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10 Unusual Things People Love to Smell

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Things People Love To Smell

Things People Love To Smell

List of Unusual Addictive Scents

1. Inside New Car

You simply cannot help taking few good whiffs of inside a brand new car. The materials used for manufacturing inside automobile probably was designed by a drug kingpin who know what people noses could be easily addicted to. This smell is so loved that makers of car fresheners have copied the new car smell in their fragrances.

2. Pastry Baking

No matter what you have served up on the table, you just have to love the smell of fresh bread or any other kind of pastry being baked. The smell is so addicted that you probably may jump right in that hot oven just to break a piece of that delicious smelling baked pastry.

3. Rain on Dirt

Haaaa. The sweet intoxicating smell of rain beating down on the earth dry cust is like having that nice hitch and just allowing it to hitch a little more to the point where it gets unbearable and then scratching that hitch. Rain on dirt has a beautiful smell that is totally unique to any other smell anywhere.

4. Gas at Gas Station

I think I just may have to check myself into a rehab with me being addicted to all these weird smells. But when I say that the smell of gas pumping into your car is awesome, I am sure that there are millions of motor vehicle owners out there that just love that gas pumping smell.

5. New Boots

Yep, new boots smell so good you have to take a couple good whiff at them before killing that awesome smell with your corny athletes foot..

6. Markers

I have seen people at the office go to lunch and swipe that black marker off the desk and hide in a tiny corner sniffing marker and sipping tea. I don’t know, maybe it is just me but I think that tea would have gone better with crackers, bread or something like that, but a marker?

7. Rubber

The smell of new rubber just makes me want to transform into a rim and get close with a Tyre. The smell of new rubber is not only addictive, but intoxicating.

8. Old Books

Have you ever purchased or visited a library and picked out a very old book to read? Then use your fingers to run the pages and smell the addictive scent of those old leaves. Aged and refined almost like a aging tree.

9. Their Spouses Sweat Clothes

Something about your significant other being all sweaty and stinky is just a total smell bomb for many people. It is like the pheromone of the human world. The spouse would pop out those clothes from the basket will get a few good whiffs out of some sweaty shirts or shorts before deciding to wash them.

10. Own Fart

I can tell you from experience that some people fart are like weapons of mass destruction. Just few sniffs of their toxic gas will lay you out flat. But the thing about fart is that it as a special relationship to the person who is letting it out. People seem to like to bask in the aroma of their gasses while fantasizing about catching butterflies in bright green fields while having a delicious apple pie.

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