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Until He Needs Me

I am an emerging writer from Vancouver with numerous children's books available and several books in my new "A Better You" series.


Until He Needs Me

The sharp light from the desk lamp burned through the stained curtain of the closet door and against the back wall. I could barley move and was hooked to a heavy wire hanging from above. Why had he locked me in here? We used to spend so much time together. He needed me when we went out everyday for long walks last winter. I gave him the love and warmth that he craved. Now everything changed. It was like I had been discarded. Put aside. He didn’t want me anymore.

It was 2 months alone in the dark, waiting to be released. I was tired and so isolated. Had he found someone else to fulfill him? Was I not his favorite anymore?

Occasionally I could hear him come into the room, hoping he would free me, hoping he would need me. He would scramble around in the drawer of that old wooden desk. Between the pencils and note paper he was searching for something. If only he remembered the days when he would take me to the park, collecting pine cones and leaves. I would carry them for him; of course I would, I loved him.

I don’t know how long I can hang on. I’m worn out. I’m losing hope and long for someone to hold me again. If he didn’t want me then why wouldn’t he let me go so I could find another who could use the comfort that I can give? I have to keep it together.

Will anyone save me?

I heard the rain drumming on the rusted roof. It reminded me of our time under the stormy skies. Perhaps it would jog his memory and he would come and get me. I was frightened that maybe he would just throw me away. After all this time how could he even desire me anymore?

I heard him coming down the hall. I tried to hide behind the row of dress shirts beside me but I was too bulky. As much as I wanted to be wanted again, I was afraid of what he might do if he remembered that he locked me up. I’m too exposed. He would see me for sure.

The door creaked open and the room slowly lit up. I could see him. He seemed like his old self again, wanting to go exploring and foraging. I wanted to wrap myself around him. Maybe he would take me out of my bondage and want me again.

He put on his worn leather hat and grabbed the closet handle. I held my breath. He reached for me and threw me over his shoulder. I was in shock but felt so alive. As he headed for the door he slipped his arms down my sleeves and zipped me up.

When we went outside he pulled up my collar and tucked it close to his neck. I nuzzled in and held him tight. I would keep him warm and dry for this day.

Love flowed through my every fiber. He needed me again. At least until the storm ends.


© 2018 WH Thomas

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