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Unfortunate Tales

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I enjoy writing of all forms so I decided to share them with you. Nothing fancy, nothing glamorous. Let's share the good the bad and the ugl


Teacher (Part One)

When I was younger, my father was abusive.

Not to me but to my mother.

I lived in a normal two floor house, I was relatively quiet.

‘Too quiet’ my father would say, along with ‘Mama boy.’

I got along with my abused mother, a lot more than my father.

Some days she would have dead eyes that would veer off into space.

She told me I was the only joy she had left.

She told me this when was ten.

The abuse my mother suffer’d wasn’t normal, there were the drunken outburst.

The “where my drink” to “I told you to clean the dish” anger.

My father took great pleasure in having sex with my mother, whether it be forced or not.

He always made sure i would be able to hear it through the walls.

The creaking, and soft sobbing.

He knew it took a lot longer for me to fall asleep and he took advantage of it.

But one day, he decided this wasn’t enough.

I remember the day so clear, the room was dull-ly lit from the sun disappearing.

Everything had a hue orange color to it, the tv was on mute, my mother sat on the raged couch.

Her eyes downcast, hollow even.

My father approached saying to take a sit next to my mother.

I didn’t understand at the time what was happening so I took a sit.

My father started on my mother with simply groping.

My first thought was to get up and leave the room.

Yet as soon as my feet twitched i was told to stay.

My father add making me watch him and my mother have sex to his list of abuse.

Image of my mother bent over the coffee table was forever burned into my mind.

My mother was always embarrassed, shell shocked after the acted.

I would lock myself away in my room.

These acts had started right around when I had begun school.

This is when i learned the acts of my father had traumatized me.

My homeroom teacher was a women, anytime i saw her i would begin to get sick.

Women disgusted me, when she would come close, simply to put her hand on my shoulder.

I would jerk away, i did not enjoy being touched.

I later on learned that my first guess was wrong the human body as a whole disgusted me.

Not just women, it was just begin human and physical contact which made me sick.

School wasn’t hard; school work wasn’t hard.

My classmates were hell-ish tho.

They would play a game when the teacher would off doing there own thing.

I would always over here the “game” from my sit.

“Okay! Sarah, we're going to stick this needle under your nails.

Scream or jump we will do it again.”

“B-but i don’t know. . . “

“You wanted to hang out with us right?”

They would grip onto her arms and forcely hold it down as the took a needle.

They had had found from playground and shoved into her fingers.

Skin would pop like a balloon and blood would spill forth.


The girl repeated with the second finger.


The third finger. .

There was nothing the third time around.

The group of girls would look proudly on as they placed the needle down and spoke.

“Now what do you say?” one of the girls said.

“Thank you, Thank you for letting me hang out with you.”

She became their personal plaything. I felt bad for her, I never understood why they would pick on her. Maybe she was just easy prey.

On a thursday.

I was sitting in the front row of the class.

A small video camera was being passed around.

It was then shoved into my face.

The girl from before was shown in the video, being pulled by her brown frizzy hair.

Toward the girls bathroom.

They had pushed her into the bathroom and into one of the stoles.

The Bathroom were that clean.

The camera was shaky and voice would muddle together.

But the ring leader was loud and clear.

Forcing the girl to use the bathroom while they taped it.

Without missing a beat, once she was done they pulled her from the toilet.

Forcing her to eat her own fecal matter. She gagged, but there was more of them then her.

An they were evil little humans.

She sobb, gaged, saliva and vomit flood from the side of her mouth.

The ring leader could be heard, in the distance behind all the laughter.

‘If you throw up you have to eat that too.’

The video soon came to an end. Everyone was laughing even the guys got around to seeing the video.

I wasn’t amused, which made them step away from me quickly saying.

I had no sense of humor.

Sarah was the talk of the class.

© 2019 Angelina

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