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Venus in Aquarius Love

Jean teaches astrology, tarot & metaphysics. She is an author, ordained nondenominational minister, & member of the NJ Metaphysical Ctr.

An Unconventional Aquarius Affair


Venus in Aquarius in Love

People who have Venus in Aquarius love to socialize and easily form acquaintances with perfect strangers. They are cultured and intelligent air signs who enjoy philosophical discussions, and are very intuitive, sincere, generous, and philanthropic.

They often have strange or sudden experiences, since they are ruled by the erratic planet Uranus. Venus in Aquarius people are suddenly attracted to members of the opposite sex, but do not have traditional views that are shared by society regarding romance and marriage.

They are not always stable in a relationship, because they really value their freedom, and are afraid if they get too involved with someone, however strongly they feel, life will soon settle into a boring routine. If you want to find out what sign your Venus is in, go to:

The following is a fictional story about Venus in Aquarius lovers.

Aquarius Lovers From Afar

Andre grew up in California, and was always fascinated with flying from the time he was very young. He and his parents once vacationed at the big hot air balloon show which takes place each year in Albuquerque, NM. Andre’s teen years were a little rocky, since he was always a nonconformist and did not take direction well.

But when he became an adult, he decided to go to pilot school. Andre loved his training, and the indescribable feeling of happiness and freedom he felt when he was in the air, surrounded by limitless sky. He moved to Las Vegas and got a steady job as a pilot for a major airline.

He eventually had a route that went from Las Vegas to NY, four days a week, and then he had three days off. On the four work days, Andre would fly one flight from LV to NY, do a return trip from NY to LV, and then return once again from LV to NY. It was hard, but the FAA lets pilots stay in the air as long as 16 hours, as long as they have a rest period in between flights. It takes about 5 hours to get from the one point to the other, when the weather cooperates.

Andre had a layover to rest in between, and then the three days off to do whatever he chose. It was enjoyable, because he loved all the great shops, restaurants, concerts, and people in both cities. He also had a small plane of his own, and even a person who bores as easily as one with Venus in Aquarius can find dozens of things to do in Las Vegas or New York every day.

Andre likes to date occasionally, but has mostly managed to stay unattached. He lives in a small condo, as he is not home too much, so it really is just a place to eat and sleep. Plus he rarely eats there, with all the great restaurants and watering holes in the city. Lately he and his friends have been stopping in Party On! at Mandalay Bay, to whet their whistle and relax a bit before dinner.

Andre has been noticing a very attractive bartender, with an amazing personality, and the most interesting amber eyes. She is very nice to talk to, and Andre has found out she is interested in antiques, in fact, it’s her other job. Her name is Ally, and she relocated from NE to Vegas, but so far is unready to settle into a relationship so soon after her move.

Aquarians Have Eclectic Taste

Andre enjoys talking with Ally, she seems really smart, and has a great sense of humor. He learned she refinishes old furniture for the antique store she works in, but gives away good pieces to charity if they don’t sell in a certain time frame. She told him she hopes to own her own shop some day. Her lithe body looks great in the work uniform, and for somebody who seems so hip, it intrigues Andre that Ally is so interested in the restoration of valuable old antiques and other treasures. He is touched that she gives some of them away to the needy as well.

Ally has begun looking forward to Andre’s visits to the bar, and thinks it takes a steady, mature person to feel secure enough to fly a plane filled with passengers. He has big, brown eyes, and blonde hair just a little too long at the collar, and Ally thinks he’s really hot. One night Andre finally got up his courage and told Ally he had an extra ticket to a show by the Cirque du Soleil, featuring expressions of sensuality through dance and gymnastics, and he’d love it if she could join him. Happily, it was on Ally’s night off, and she said yes.

They hit it off and felt comfortable with each other right away. Both were social creatures, and Ally dazzled Andre with stories about how much different her life had become since she moved from Nebraska to Vegas. Ally loves all the art at the Bellagio, the lighted, dancing fountains at night, and still loves to walk the Strip at night to admire the beauty of all the differently themed hotels. She even still laughs at the monkeys outside the MGM Grand.

Ally has broadened the scope of old furniture she fixes up and gives away to people who need it, and Andre admires her sense of philanthropy. He has accompanied her on several buying trips, and is seeing she has a great eye for antiques, and has made many good investments herself on certain pieces.

Ally likes the way Andre is interested in almost any topic of conversation, and knows a lot about practically any subject she talks about. He takes martial arts courses, part of the new requirement for pilots after 9/11, but Andre found he likes the exercise and it improves his focus. Venus in Aquarius people do not care about material things, they just take what they need and pass on the rest. Both of them have many friends, and are popular and well liked, though they do tend to keep people at a distance. Andre loves Ally’s sparkling and effervescent personality, and Ally likes the way Andre is keeping it casual, but deep down they are realizing they have something special between them.

Soon the two of them became an item, spending most nights they were together at Ally’s condo. It did not seem to bother Ally that Andre was gone for the four nights he was flying his route, as she had two jobs to keep her busy, and enjoyed her independence. Andre looked forward to the three nights he would be home in Vegas, but not because his place seemed very homey, it was just that he missed Ally.

But for both of these Venus in Aquarius people, their relationship had a sort of “absence makes the heart grow fonder” attitude. Both are people who need space, and although this was a particularly unusual situation, they found it worked well for both of them. They both provided each other with mental stimulation, and Ally thought that Andre was truly ingenious.

Soon Andre was spending a lot of time at Ally’s place, and even flying her to view expensive antiques so she wouldn’t have to make the long drives in her pickup truck. She also accompanied him to NY once in a while too to visit certain places. They actually both liked their lives the way they were, they both loved their work, and each other, but didn’t feel a need to make any formal changes in their relationship.

Antique Shop


Aquarians Need Room in a Relationship

Communication is the key when dealing with two Venus in Aquarius people, since air signs rule communication. Andre had concerns about how Ally would feel on the four days he was flying. They could Skype at night, and be able to see each other pretty often. Of course, he did have three days off weekly, so they could plan activities on those nights, as long as Ally was off work.

Ally assured Andre that she was still happy with her independent life; that she would look forward to having him around when he had time, but she was perfectly capable of caring for herself. And Andre felt relieved, he loved spending time with Ally, but did not feel jealous when he couldn’t see her, Aquarians rarely are. Both felt friendship is at the core of any serious relationship, and neither wanted to tie themselves down to being possessive, or severely curtailing each other’s career aspects.

Their family and some friends thought they were nuts, but Venus in Aquarius people know what they want, and will accept the stresses and difficulties it takes to reach their goals. As long as they were happy with their relationship the way it was, whose business was it anyway? They kept seeing each other in this way for about two years. Finally they decided that they were spending so much money by paying two rents, and that it would make more sense to move into one place together. As long as they didn’t crowd each other, their work schedules were going to stay the same, and both loved what they did.

Ally thought maybe she would like to live on the East Coast for a bit, and Andre liked NY, so they ended up sharing a larger condo than they each had separately. Sometimes Andre’s route changed, but living in NY that wasn’t a problem for him. Ally felt it really was fine that Andre was gone so much, because she was busy discovering some great new antiques in Upstate NY and in little towns in PA. Andre insisted that soon they would look into a business so that Ally could be her own boss.

She loved it when she had her first taste of freedom at Mandalay Bay after leaving Nebraska, but now she liked being in a relationship, and a new goal of owning her own business, as she got to know her new “neighborhood” better. Ally was capable of running and operating her own business, and was now looking forward to it. They both loved their new home. On the three days Andre was home, it was almost like a honeymoon. This unusual arrangement may not work for many other people, but for two freedom loving people like Andre and Ally, who need to go their own way and trust each other as best friends, it worked just fine. Did people talk about them? Sometimes. Did they care? Not a bit.

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