into his work. It paid off, as he just became a Detective. Venus in Scorpio people are very psychic, and this was a big help to Sean in his career, although he just described it to his co-workers as having good “hunches.” Sean is a good cop who would not be happy if he could not feel he was making a difference. The detective field was a good choice for him. Shannon made a great impression on him, with her mysterious aura and long blond hair. Those penetrating big brown eyes weren’t bad either. It would be nice to see her again. Would it be too soon to stop into the store again? He knew from his reading that she was there on Saturdays.

Shannon was also overcoming a romantic situation, but this was one she was happy to let go. She had been seeing a man for almost two years, but he seemed to be a Peter Pan type, unwilling to commit to anything permanent. Shannon was at a point in life where she was beginning to want to settle into a long term relationship, and broke it off with him. Shannon was quite surprised and happy when Sean came into the store to buy a book the following weekend, and asked her out to dinner the next night.

They picked a Thai Restaurant they both liked, and once they got over their initial nervousness, found they were really enjoying themselves. Sean told some funny anecdotes about things that happened on the job, and Shannon told him about some of her more colorful clients, and her hopes for the new astrology book she was writing. Both Shannon and Sean were wary of falling in love again, although for different reasons. They took it slow at first, and then began to see more of each other.

Shannon was surprised that when she went to Sean’s apartment the first time, he still had a few pictures and mementos from the girlfriend who had passed on, Amber. She understood loss is difficult, but there comes a point where a person has to move on, doesn’t there? Shannon wisely did not bring it up for the first few dates, amazing, since Venus in Scorpio people are jealous and possessive. Sean made her feel safe and had a sarcastic, yet funny sense of humor. She did not want to say the wrong thing too early on.

Jealous and Possessive

Sean was really warming up to Shannon, she was fun to be with, and he was also at a point where he was looking for a mature relationship. He loved the way she looked at people with such intensity when they spoke (especially him). Shannon seemed to accept people and all their frailties very easily. He was startled the first few times male clients called Shannon to get a quick tarot reading before going out or going on an interview, since Venus in Scorpio people have a tendency to smother loved ones. OK, they are really jealous. But on the other hand, Sean hadn’t mentioned that his detective partner was a female either, and they often engaged on long stakeouts together. They weren’t attracted to each other, but were good friends, since detectives get close to their partners when they work cases and often have to brainstorm for clues. So both of them had strong independent streaks, and were not really planning on changing that about themselves.

There were definitely a few hurdles to overcome in this situation, even though both parties were beginning to really care for each other. Two strong willed people who want their own way are always going to have to learn the art of compromise. A Great Aunt of Shannon’s left her a good sized townhouse in Jamaica, which also brought in a nice rental income. Shannon and Sean decided to take a vacation together, since it was cold at home. It would be difficult not to have a great time surrounded by the lush flowers and beauty of the Caribbean, even if one did not go there with romance on their minds. But Venus in Scorpio people always have romance and sex on their minds. There were definite fireworks in that department. But Sean and Shannon did seriously talk about some of the issues that bothered them about their situation. There were some hurt feelings, um, arguments, but people with a Scorpio Venus are passionate, and will be the type to break up and make up often, or they love being melodramatic.

Vacation in Jamaica

Negril, Jamaica

Negril, Jamaica

Open Discussions

Sean and Shannon returned home determined to make the necessary changes to help this love affair along, as they were getting more serious about each other. They wanted their relationship to be on a high plane, as Scorpio is potent for good or ill. They are perfectionists. Shannon and others who share her metaphysical backgrounds often practice visualization techniques. Shannon suggested that a colleague of hers work with Sean to help him let go of his lost love, Amber. She thought another person could help him admit he still thought about her sometimes (which is normal when we love someone, even when they are gone). He pictured asking Amber if it was alright that he love again, and in the visualization, she smiled and told Sean she wanted him to move on and find love again. This was a huge step for Sean, and he felt so relieved.

He discussed his female work partner Sophia, with Shannon, and they turned out to really like each other. Sean admitted to Shannon he had some trouble with all the men she worked with giving astrological and tarot advice. She told him that some clients get clingy, and that there was nothing to worry about there, she had a strong will. She was playing for keeps in this relationship. But since both partners had issues with jealousy and seeing their partner with the opposite sex, Shannon thought maybe they should institute a “girl’s night out” and a “guy’s night out,” since Venus in Scorpio people tend to get too possessive, and need a little space from each other. If they both went out on the same night, there would be no time to brood about what the other was doing and with whom.

Also, most people with Scorpio planets enjoy their privacy once in a while. Shannon belonged to a metaphysical book club and a meditation group, not only because she liked those subjects, but they were integral to her work. Sean liked to go to the shooting range, and loved rock climbing, both interests that Shannon did not share. So once they realized their relationship could withstand time out with friends, and alone time for each person, it went along much more smoothly.

Romantic Beach Wedding


Sentimental and Romantic

Sean also loved sailing, so that sailboat sitting in the storage unit would sure come in handy when they returned to Jamaica for their wedding in six months. Oh, come on, did you think these two were going to let each other go? Scorpio is a fixed sign. Shannon knew from the first tarot reading, and Sean had a “hunch” too! He gave her a beautiful emerald, and told her to think of him whenever she looked at it. As if that were not enough, he also got her a beautiful set of earrings, made of lapis lazuli and amethyst. Sean had learned from Shannon that dark indigo blue rules the third eye, and amethyst’s purple rules the crown chakra, the psychic energy they both used in their work. Shannon gave Sean a beautiful set of cuff links made of green Connemara marble, to celebrate his Irish heritage, and a tie clip for everyday. She knew the marble had protective qualities for him, to protect him on the job.

Shannon and Sean shopped for a home before the wedding, though it all happened pretty fast. Neither one wanted to return to old memories in their apartments. They found a great property, with an open concept inside, a romantic master suite, and lots of property outside for a pool and garden.

Most of their family and friends were able to make it to their romantic wedding on the beach in Jamaica, and stayed for the week too! The happy couple wrote their own vows, and had an evening ceremony so that it ended right at sunset. Both of them cried, as Venus in Scorpio people are extremely emotional. But they are mature and sensible too, and faced their possible issues right up front, before they got to fester and become problems. Scorpio bluntness helps get things out in the open, and because they like to plan, Sean and Shannon can return right to their new home as soon as their honeymoon is over, and it will seem like a second honeymoon!

They left the sailboat in Jamaica, as they knew they would be back. And Sean’s work partner Sophia was Shannon’s Maid of Honor. Shannon gave her Maid of Honor a beautiful day and night pearl pendant, and earrings to match. She knew their properties would aid in Sophia’s safety on the job too—especially since she was a Cancer sun sign. The ladies were so busy with last minute wedding details, Shannon never even noticed Sean went rock climbing before the rehearsal dinner. And it did not bother Sean a bit as Shannon was reading tarot on the beach almost every day, and in the bar in the evenings. A great time was had by all, and the future looks bright for these two passionate lovers.

© 2014 Jean Bakula

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