Unlocking the Mind - A Short Story

Updated on July 21, 2020

Unlocking the Mind

Within the mind, there was a space full of sand, more sand, and some more sand. The sky was purple and moved like a marbled resin. The space was seemingly empty until she looked up to see the humongous door looking down at her from far away.

The girl stood there for a moment, wondering where she was and how she got there, even though deep down she understood that she was within her own mind on the path to a great discovery. A long red dress draped across her skin though she had no recollection of having or even seeing this dress in the physical world.

Without much else to do, the girl made her way towards the door. The sand was cool under her feet and packed down to allow for easy walking. In the distance, sand would be kicked up by a mysterious wind, swirling through the air before settling down again. The sky was constantly changing above her and a low hum could be heard.

It took a few minutes, but the girl made it to the door that was taller than her house. Actually, make that two houses. The wood was dark except for the raised lettering that shone gold. This lettering showed multiple languages, most of them the girl has never even seen before much less can read.

The most interesting part of the door, however, was the large keyhole in the center. It was the classic keyhole shape the size of the girl’s hand, yet she could not see through it, though she did try. A key was necessary but was not in sight.

The girl searched and searched before she felt a heaviness in her dress. She reached her hand and found that the dress had a pocket and within that pocket rested a key as long as a pencil and as wide as a golf ball. She didn’t understand how the key was supposed to fit the shape of the hole, but in this world, what else was she supposed to try?

A click sounded as the key was turned. The door opened on its own, a grand entrance into an unknown space. From sand to a cold stone, the girl seemingly stepped from one world into the next. If she were to turn back around, the door would have disappeared only to return once a task was complete.

What was the task? Well, the girl would have to find that out for herself as she took in the space around her. From the door, the girl entered what looked like a large hallway with many doors like the first but only smaller and different colors.

Seven doors of seven colors. On each side stood three doors against a purple stone wall and directly across from the girl stood the seventh. The colors of the doors resembled a rainbow with the normal red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple, but there also included a pink door which was the one across from her.

Each door would include a journey for the girl to partake on and the discoveries she would find would be both personal and priceless. But at the time, she had not a clue about what lay ahead of her. Being led by herself and only herself, she turned right and took a few steps. A deep breath was her only preparation as she reached out and walked through the red door.

© 2020 EL Doll


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